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Find same-day typhoid vaccine appointments in Rincon. Book through Solv and get your typhoid fever shot today from a top-rated local provider.

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MountainView Urgent Care Northrise, Northrise

3485 E Northrise Dr , Las Cruces, NM 8801128.3 mi

NEW Urgent Care, Walton

540 Walton Blvd , Las Cruces, NM 8800130.7 mi

Recent patient review

They are fast, only because no one likes to go there. They disregard your feelings when it comes to your children. Very unfriendly. Everyone looks and acts like they hate the job they have. Awful place to take children. Really would rather wait 5 hours st a three star urgent care.

MountainView Urgent Care, Valley

1455 S Valley Dr , Las Cruces, NM 8800531.0 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Mon 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Recent patient review

I went in for an ear ache, was told would not prescribe any thing and I needed to see an ear nose and throat doctor. Earliest appointment I can get is 60 days out. Nurse practitioner was horrible this is a waist of time and money going here. Find another place the really don't care if you are sick,

Covenant Clinics

3961 E Lohman Ave , Las Cruces, NM 8801131.1 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Mon 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Recent patient review

I had an amazing experience that I just feel moved to share. Sunday night my daughter dropped a glass bottle on her leg, which resulted in a huge gash. I knew she'd need stitches. It was 7:45 as we jumped in the car googling Urgent Cares. Only one was open: Covenant Clinic. We arrived right as they were closing, the place was empty. I asked the staff to please consider taking us in. I didn't want to take her to the ER (she's immune suppressed and I did't want to risk COVID exposure). Without hesitation, everyone put their purses down and the doctor came out and so kindly greeted my daughter. She required 6 stitches and screamed bloody murder (thankful there were no other people in the lobby to bare witness). Doctor Robbert's bedside manner was incredible. As we left I thanked him. He said it was his pleasure to serve..and I believed him! We've had a lot of experience with doctors in this house and it was sincerely one of the best interactions we've ever had. He is a privately owned clinic. If people are wanting to support local, think of this place.

Las Cruces Urgent Care

1605 El Paseo Rd , Las Cruces, NM 8800131.4 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Mon 7:30 am - 7:00 pm

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Typhoid Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get a typhoid vaccine in Rincon?

    In general, typhoid vaccines will be available at Rincon-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices, local pharmacies and travel vaccination centers. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you protect yourself from typhoid in time for your trip.

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    How can I book a typhoid vaccine in Rincon?

    Regardless of the kind of vaccine you are seeking, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Rincon-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include your travel plans and previous immunizations to give your doctor a better idea of the vaccines you may need.

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    Can I make a same-day appointment for a typhoid vaccine in Rincon?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for yellow fever vaccine consultations can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Rincon-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment as soon as today. Be sure to include your travel plans and previous immunizations to give your doctor a better idea of the vaccines you may need.

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    How do I find the top-rated travel vaccination specialists in Rincon?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Rincon-area travel vaccination specialists to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a provider, see what previous patients think, and book an appointment with a top-rated doctor today!

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    Who should get a typhoid vaccine?

    Anyone two weeks and older with plans to travel to or live in an area that's at high risk for typhoid, such as South Asia, Latin America and Africa, should receive a typhoid vaccine. If you are planning on travelling from Rincon out-of-country, a typhoid vaccine will be required for entry. You must be vaccinated by injection at least fourteen days before your departure date, or finish your oral vaccination regimen at least a week before your trip.

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    Are video visits available with travel vaccination specialists in Rincon?

    While a typhoid vaccine cannot be administered over video, your doctor can evaluate and advise you or your child from your home in Rincon. They can discuss your travel plans, recommend and order necessary vaccinations, and book immunization appointments via telemedicine.

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    How much does a typhoid vaccine cost in Rincon?

    Without insurance, a consultation, service fee and the typhoid vaccine doses will typically range from $85 to $300. With preventative insurance, you will end up paying the copay for a consultation and vaccine administration, ranging from $10 to $40. Costs will vary by clinic - book a consultation at a Rincon-area clinic to see how much a typhoid vaccine would cost for you.

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    Is a typhoid vaccine covered by my insurance?

    As typhoid vaccines are considered elective, it’s not uncommon that insurance will not cover the cost of the vaccine. However, if your plan includes preventative benefits, the vaccine will usually be covered and you may only need to cover the co-pay out-of-pocket.

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    Are video visits with travel vaccination specialists covered by my insurance?

    Telemedicine vaccine consultation coverage will vary depending on your circumstances. Typically, if your insurance will not cover an in-person visit, it won’t cover similar appointments via telehealth. Since the typhoid vaccine is considered elective and in-person visits are not usually covered by medical insurance, it is unlikely video visits with travel vaccination specialists will be covered.

Typhoid Vaccine: Helpful Typhoid Vaccine Reviews

"Needed a copy of my daughter’s shot records for college. They found them immediately and we were able to get her last immunization today."

"Really nice place and fast service. Thank you for giving me my immunizations!"

"A gentle nurse was there to provide me with my immunizations. I had two that day, one on each arm. Just had to wait in line. Great experience!"