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1474 Main St, Sanford, ME 040731474 Main St
Open until 6:00 pm
  • Mon 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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4.89(2.1k reviews)
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York Hospital, Sanford Walk-In Care - 1474 Main St
Said theyvhad called in a script to Hannafords Drove up. Nothing here


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Pediatric Urgent Care FAQs

  • How much does a pediatric urgent care visit cost in Center Ossipee?

    Depending on the location of a clinic, urgent care might cost anywhere from $75 to $150. Of course, this only applies to patients who pay cash. However, the quality and standards of healthcare are consistent across the board. Most institutions, however, will charge between $100 and $125 for treatments that are not covered by insurance. However, keep in mind that this is the starting point for the basic treatments provided by urgent care clinics. Additional services such as medication and vaccine shots, lab testing, and X-rays are not included. The cost of urgent treatment will also be increased by stitches, sprains, and shattered bones. Even patients with insurance will be required to make co-payments rather than having their insurer cover the entire cost. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis.

  • Is insurance accepted at urgent care centers in Center Ossipee?

    Insurance companies decide whether or not to cover the costs of urgent care. It's possible that a patient's insurance won't pay the expenditures. In that instance, the urgent care facility will only accept cash. In most circumstances, however, insurance companies would cover urgent care, allowing patients to attend a treatment center without spending a lot of money. Even if an insurance policy covers this type of care, an urgent care center may refuse to take it, but this is extremely rare. As a result, it's always a good idea to phone ahead and double-check before visiting a care facility.

  • What are common services of a pediatric urgent care in Center Ossipee?

    You might be concerned that your child is becoming sick more frequently than usual, but this is not the case. The truth is that children will become ill, particularly after they start school and their immune systems are exposed to the health hazards that present in crowded situations. Colds, flu, strep throat, ear and sinus infections, pink eye, and pneumonia are among diseases that can be treated with a brief trip to a pediatric urgent care clinic near you. In addition to injuries, pediatric urgent care clinics can treat stings and bug bites, allergic reactions, wounds and burns, ingested objects, sprains, and fractured bones.

  • What Is the difference between an urgent care and the emergency room?

    The most significant distinction between a pediatric urgent care center and an emergency room is the patient experience. The average wait time in an emergency room is about two and a half hours. A pediatric urgent care, on the other hand, will treat the youngster in 15-45 minutes. The cost of an urgent care facility vs an emergency department is another significant distinction. Normally, the former will be a fraction of the price of the latter. Patients should go to an emergency room rather than an urgent care clinic if they have a major health emergency. This is due to the fact that urgent care centers are only intended for non-emergent and minor illnesses, as well as small injuries.

  • What is the difference between pediatric urgent care and regular urgent care?

    The primary distinction between a pediatric urgent care center and an emergency room is the patient experience. The average wait time in an emergency room is roughly two hours and fifteen minutes. The patient will, however, receive treatment in 15-45 minutes at a pediatric urgent care center. The cost of an urgent care center vs an emergency department is another significant distinction. The former is usually a fraction of the price of the latter. Patients should, however, go to an emergency room rather than an urgent care clinic in the event of a significant health emergency. This is due to the fact that urgent care clinics are only intended for non-emergent and mild diseases and injuries.

  • What is pediatric urgent care?

    Pediatric urgent care operators typically work in conjunction with conventional pediatricians, the majority of whom are available during regular office hours (e.g. from 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday). These medical personnel assist with late-night pediatric crises that might otherwise necessitate a trip to the emergency hospital. Pediatric urgent care centers serve children with both mild and major illnesses. Even when regular pedestrians are closed, they are usually open till midnight and on weekends. Without a question, these children's doctors save parents from unneeded and traumatic journeys to the emergency room.

  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Out of the Urgent Care

    There are numerous methods for keeping youngsters healthy and preventing health problems and emergencies. Simple measures like hand cleaning, sufficient hydration, and adequate sleep can go a long way toward safeguarding children's health. Toddlers can avoid many diseases by eating well-balanced diets, managing stress, obtaining the proper vaccines, and avoiding smokers.

