Meet the new Solv app

Meet the new Solv app

COVID has changed the way you and your family get healthcare. You've told us that you want both in-person and virtual options all in one place, so it's easy to talk to a doctor, anytime you want.

That's why we're launching the new Solv app–and we’ve made some big changes. Now both video visits and no-wait office visits can be scheduled in as few as two taps. And, we've added COVID testing support so you can stay safe, book a test and avoid a long wait. We'll even show you locations that offer rapid testing and will get you results quickly. This new update is making it easier than ever for you to keep track of all of your family’s healthcare needs and preferences all in one place.

So, what’s new?

Let’s take a look under the hood at some of the awesome new features that not only provide more ways to see a provider and book different services but also makes it easier than ever to rebook at your favorite and most convenient locations.

Video visits at your fingertips*

COVID has forever changed the way we interact with the healthcare system, but one benefit has been the expansion of consumer access to telemedicine. The new app makes booking a video visit with your favorite provider super simple. Now you can see a doctor whether you’re home sick on the couch or maybe you’re not quite comfortable going in-person to a provider–either way, we’re all about giving you the best option to fit your situation.

Hassle-free nearby COVID testing

We know COVID is an overwhelming time to say the least, but the new app makes it a lot easier to find nearby testing sites for both COVID and antibody testing. Not only can you find testing, but we’ll also let you know how long it will take to get your results and if there’s any requirement to get tested.

We've kept all of your favorite features too -- adding your kids to your account, checking your insurance spend and saving your favorite healthcare providers. All of this plus new telemedicine and COVID options make Solv your first stop for convenient healthcare. It doesn’t end there–there are a ton of other exciting new features and tools in the new app update–download the app today and explore for yourself.

* Video visits may not be available in certain states and are subject to state regulations.

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