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Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (3505 N Williams Ave, Portland)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (4800 SW 76th Ave, Portland)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (3 Monroe Pkwy, Lake Oswego)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (2870 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (2870 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (9361 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (305 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (305 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (3425 SE 192nd Ave, Vancouver)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (8013 NE 6th Ave, Vancouver)Legacy Health-GoHealth Urgent Care (21900 Willamette Dr, West Linn)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (1900 McLoughlin Blvd, Oregon City)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (22262 NE Glisan St, Gresham)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (2850 SE Powell Valley Rd, Gresham)Legacy Health- GoHealth Urgent Care (21430 SW Langer Farms Pkwy, Sherwood)Legacy Health-GoHealth Urgent Care (13009 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver)ZoomCare (202 NW 13th Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (202 NW 13th Ave, Portland)Whole Systems Healthcare (1020 SW Taylor St, Portland)The Portland Clinic - Downtown (800 SW 13th Ave, Portland)Care Essentials by Kaiser Permanente (1035 NW Northrup St, Portland)Legacy Health-GoHealth Urgent Care (1244 NW Marshall St, Portland)Providence ExpressCare (1025 NW 14th Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (172 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland)ZoomCare Super (607 NE Grand Ave, Portland)Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital Ambulatory Care Clinic (1015 NW 22nd Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (606 NE Broadway, Portland)AFC Urgent Care (25 NW 23rd Pl, Portland)ZoomCare (1662 NW 23rd Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (2400 E Burnside St, Portland)Sacred Vessel Natural Medicine (2100 NE Broadway, Portland)ZoomCare (3872 N Mississippi Ave, Portland)Providence ExpressCare (4340 N Interstate Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (3325 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland)ZoomCare (1400 NE Alberta St, Portland)Concentra Urgent Care (3449 N Anchor St, Portland)Portland Urgent Care (4160 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland)Providence ExpressCare (3822 SE Powell Blvd, Portland)ZoomCare (4427 NE Fremont St, Portland)ZoomCare (4427 NE Fremont St, Portland)GoHealth Urgent Care (7461 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland)ZoomCare (6910 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland)Legacy Health-GoHealth Urgent Care (7462 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland)GoHealth Urgent Care (1440 N Lombard St, Portland)Brave Care (7215 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (4415 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland)ZoomCare (7855 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland)AFC Urgent Care (7033 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland)Providence ExpressCare (5308 N Lombard St, Portland)Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice (6110 N Lombard St, Portland)Columbia Medical Clinic & Urgent Care (8122 SE Tibbetts St, Portland)Columbia Clinic Urgent Care (9710 SE Washington St, Portland)Providence Immediate Care (1321 NE 99th Ave, Portland)Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice (129 NE 102nd Ave, Portland)Maxem Health Urgent Care (10582 SE 32nd Ave, Milwaukie)ZoomCare (8179 N Lombard St, Portland)Rose City Urgent Care and Family Practice (2305 SE Washington St, Milwaukie)Geneva Health Center. & Urgent Care (4655 SW Griffith Dr, Beaverton)ZoomCare (2695 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton)GoHealth Urgent Care (13305 NW Cornell Rd, Portland)The Portland Clinic (9100 SW Oleson Rd, Tigard)Adventist Health Urgent Care (1350 NE 122nd Ave, Portland)ZoomCare (2510 Columbia House Blvd, Vancouver)ZoomCare (2510 Columbia House Blvd, Vancouver)Columbia Clinic Urgent Care (9995 SE 82nd Ave, Happy Valley)ZoomCare (781 W Columbia Way, Vancouver)AFC Urgent Care (11675 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard)Columbia Clinic Urgent Care (9735 SW Shady Ln, Tigard)Concentra Urgent Care (12518 NE Airport Way, Portland)Providence ExpressCare (4823 Meadows Rd, Lake Oswego)Rose Urgent Care and Family Practice (650 N Devine Rd, Vancouver)ZoomCare (11355 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton)AFC Urgent Care (14278 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton)Sea Mar Community Health (7410 Delaware Ln, Vancouver)ZoomCare (8076 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver)Randall Children's Urgent Care - Legacy Health System (1960 NW 167th Pl, Beaverton)Providence Immediate Care (12442 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Tigard)ZoomCare (10221 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas)Urgent Care | Kaiser Permanente (10100 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas)PeaceHealth Southwest Urgent Care (3400 Main St, Vancouver)The Portland Clinic (6640 SW Redwood Ln, Tigard)Columbia Clinic Urgent Care (16279 SE Division St, Portland)Sea Mar Community Health (6100 NE Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver)AFC Urgent Care (17437 SW Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego)Concentra Urgent Care (6405 SW Rosewood St, Tualatin)One Stop Urgent Care (17600 SW Alexander St, Aloha)Urgent Care | Kaiser Permanente (12607 SE Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver)Concentra Urgent Care (2225 NE Town Center Dr, Hillsboro)ZoomCare (2711 NE Town Center Dr, Beaverton)Providence Immediate Care - Tanasbourne (10670 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro)ZoomCare Super (17815 SW 65th Ave, Lake Oswego)Family Care & Urgent Medical Clinics (406 SE 131st Ave, Vancouver)ZoomCare (7451 SW Bridgeport Rd, Portland)ZoomCare (7451 SW Bridgeport Rd, Portland)Sherwood Urgent Care (11820 SW St James Ln, Portland)Providence Bridgeport Health Center (18040 Lower Boones Ferry Rd, Portland)Providence Immediate Care (18040 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd, Tigard)GoHealth Urgent Care (12325 SW Horizon Blvd, Beaverton)ZoomCare (111 A Ave, Rivergrove)Wallace (18633 SE Stark St, Portland)Adventist Health Medical Group - Urgent Care Rockwood (18750 SE Stark St, Portland)ZoomCare (902 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver)Urgent Medical Center (9430 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver)Sea Mar Community Health (19005 SE 34th St, Vancouver)Sea Mar Community Health (14300 NE 18th St, Vancouver)Encompass Urgent Care Happy Valley (16126 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr, Happy Valley)Providence Immediate Care (16180 SE Sunnyside Rd, Happy Valley)Urgent Care | Vancouver Clinic (4500 SE Columbia Palisades Dr, Camas)The Vancouver Clinic Urgent Care (501 SE 172nd Ave, Vancouver)OHSU Health Immediate Care (7545 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro)Providence Urgent Care (7305 SE Circuit Dr, Hillsboro)Adventist Health Urgent Care (831 NW Council Dr, Gresham)Providence ExpressCare (1336 NE Orenco Station Pkwy, Hillsboro)Rose City Urgent Care & Family Practice (2075 NE Division St, Gresham)AFC Urgent Care (397 Warner Milne Rd, Oregon City)ZoomCare (910 NE Tenney Rd, Vancouver)Urgent Care | Vancouver Clinic (2529 NE 139th St, Vancouver)Providence ExpressCare (13428 Colton Pl, Oregon City)Providence Immediate Care (16770 SW Edy Rd, Sherwood)ZoomCare (25600 SW Argyle Ave, Wilsonville)ZoomCare (25600 SW Argyle Ave, Wilsonville)Urgent Medical Center (14201 NE 20th Ave, Vancouver)Sea Mar Community Health (14508 NE 20th Ave, Vancouver)AFC Urgent Care (1071 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy, Hillsboro)Tuality Physicians, PC (900 SE Oak St, Hillsboro)OHSU Health Hillsboro Medical Center (335 SE 8th Ave, Hillsboro)Hillsboro Urgent Care & Occ Med (434 S 1st Ave, Hillsboro)PeaceHealth Lacamas Clinic (3240 NE 3rd Ave, Camas)Geneva Health Center & Urgent Cr (29756 Town Center Loop W, Wilsonville)Miller Family Pediatrics (2632 E St, Washougal)Providence Immediate Care (200 SE Hazeldell Way, Canby)ZoomCare (112 N 20th Ave, Cornelius)ZoomCare (112 N 20th Ave, Cornelius)Vancouver Clinic Battle Ground (2005 W Main St, Battle Ground)Rose Urgent Care and Family Practice (18 NW 20th Ave, Battle Ground)Providence Family Medicine and Walk-in Clinic (101 NW 12th Ave, Battle Ground)Sea Mar Community Health (118 S Parkway Ave, Battle Ground)Geneva Health Center & Urgent Cr (3838 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove)BestMed Urgent Care (3675 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove)Tuality Urgent Care (1809 Maple St, Forest Grove)Vancouver Clinic Ridgefield (5515 Pioneer St, Ridgefield)Newberg Urgent Care (2880 Hayes St, Newberg)VG Newberg Wellness Center (2251 E Hancock St, Newberg)Legacy Urgent Care (475 S Columbia River Hwy, St. Helens)Urgent Care (861 W Main St, Molalla)Woodland Family Medicine (1331 N Goerig St, Woodland)BestMed Urgent Care (2902 Tom Tennant Dr, Woodburn)McMinnville Immediate Care (207 NE 19th St, McMinnville)Adventist Health Urgent Care (1005 Cougar St, Vernonia)BestMed Urgent Care (1755 SW Baker St, McMinnville)

Other Services in Portland, OR

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