Recent Pediatric Urgent Care Reviews (20)

All the kids on the playground are going to make fun of me because a girl made me cry. Staff was great

- Verified patient on 9/25

Unfortunately I’ve had to visit the urgent care 5 times in the last 2 weeks for myself and two of my children. Thankfully every single time the staff has been amazing. I understand wait times are a part of the business so I will not complain, but the new check in system really helps especially with little kids it’s easier to complete rather than trying to complete the paper forms. The desk staff is always helpful and you never seem like your annoying them by asking questions (especially considering they are asked multiple times how much longer by patients every time I’ve gone, they never once had an attitude about it), the Doctors or PA’s are always friendly and personal which always helps cause trusting them with my toddler girls is my biggest concern and they never fail. Also, twice I went with my daughter with autism and both times they were so great and patient with her, one of the assistants especially there was friendly and walked her to the room even though she didn’t know she had autism and was having a moment, and it may seem small but being able to calm her in that situation is magic. It was another assistant helping us and when she saw her crying she just held out her hand and she walked my daughter to the room, which again I know seems simple, but with an autistic toddler it can turn into a much bigger issue in those surroundings. I’m sorry I don’t have names of everyone, but I recommend this urgent care to everyone. Even though my co-pay is more here I always prefer coming here than my doctors office. So thank you again for all the entire office does, and making my girls feel comfortable and happy. One last bit, when I first told my 3 year old I had to take her to the doctor she cried and cried, saying “no doctor no doctor”, the second time we went she literally was happy going in.... to the doctor, and I know it was all thanks to that assistant that walked her to the room the first time. Thank you

- Verified patient on 6/13

I called at 2:00 PM to see if the facility had any rapid COVID-19 tests. They informed me they did and they told me I could either walk in or make an appointment. I made an appointment for 4:15 PM. I figured that if I went in at 2 as a walk in I would probably be seen around the same time since typically appointments are seen first. When I arrived, at 4:00 PM I checked in and there were about 5 patients in front of me. I waited for 45 minutes. I asked if they had any updates on when I could possibly be seen as I was now 30 minutes past my appointment time. I was informed that they only had one provider in and they would not be able to provide me with that information. I will say the staff was more than accommodating, apologetic, and helpful. They provided my daughter a toy and a snack. Around 5:30 I had to leave to go get my son. When I arrived back at 5:50, I waited about 10 more minutes before being placed in a room at 6:00. The triage was quick, and the rapid test was done around 6:05. I noted the times because I had two kids with me who were tired and hungry. The rapid test takes about 30-45 minutes to get results. So I figured I would be out of there by 7. My daughter has breathing problems and needed a breathing treatment by 7:30. At 7, I had to leave without seeing a doctor. After 3 hours, I couldn’t wait any longer to be told whether or not I had COVID-19. A quick one second yes or no would have satisfied. However, I was informed they would be throwing out the test and I couldn’t receive results because I was unwilling to wait any longer. I understand they are understaffed, but then don’t make so many appointments. Walk-ins we’re also being taken before appointments. I witnessed this with 2 separate individuals who stated after asking if they needed an appointment, that they would just be walk-ins. I am so disappointed that I wasted 3 hours of my time to get a simple test, and I couldn’t even get results because I have kids I have to take care of. They need to rethink their patient queue and amount of appointments they are allowing with only one provider on staff.

- Verified patient on 7/29

I just got violated by a woman on Aurora with a q tip. Like, Really far up my nose... Im now laying down in a safe place (fetal position in my back seat) trying to mentally recover. So my wife tricked me. She said honey "i need you to get the emissions checked on the car b4 we sell it". Its an old kia and i think, "hey wait, isnt the emissions thing not a deal anymore?" Who cares, she seems to know what shes doing. I take the address, which i thought was nice of her, knowing how much i hate google maps etc i think, "ahhh, shes so sweet" It was all going smoothly untill the cheerful women dressed like a regular in the radiation, contaminated east Europe nuclear disaster scene hands my a q tip as big as my kids arm. She blinks blankly, wondering "whats this weirdos issue" smiles again and says "shove that up your nose and 10 times go in a circle". "Ahhh no" i say "no i cant do that. You need to do that 4 me but wait what does this have to do with emissions" She laughs, which for some reason freaks me out even more, and says "ok no problem." Something about this happy go lucky demeanor and the run down emissions location just dont add up. A homeless man or a hooker. Im not sure which, goes stumbling through the line of cars as i, hand shaking, pass the q tip to my, eyes only smiling, fully suited up new friend. Long story short, i now have recovered enough to sit up and write this experience so others can be metally prepared to face what i thought was an emission car check. Ok... i think im good. Man my wife is good. Thanks all if u made it this far and need financing ask for Tristan at *** First National Autos *** Aurora Ave N Seattle wa *** seriously, ill get you approved and if not i wont lie to you just to get you to come in. We can as a team, clearly address your options and even develop a plan to get you approved. Just ask Alecia D. *** if you want a reference. AND AS A BONUS _first referral 200 2nd 300 amd the 3rd referral per person is 500. Capped at 1k in referral money paid the same day the deal is financed

