Many walk-in only urgent care centers struggle to scale.

Inefficient manual processes and uncertain wait times are just the beginning. Patients who cannot book their urgent care visit online often grow frustrated—while clinics with a lean staff grapple with seemingly endless paperwork.

This doesn’t have to be your clinic’s experience. Continue reading to learn how Solv can help your healthcare business grow:

Benefits of Solv for Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care clinics that rely on a manual check-in process spend a great deal of time onboarding patients. Many centers have patients add their name to a sign-in sheet, hand over their ID, and submit their paperwork in person. This takes up precious time and compromises patient satisfaction.

An on-demand care solution could be the answer your team has been waiting for. Solv helps urgent care centers:

See more patients instantly

    With an on-demand care platform, patients can submit their paperwork in advance online. San Diego-based MD Today Urgent Care found that from January through September 2022, 99% of patients completed their registration digitally through Solv. This saved staff saved 37 minutes per day and allowed the center to increase their patient volume instantly.

    Exceed patient expectations

      No one likes a long wait. Patients and families experience enough stress dealing with a health issue in the first place. With easy and intuitive booking tools, Solv decreased wait times by 22 minutes for each MD Today Urgent Care patient upon arrival. This not only increased patient satisfaction, but resulted in an increase in positive reviews and clinic referrals.

      Fuel business growth

        Many urgent care centers are concerned about transitioning from only accepting walk-in patients to allowing patients to schedule an appointment online. Yet for clinics with a lean staff, tools like mobile check-in and online appointments can increase patient and staff satisfaction, attract new patients, and boost clinic ROI. Business growth is just the beginning.

        A Path to Seamless Growth

        Solv helps urgent care centers transition from being a walk-in only clinic to offering a simple online booking solution—directly through the clinic website, Solv’s website, Google, and Apple. The platform accommodates walk-in and online patients throughout the day and includes features like a live waitlist and updates via two-way communication.

        Solv has reduced wait times, elevated staff productivity, and increased clinic revenue for healthcare groups looking to power their patient experience.

        “We’ve seen in the last 6 months to a year a tremendous increase in Google 5-star reviews,” says MD Today Urgent Care manager Amy Simmons. “Solv is definitely something I would recommend to anyone. It keeps the staff more organized and helps patients know where they are in line. The platform is user-friendly and clear, and there is not a lot of extra verbiage.”

        Providers who use Solv report:
        • 5x+ their return on investment after 90 days on Solv Connect.
        • 50% staff hours saved due to digital paperwork.
        • Reassurance from the 18,000 5-star Solv app reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

        Positive online reviews across Solv and Google will serve as social proof your urgent care location is trustworthy and well-equipped to deliver high-quality care. With 6 million users searching for care on Solv each month, on-demand care is a clear path to seamless growth.

        See Solv in Action Today

        Solv is an ideal way for urgent care businesses to scale. The platform offers digital experiences families love—plus easy intake tools that save staff time.

        Are you ready to scale your urgent care business? Learn why thousands of healthcare groups trust Solv to increase visits, improve staff efficiency, and deliver a 5-star patient experience. Book your personalized demo today.