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Swollen Glands

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If you have swollen glands, it likely means that your body is fighting off an infection. Your lymph glands, also called your lymph nodes, are small, pea-sized clusters of tissue that contain white blood cells. These glands are found all over the body, including your armpit, neck, and groin. When people report of swollen glands, they’re typically referring to the lymph glands found in the neck region, as the lymph nodes in this area are easily accessible and noticeable when swollen.

The most common types of infections that cause swollen glands are:

Swollen lymph nodes are typically tender or painful to the touch. Home treatments include applying a warm compress to the affected area, taking an over-the-counter-pain reliever, and getting adequate rest. If your lymph nodes are swollen due to a viral infection, home treatments will be the only necessary action since viral infections aren’t treated with antibiotics (these types of infections simply have to “run their course”). However, if your swollen glands are due to a bacterial infection, such as bronchitis or pneumonia, then you’ll need prescription antibiotics to start feeling better.

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