- Verified patient on 9/28

The online process is not smooth. I waited for hours for PMPAnywhere and there is no visual way to tell how many are in front of you. It would help to have something like a countdown or how many are ahead of you so you can tell things are moving closer to your time. I called for help too because I made too many attempts for accounts amd it was a repeat of the same message and then hung up. When I called back I was able to finally speak to a human. It was frustrating. I also noticed that when you check in by scanning you can’t check all kids in at the same time. It was making me scan separately for each even though it listed everyone with littles boxes next to there names. It’s just another step that’s more difficult than it needs to be. Once you get past all that it’s Much better in person, but I can see how it can be frustrating. I also got three emails messages from virant lab and then 3 messages from PMpediatrics about results . Maybe you don’t need to send them out anymore? 6 emails is a lot.. Just a thought.

- Verified patient on 9/19

I waited for 6 hours at Texas childrens urgent care with my toddler who had 104.2 fever so I decided to try here. Got in very quick even when they was busy and very nice. The only problem which was very stressful is that I had my husband and me with our sick 2 year old and 5 month old. They told me 1 parent per room but I couldn’t handle both babies by myself so they split us up. My 2 year old was screaming for me but COVID protocol they couldn’t put us together. It was stressful not being in the same room together and having to hold my baby down so the doctor can check him. The doctor didn’t understand why they didn’t put us together as well. I made it clear to every nurse and staff I saw that I had both kids there and had to run back and forth to try to help my husband and my baby. They was really nice and professional but it made it a hassle and Texas childrens didn’t have a problem with us being in the same room. Just didn’t want to wait for 6 hours to be seen.

- Verified patient on 11/22

This is the first time that I had use the urgent care. I went to urgent care in New Rochelle on Huguenot Street which was excellent the staff and the people were very friendly and they treated me with kid gloves. I had gotten x-rays done I saw the doctor and she had informed me that I had seven fractured ribs on my right side and that she contacted my primary doctor and he suggested that I get a CAT scan to check my lungs to make sure that they were in punctured. She did she wrote up a script and I went to your other Westmed I’ve been Rye which was very nice also they contacted them and when I got there they took me in right away the radiologist her name was Donna she was very nice very sweet and said to me let me know if I hurt you while I was lying down on the CAT scan table because of my seven fractured ribs I really really appreciate all the work and service that I had gotten. I take your service over the surface of the emergency room in a hospital. The wait time was not bad at all both at New Rochelle because I had made the appointment The day before and they had advised Westmed and Rye that I was coming up the wait time was no time at all.

- Verified patient on 9/15

This NP was rude and acted as if I was ignorant to the world of Covid-19. I too work in the healthcare field and she tried to educate me on the cdc guidelines. My child went in for a headache (no longer had the headache by the time we got their after I was done working) and she forced us to get a PCR test in order to be cleared for him to go back to school and of course this comes with a quarantine until the results come in. The school did not require it and my child’s headache was gone. However, she made it clear that it was okay for my other child and I not to be tested and continue our lives as normal after she explained “kids are carriers and show no signs.” Contradiction if you ask me. She handled this situation poorly, was rude and had no clue she was talking to someone else in healthcare. When I explained to her that it made no sense she walked out of the room in frustration. I am disappointed and I will make note and be sure to never go to little spurs if she is on duty. I am fully aware of the situation the world is in and I am also disappointed in the reaction from someone with the level of education she has regarding a headache. I did present the information from the school to the staff as well, she was the only individual that acted so rudely.

