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614 N JK Powell Blvd, Whiteville, NC 28472614 N JK Powell Blvd
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506 US-301, Dillon, SC 29536506 US-301
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  • SunClosed
3.67(3 reviews)
I love Dr.peeler he’s awesome takes time to ask u questions and listens to what’s wrong he’s very nice and the staff are great also
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309 N Roberts Ave, Lumberton, NC 28358309 N Roberts Ave
Open until 5:00 pm
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4380 Fayetteville Rd, Lumberton, NC 283584380 Fayetteville Rd
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812 Candy Park Rd, Pembroke, NC 28372812 Candy Park Rd
3.0(2 reviews)
Facility and employees were right on. From the front desk (check-in) to the Doctor and Nurse upon exiting, very courteous and professional.
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923 W 3rd St, Pembroke, NC 28372923 W 3rd St
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1400 N Main St, Conway, SC 295261400 N Main St
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Doctors Care - 1400 N Main St, Conway
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107 E Dunham St, Elizabethtown, NC 28337107 E Dunham St
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Fair Bluff Diagnostic Tests

A variety of diagnostic tests are used to diagnose, assess, and treat a variety of medical conditions. These tests can also be used to track the progression of an illness and determine whether or not treatments are working properly. Your doctor may order or perform one or more diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out specific health diseases if your symptoms are similar to those of other disorders.

There are currently more than 110 diagnostic tests and methods accessible for testing in a variety of healthcare settings. Each test is unique, with its own set of specifications. Some tests, for example, require you to fast for many hours or temporarily stop taking certain medications, while others do not. For

Diagnostic tests are available that are both invasive and non-invasive. Invasive testing typically involves puncturing the skin or body with injections, surgery, or other methods. Biopsies, endoscopies, and cryotherapy are examples of invasive diagnostic tests. Non-invasive treatments avoid penetrating or puncturing the body and are linked to a lower risk of problems and negative effects. Eye exams, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and chest X-rays are examples of non-invasive diagnostic testing procedures.

Your doctor or the diagnostic testing provider can give you with more information on what to expect. This contains information on how to prepare for the test, how the test works, how long it lasts, and what to expect throughout the test.

Diagnostic Test FAQs

  • How much does a diagnostic test cost in Fair Bluff?

    The cost of a diagnostic test is governed by a variety of factors, including the type of test, the rate charged by the testing provider, and the geographic region. Many health insurance policies cover the expense of diagnostic testing in part or in full. Getting an estimate directly from the testing firm is the simplest way to find out how much a diagnostic test will cost.

  • Does insurance cover diagnostic testing?

    Yes, many health insurance plans will cover the price of diagnostic testing, particularly if your doctor believes the tests are medically necessary based on your symptoms or health condition. Contact your health insurance provider to learn more about your diagnostic testing coverage and perks. Some diagnostic test providers may also validate your insurance benefits for you as a service.

  • What is a diagnostic test?

    A diagnostic test is a procedure or test used by your doctor to aid in the diagnosis of an illness, disease, or medical condition. Colonoscopy, mammography, biopsy, computed tomography (CT) scan, and endoscopy are just a handful of the various diagnostic procedures that your doctor may use to find or rule out certain health issues. Diagnostic tests can also be used to track the progression of a disease and determine how effective specific treatments are.

  • What types of diagnostic tests are there in Fair Bluff?

    There are now over 110 diagnostic tests available. These examinations can be invasive or non-invasive, and imaging can be included or excluded. Invasive procedures include puncturing the skin or entering the body by injections, surgery, or colonoscopy. Puncturing or entrance into the body is not required with non-invasive procedures. Non-invasive diagnostic tests include saliva testing, X-rays, and ultrasounds.

  • How long does diagnostic testing take in Fair Bluff?

    Diagnostic testing might take anything from a few minutes to many days, depending on the type and nature of the test. A flu test, for example, can be performed with a tongue swab in one or two minutes, whereas some imaging tests may require two visits to the lab. Your doctor will be able to estimate the duration of your diagnostic test.

  • Where should I get diagnostic testing in Fair Bluff?

    Diagnostic testing can be performed in a doctor's office, an urgent care clinic, a hospital, a drugstore, a pharmacy, or any other healthcare facility. Most likely, your doctor will refer you to a specialist or provider who specializes in the diagnostic testing you need. Solv can also help you locate the best diagnostic testing providers in your area.

  • How is diagnostic testing done in Fair Bluff?

    Each diagnostic test is carried out differently depending on the nature of the process. A blood test may be used to diagnose diabetes, while mammography may be used to diagnose breast cancer. An interval of several hours may be required for some diagnostic examinations. Your doctor or diagnostic testing provider will describe the procedure for your test and what you should do to prepare.

  • How accurate are diagnostic tests in Fair Bluff?

    Before being used to diagnose and treat patients in medical settings, many diagnostic tests are rigorously studied and tested for accuracy. Diagnostic testing, on the other hand, can occasionally provide false positives or negatives. As a result, if your results aren't correct or if your disease can't be identified properly solely on test results, your doctor may suggest more testing.

  • How can I book a diagnostic test through Solv?

    You may use Solv to find diagnostic testing providers in your area and make an appointment instantly. On our homepage, type in the type of diagnostic test or service you need, then choose your location from the dropdown option to the right. Solv will provide you with a list of highly reputable diagnostic test providers in your area, as well as the opportunity to call them and make an appointment right on the internet.

  • Can I do at-home diagnostic testing?

    At-home diagnostic tests such as food sensitivity testing, hepatitis C tests, and Lyme disease tests are accessible online or at a local pharmacy or drugstore. Some of these tests require a prescription from your doctor and the submission of your results to a laboratory for examination. You can receive some of the results through email. Consult your doctor to learn more about the accuracy and benefits of at-home diagnostic testing, as well as whether this service is ideal for you.


Solv has strict sourcing guidelines and relies on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We avoid using tertiary references.

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