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8 urgent care locations in
Petrolia, TX

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Community Healthcare Center

200 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd , Wichita Falls, TX 7630116.2 mi

Clinics of North Texas

501 Midwestern Pkwy E , Wichita Falls, TX 7630217.0 mi

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Promise Hospital of Wichita Falls

1103 Grace St , Wichita Falls, TX 7630117.1 mi

Recent patient review

Thinks he is God! Do not use Dr Boyer! My wife of 50 years has pulmonary fibrosis which is caused from an autoimmune disease. She is at very high risk for infection cuz her immune system is shot. She was placed in Promise ( supposably a long term acute care facility) for IV antibiotics. She has had a pressure sore that got infected and caused her to be septic. She had MRSA and should have been in contact isolation. She was placed in an “observation unit” with 4 beds only separated by a curtain. All beds were full with other patients and 2 of them were men. Therefore every time my 90lb wife used the bedside commode the person next to her could see! No privacy or respect at all! Despite all of this, my wife has many specialists that oversee her medication. Dr. Boyer refuses to consult with them and discontinued many of her essential medications. As for the staff, that’s another nightmare! Very rude and did not do their job! The bedside commode stayed full for days! Back to Dr Boyer, we were not pleased and wanted to take her home. He refused to discharge her! So we contacted her other doctors, got orders set up for home infusion. Upon picking her up, they tried to discontinue her PICC line. It took the head of the pharmacy calling Dr Boyer and threatening to turn him in before they let us leave with it in. This has been the worst nightmare and I’m only writing this to hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else. I have NEVER posted a review for anything before this! I will co continue to fight and raise a ruckus on my wife’s behalf and make sure this doctor pays for what he is doing!

United Regional Health Care System

1600 11th St , Wichita Falls, TX 7630117.2 mi

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3808 Kemp Blvd , Wichita Falls, TX 7630819.8 mi

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Recent patient review

I was turned away because I don’t have Insurance

Kell West Family Practice Clinic

4412 Kell W Blvd , Wichita Falls, TX 7630920.8 mi

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Kell West Regional Hospital

5420 Kell W Blvd , Wichita Falls, TX 7631022.2 mi

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