- Verified patient on 1/20

I am a nurse who has spent my 22 year career working in a medical office/clinic, specifically family medicine, pediatrics and ob/gyn. I'd like to think that I am pretty knowledgeable with the internal workings of an office, and have experienced both well run and greatly mismanaged, even hostile work environments. When I say that my appointment today at AFC provided me with the best patient experience to date, I mean it wholeheartedly. From my first interaction with the kind front office staff, who didn't immediately turn me away, despite it being explained to me that their schedule was full. Instead they were professional and compassionate and sought out a provider to ask if it would be possible for me to be seen. That simple act of caring and effort they made for me spoke to the quality of this practice's employees. I was given as appointment and was explained to that I may need to wait an hour. After being turned away from my primary doctor's office and 3 other urgent care facilities already that day...and needing a medical exam, I was so grateful and had no issues with the wait. It was not 10 minutes of waiting before I was called back to the exam room to be seen, and was greeted again, with another professional and kind employee...the nurse who triaged me. She was friendly, skilled, patient, efficient and most of all, compassionate to my needs. I was then greeted by the PA, who I only waited minutes to see. And again, I'm listened to by another employee of AFC who provided me with such kindness, professionalism and exceptional and efficient care. My appointment ended at the checkout receptionist, and for my fourth professional, kind, compassionate and positive interaction with this office's staff. I can tell you that the owner/managers of AFC Fuquay Varina are stellar and it's quite obvious that their staff love their workplace, and it absolutely makes the level of patient care top-notch! I will absolutely choose AFC exclusively in the future for my family and my urgent medical needs! Thank you all...I am truly grateful and over-satisfied with the care provided to me today.

- Verified patient on 8/4

I’m extremely impressed by our experience here. We were in and out within an hour which means the world to me. My daughter injured her elbow and we were told to try urgent care rather than the ED. I honestly thought UC would send us to the ED anyway but they did not. The doctor and staff swiftly took my daughter to the back, took X-rays and diagnosed her in about an hour. My daughter has special needs therefore any time I can avoid the ED is beneficial to her and our family. The staff impressed me so much with the way they treated her and tended to her elbow as well as her special needs. Our general experience within the medical field is that the staff gets easily frustrated with my daughter because of her autism, they do as little as possible so they don’t “traumatize” her and quickly send us on our way without answers. This was not at all the experience we had at Urgent Care for Children in Vestavia. I’m so grateful to the staff and doctors here. Anything to avoid an ED visit during this time and due to my daughter’s special needs makes our lives a little bit easier. I would happily recommend this place for anyone in need of a pediatric urgent care visit.

- Verified patient on 11/2

My first experience with urgent care was not a good one. One of my kids had knee surgery on Friday, but his pain medicine was ineffective, so I went to urgent care and waited two hours to see the doctor only to find out that urgent care does not prescribe narcotics. I was very angry because I wasted two hours keeping my kid in pain. Subsequent visits were wonderful. It’s convenient to go to urgent care and Kapolei, so I don’t have to drive all the way into town for a sick note for work. I had to go for Covid testing and each time the star was efficient. I had to take one of my kids in for testing for Covid, and although we had to wait because it was crowded, it was a good visit. The wait is par with any other ER or doctors office. It’s difficult to keep a kid in pain, but I don’t blame urgent care for this. I’m sure every medical clinic, doctors office, ER, and urgent care has to deal with drug seekers. I am very thankful for urgent care, and I respect the people who work there there

- Verified patient on 4/16

The receptionist wasn’t the most pleasant. She wasn’t bad but. I was upset because my kids overheard the receptionist Ask if he had any symptoms and she said what symptoms do you have and he said all. Then he went and sat in one of the chairs. So now he had been sitting in the chair talking to the receptionist touching the pen that he had to sign with sitting in the room and not once did anyone clean in between. So if they thought he may have Covid it should have been clean before I went up. My kids whispered to me don’t sit in that chair. Then they told me afterwards. No normally if you have symptoms of Covid you sit out in your car. When I called and said I was in the parking lot she never asked me if we were symptoms or anything. Just come in. What’s the point of calling and telling them we are in the parking lot. He should have been tested outside he should not have even come in the building. I’ve had other family members get tested at other places And if they have even the sniffles they do not come in and they test them outside. I thought all the service was great but when I experienced that it makes me hesitant to come back

- Verified patient on 4/22

Overall, I like this place. But every time we go there is a total cluster with check in process vs time you will be acknowledged. Setting up our appt was super easy online, completed our paperwork prior to visit. Showed up early for visit, checked in online then..... no acknowledgement from staff or facility till I went into complain 35 min later. The Solv app is lame, it only states you are in line but doesn’t give you any estimate of how much longer. Clearly this place books too many appointments they can’t handle given the walk in foot traffic. That’s either a system issue or the front office manager is clueless on scheduling. Billing... come on, figure it out. When I was leaving it took three attempts and they couldn’t get it to go thru to let me close out my bill so I made them take a copy of my card and I left. Again, taking the check in and wait process out of it, I still recommend them. Here’s my advice, check in 30 minutes early and expect a 45 min wait so you aren’t pissed when you take time off of work to drive a kid there. Expect the overall process to take two hours

- Verified patient on 6/2

Elise is EXCELLENT and extremely knowledgeable in her field of accupuncture. The front desk staff were pretty decent. The facility is very clean as things should be! The restroom was equally clean! Very much appreciated as most places do not have such tidy restrooms. I also really appreciated the pleasant art works. Most of them were very, "Happy," pieces! 😊 Im sure this will fall on deaf ears. However, Insurances need to cover more things like these since everyone's determined no one can get any real pain meds of any kind, any more. Afew ppl ruined it for the 50 million suffering in moderate to severe pain every day. Alive but not living, having lousy qualities of life. 😢 Degenerative anything simply doesn't improve, thus the word, "Degenerative." Tai Chi is also helpful, so is massage therapy, water therapy, and, sitting on the back of a walking horse. Big Pharma have not gone and found any viable replacements to the natural, plant based medicines. Both Tylenol and NSAIDS will destroy your liver and kidneys if that's all you've access to. It's merely a matter of time. It's not the Gov't's business. It's between a PHYSICIAN and their personal patient. The Physician who sees that patient, knows that patient as a human and, they should make the decisions together. It's called Physician/Patient privalege. (If this were Lawyer/ Client Privalege there would never have been an issue. Lawyers would have immediately sued.) There was a reason those medicines were used safely for the most part, for over 200 yrs. They're the only ones to fit perfectly like a key into those pain receptors in the brain. According to the DEA the ONLY 2 problem drugs that regularly kill ARE: Oxycontin/codone a total synthetic, and Fentanyl, the partial synthetic developed as a possible anesthetic in the 60's for surgeries. It didn't work. What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath beginning w/ First, cause no harm? Allowing suffering and pain to continue needlessly is harm. Criminals are going to continue to be criminals no matter what. ONLY certain ppl have addictive personalities. Not everyone does. That's like saying don't build casinos bcz everyone has a gambling problem. MANY ppl really do, yet they constantly ignore that and build them anyway! MOST ppl took the Drug of Choice after surgery and stopped w/ no problems of so called withdrawal at all after the 8-9 weeks or more of recovery and physical therapy. These are all highly controlled meds anyway. By current definitions of dependency a person who has high blood pressure or diabetes is, "addicted, " to their medications. Are they going to be hauled away as addicts, too? This entire fiasco is lunacy, madness and, simply cruel and inhumane. Dogs are not allowed to suffer as humans, children, vets, disabled, the elderly, and, the dying are. A Physician goes into the Art and Practice of Medicine to EASE SUFFERING, heal and cure. Doctors are only interested in how much money they'll get, how they LOOK, as in, their reputations, and the bottom lines. From Your Own Play Book, " You cannot run Medicine as a business bcz people are not cattle." One of your own mottos that Western Reserve used to teach and instill in their students as a high value. "University Hospitals (used to) gives everyone regardless of ability to pay the exact same high quality care. That patient who cannot pay may simply just be put in a Ward and not given a room, " the same graduate from WESTERN RESERVE Medical School who told me the prior phrase told me this one. (NOT CASE.) He was willing to sometimes treat for free. Polititians have gone and made that Mercy illegal. 😠 Polititians suck. Only acouple of them in DC ( Desperately Corrupt) actually attended Medical School and saw/see patients. Ben Carson, MD, and former Senator, Scott Jensen, MD. There maaay be another but Congress doesn't usually attract the best and brightest. UH needs to return to her roots of easing suffering and provide real care with real pain medicines that are proven to truly ease suffering at the proper dosages and proper lengths of time to be determined by the individual prescribing Physician, be they a Surgeon, Internist, etc. Not determined by some life in an Ivory Tower Group who never see actual suffering on a day to day basis in an ER. UH must take her rights back as a Hospital for the sake of her Owners, Patients AND her Physicians! The Gov't has stolen them!!!! First by telling you that Physicians could no longer be Internists and Endocrinologists, or Internists and Gastroenterologists, or Internists and Rheumatologists! You allowed this to happen bcz you guys did nothing to stop it, even though it was a completely idiotic thing to do by the Governing Boards. It began further compartmentalizing what is a highly complex biological System, the human body! It was taught by you that it is a single interactive, integrated system. What effects one part effects another! Now patients go from Physician to Physician, none of whom are given the time to communicate with each other about their patients. The so called role of Primary Care Physician is Laughable! They've no clue what's going on! They've no time! They may TRY to follow a patient or two, but if they have a Zebra in their practice? Poor Zebra! They're left behind or kicked out of the herd as, too complex. It's not the fault of the Primary either. It is the System that's been allowed to Coagulate around them! They're cluttered w/ too much Busy Work. Hospitals should be in the business of Protecting their Best and Brightest! Offering them the Highest benefits to Stay with Them! Second, the Gov't is demanding to play doctor. A role not in the Constitutions of Federal or State Legislatures, and, one they are not even remotely qualified for. Forcing Physicians to see a patient every 15-20 minutes is a form of insanity. This is simply not enough time to spend with any one patient. It is not time enough to take a comprehensive history, or even to listen to the poor patient fumble to try and describe something they've not been trained to explain! It is the Role of the Physician to ask the proper questions and Guide the patient into describing what's wrong. Physicians need time to physically examine patients. Check their glands, tongue, eyes and ears. Palpate them properly and firmly. It's no wonder Physicians are retiring as fast as they can. They can no longer take the pressure to produce a Product instead of a Result. Telling Physicians who spent their entire lives studying to be Physicians what medicines they should be prescribing is Ludicrous, as well. Niether the Gov't, nor insurance companies should make those determinations, even if they have a "doctor," on staff. Those ppl don't see these patients! Nor should a Team make decisions over another, well qualified Physician! How would you like it if someone came and told you what underwear you were going to put on everyday from now on? That is what it's like for one of you to suddenly be told what to do by an ignorant, raving bureaucrat. That's the level of madness that this insanity has reached, especially now with this Cov-Control. When you take your dog to the vet, you demand The highest quality care for it! Do you not? Why would you not want the highest quality care for your relative (wife, daughter, son, husband...) if, unbeknownst to you, they were suddenly in the ER? Wouldn't you want their personal physician to atleast see them, or, speak to the attending on the phone? Or that the ER Physician will have Mercy and give them pain medicine that will actually work? And not amputate a limb w/out trying to consult SOMEONE or Try to save it? (Metro Health is the Last level 1 Trauma Center in this entire area. Why is that??! Why don't you even have one level 1??! There aren't even any level Two Trauma Centers! Only One 1! All the rest are level 3!! So if your child cuts her finger off (God forbid) you MUST go to West 25th's ER! ) There is no aggregate data from double blind studies bcz there have never been double blind studies conducted on morphine and it's derivatives, "... No physician in their right mind would subject a control group to such a level of suffering... " Stand Up, UH! Take back your rights from the overbearing Gov't! Both State and Federal Gov't's must give you, a HOSPITAL, back your rights to both practice and teach real medicine, as you once did. They must stop editing the text books of so called, "false information," that doesn't fit the media's narrative, or, the ppl who now "own," the AMA. Be the Good Guys Once Again!! And while you're at it, plz, change the name of the School back to Western Reserve. PS, It's ER not ED (ED means something completely different and dysfunctional.) Your "Talking Groups" are incorrect. All that money you and SW paid for those, "studies" was a waste of time! The General Public still call them ER's!

- Verified patient on 3/31

My daughter had croup but wasn’t improving so I made an appt at 11:30. I arrived at 11:15 and eventually was told I needed to have her COVID tested. I was back to the waiting room by 12. I thought I’d be in a room quickly since my appt was 30 min prior but it was obvious I wasn’t going to be seen soon. I told them I would take an appt at 2. I arrived by 1:45 and was in a room by 2:05. I didn’t the see the dr until 2:45. I was frustrated because I had appts and the provider explained they run an urgent care. She was condescending. I’ve been coming there since it opened. I have 4 kids one seen on Wednesday. I understand what an urgent care is but I also understand appts and customer service. I eft the first time because it was taking far longer with an appt and I needed to have my son at an event but the right thing would’ve been to fast track me the second time and for the provider to not treat me the way she did. So disappointed. I love the staff but they should’ve tried to get me in faster and when they didn’t just say sorry not have some provider explain to me how an urgent care works. Does she know what an appt is?

- Verified patient on 10/17

Everyone was very respectful and cared about how I was . They evenough wanted to Cala ambulance for me because they said I was so sick On the other hand once getting to the hospital and staying for 7 hours they said my kidneys were not working right and just because I have COVID and kidney problems that is not A medical necessity For me to be admitted to the hospital. At one time my oxygen level was at 70 and was sounding off for like 5 minutes before the came in my blood pressures was70/54 they asked me how did I feel and I told them dizzy and just not feeling right. At that point they reset the messages and left . I also had to ask if they could unhook all my Leeds on me so I could go to the restroom it was 8:30 and I had been there since 1:30 . After 4 more times of asking for help I told them I was going to undo it my self and go ! Well after that they were there in less than 5 min.she was The nicest person that helped me is the lady that was doing the nuclear cat- scan I’m me ! The only thing they sent me hope with was 20 Tessa pearls and Medicine for nausea

- Verified patient on 7/16

The online process is not smooth. I waited for hours for PMPAnywhere and there is no visual way to tell how many are in front of you. It would help to have something like a countdown or how many are ahead of you so you can tell things are moving closer to your time. I called for help too because I made too many attempts for accounts amd it was a repeat of the same message and then hung up. When I called back I was able to finally speak to a human. It was frustrating. I also noticed that when you check in by scanning you can’t check all kids in at the same time. It was making me scan separately for each even though it listed everyone with littles boxes next to there names. It’s just another step that’s more difficult than it needs to be. Once you get past all that it’s Much better in person, but I can see how it can be frustrating. I also got three emails messages from virant lab and then 3 messages from PMpediatrics about results . Maybe you don’t need to send them out anymore? 6 emails is a lot.. Just a thought.

- Verified patient on 9/19

I have 2 toddlers go to the daycare and when 1 get sick then the other one will be next. That’s why my kids are their regular patients as they get sick all time. I usually booked the appointment but then one time I was told “first come first serve, appointment was just for the paperwork”. Ok fine, next time I walked in with no appointment and was told “no walk in accepted, appointment only”. I was so confused as what to do because the management kept on changing their mind. My kid was sick I couldnt wait until tomorrow so I left to another urgent care that day. Tonight, I made an appointment, as I walked in the receptionist already knew by confirmed the name. She was quickly get us a room. The nurses were very thorough and professional. When the dr walked in; I was so happy and felt so lucky when I saw that was Dr Jeannie Huynh. She is the reason why I came back to this place after many issues we had. She always explained the cause and then the treatment so clearly. She always gave the correct diagnosis. I wish they have her as a regular dr at this location.

- Verified patient on 10/2

The front desk check in person was not particularly friendly. This not my first interaction with her, Celeste. She gathers the necessary information and is rather robotic about it. Not incredibly welcoming. (I’ve been to PM on several occasions for COVID testing since out Pediatrician’s office does not test at all for COVID.) The nurse, Roy, who worked with us at this most recent visit on 9/18/21) walked right in the room, apologized for our wait, but barely made eye contact with myself or my child and then had his back to us while he asked all of the intake questions. He was not warm or attempting to be reassuring to my 7 year old who was clearly nervous to be seen/examined. The doctor we saw was fine and I have no specific objections or concerns. I have been to PM before and really enjoyed the providers (Dr. Mordechai-forgive me because I forget his last name and nurse Amanda. They have been exceptional!) I fully realize that the staff I BUSY given this pandemic but I do have better expectations for an improved beside manner and interactions with families. I, myself, am a pediatric provider so I know what it feels like to be exhausted and still have to work, but you still owe a level of kindness, compassion and warmth in your exchanges with patients and families…especially children.

- Verified patient on 9/19

Chad (AKA “SnotLord509”) I took my entire family of 5 sick children ranging from 3-15 yrs old and myself to the Pasco Test sight. 5 sick children that didn’t want to be out of bed let alone drive a three hour round trip including the hour we spent in line. The line seemed to move quicker than expected and all of the staff was very polite. However, there was one person that stuck out as being very passionate about making a terrible experience, as enjoyable as it could be. By the time we got up to the actually testing tent, my children were all well over being in the car and my oldest daughter who was the sickest of the bunch had already threatened my life several times if I didn’t not get her home so she could go back to bed. We rolled our windows down and Chad proceeded to help administer our tests. One by one, he Gently but thoroughly got us all done. He had all of my kids, who had done nothing but complain and bicker up to this point, laughing with jokes of changing his gamer tag from “BoogerMaster” to “SnotLord509”. They talked and laughed about him all the way back to hermiston. Two of my children came up negative so I came this morning to retest, dragging them out of bed sick at 6am. Wouldn’t you know it, they talked about and requested SnotLord509 to do our tests again. When we got there, he didn’t disappoint. I wish everyone was as passionate about their job.

- Verified patient on 9/5

Pediatric Urgent Care in Center Ossipee, NH

These days, convenience is key, especially for parents with young children. Who wants to wait several weeks to see their pediatrician or primary care physician in a world where 'next day shipping' is being beaten by 'same day shipping?' Walk-in clinics are divided into a number of categories, including urgent care, pediatric urgent care, retail clinics, and others. These convenient care facilities provide same-day access to qualified pediatric providers who can diagnose and treat a wide range of minor injuries and illnesses in children aged 6 to 18. You've come to the perfect site if you've wondered, "Where can I find a walk-in clinic near me?"

When your children require urgent treatment, the last thing you want to do is travel to a nearby urgent care center only to find it closed or overcrowded with adult patients, making it unsuitable for your children. Such a pointless waste of time. Instead, you should look for a pediatric urgent care center that is open right now. It's sometimes more crucial that the place is "open now" than how close it is, or even whether it has excellent patient feedback. It's possible that all you want is a speedy diagnosis and medication so you can get on with your life. Filter this list of pediatric urgent care centers that are currently open based on your area. The most relevant, closest, and highest rated items appear first.

Pediatric Urgent Care Guide (for Parents)

Solv discovered that patients were waiting an average of 24 days for appointments with their primary care provider in a recent survey done with the Urgent Care Association. Consumers want more in today's environment of immediate gratification. They want it now. If you wish to watch a movie, you can either download it or stream it right away. You can pick up your phone and have groceries delivered to you within an hour if you need them. If you require restaurant reservations, simply locate one that has openings, book online, and stroll in minutes later to sit down. Healthcare should be no exception.

As a result, pediatric urgent care has grown at a quicker rate than any other type of healthcare in the United States. It's also why "urgent care" is searched for more than 5 times more than "primary care" or "family doctor" combined by healthcare consumers. These customers are extremely actionable, searching for "urgent care near me" with high intent. When people are sick or injured, they want same-day access to great healthcare providers - after hours, on weekends, and on holidays - without the cost and inconvenience of going to the emergency room.

Urgent care clinics are useful for detecting and treating non-emergent healthcare requirements such as the flu, sinus infections, and strep throat, as well as injuries such as bone fractures and sprains, cuts, scrapes, and burns. In addition, urgent care clinics are increasingly delivering preventative care services such as annual physicals and well visits, flu shots, and other immunizations and vaccines, assuming the role of primary care physician for the tens of millions of people who don't have one.

There are dedicated pediatric urgent care clinics for children between the ages of one and eighteen, which are normally available after hours for patients between the ages of one and eighteen.

Pediatric Urgent Care Services & Pricing

Consumers seeking treatment for minor illnesses and injuries will find urgent care clinics, which are part of the walk-in clinic healthcare category, to be a helpful option. Annual and school physicals, flu shots and immunizations, treatment for illnesses such as colds, flu stomach aches, sinus and ear infections, and more are frequently offered at an urgent care center. You can also be treated for injuries like burns, bites, sprains, and breaks, which you might think to go to the emergency department rather than urgent care, but you'll have a shorter wait and a lower fee at urgent care. Without insurance, you should budget between $100 to 140 for your appointment, including the cost of transportation.

Insurance & Payments

Almost every urgent care center accepts commercial insurance, and many (if not all) accept Medicare. As a result, if you have insurance coverage, the financial experience will be comparable to seeing a specialist, where you will be charged a co-pay, normally $35-50, at the time of the visit. Any further lab work, x-rays, or other testing will be billed to your insurance first, with any supplemental amount owed being invoiced to you later. If you don't have insurance, you'll have to pay a visit charge of $100-140 at the time of your appointment. This costs between 25 and 50 percent more than your primary care practitioner if you're considering a telehealth or video visit, but the convenience is usually well worth the extra money. 

Urgent Care Hours & Wait Times

Even within the same group or brand, separate urgent care centers may have varying hours. While they're supposed to be convenient when your main care physician isn't available, that's subjective and highly varied. A standard formula, on the other hand, is that an urgent care is open 6 to 7 days a week, typically from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., this might change to practically any 8-12 hour period. Some clinics, comparable to emergency rooms, are even open 24 hours a day. In terms of wait time, most patients report waiting between 15 and 45 minutes on average, though this can vary. It's usually preferable to locate a nearby urgent care facility.

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