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Reliant Urgent Care, Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care

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814 Francisco St , Los Angeles, CA 900179.5 mi

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Recent patient review

I would recommend Reliant to everyone because they’re very efficient! I was able to schedule and get my COVID test with ease. The wait time was short, everyone was socially distant, and the staff was friendly. I was in and out in no time and felt the safe the whole time!

Reliant Urgent Care, LAX Airport Area Urgent Care

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5901 W Century Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 9004513.4 mi

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Recent patient review

I’ve gone here twice, once with an appointment and once without. Both times the wait times were short.

Reliant Urgent Care, Montebello Urgent Care

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2300 W Beverly Blvd , Montebello, CA 9064017.1 mi

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Recent patient review

Amazing event though we were covid positive. The staff was so helpful explaining the types of tests. The nurse also called me with the results because my son and I could wait for the results because his fever spiked. Thank you

Reliant Urgent Care, Sante Fe Springs Urgent Care

11460 Telegraph Rd , Santa Fe Springs, CA 9067021.6 mi

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Recent patient review

It was great and following rules 6ft away thing I like that and it’s clean

Angel Wings Medical Associates, Urgent Care Center

1130 W Olive Ave , Burbank, CA 915064.5 mi

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Recent patient review

Went in for RAPID Covid 19 test. Had made an online appointment. They were on time, friendly, quick and efficient and comminuted the results efficiently and quickly. Highly recommend them for Covid tests.


12212 Washington Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 9006610.1 mi

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Recent patient review

This is by far the BEST experience I've ever had with a walk in clinic. Not only is it the most laid back, lovely, simple clinic environment I've ever been in (warm, not sterile) the staff are just great. Dr. Lillian really helped me work through an issue I had from "overworking" which was both a sensitive topic and very painful. I couldn't be more grateful to the type of gentle care I have found at this place. Absolutely recommend with SIX stars! And very quit wait time too. In and out always within an hour.

Reliant Urgent Care, Huntington Park Urgent Care

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5900 Pacific Blvd , Huntington Park, CA 9025514.0 mi

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Recent patient review

Very nice and hard working staff! Very clean and thorough. Also for the amount of people I feel that I was seen in an appropriate amount of time. Also highly recommend doing things online

AME Medical Group, Downey Paramount Urgent Care

11938 Paramount Blvd , Downey, CA 9024219.9 mi

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Recent patient review

Super good experience super service very friendly staffs thank you

Studio City Urgent Care and Medical Center

12660 Riverside Dr , Los Angeles, CA 916071.8 mi

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Recent patient review

Very good. Friendly staff. Didn't have to wait too long. Highly recommended.

North Hollywood Urgent Care

11126 Chandler Blvd , North Hollywood, CA 916012.1 mi

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Prime Care Physicians

13425 Ventura Blvd , Sherman Oaks, CA 914232.3 mi

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Recent patient review

this office and the amazing doctors and their lovely and friendly staff have saved me from many health incidents . They are warm and genuine ! Which is really important when you’re sick. They are good with follow ups and more than anything they take your condition seriously before it gets worse ! This is my favorite Doctors office and let me tell you I have been to MANY doctors offices due to my conditions. Thank you so much for always being there and the excellent service you provide.thanks for Great advise and treatment plan and treatment suggestions and referrals to specialists. They are just the best OF THE BEST . I would’ve been hopeless without them. thank you Prime care physicians team. Prime CARE ,Is really what they are specialized in! I’m so happy that I got to choose this office and Dr Matian as my primary doctor !

Exer Urgent Care, Sherman Oaks

13303 Riverside Dr , Sherman Oaks, CA 914232.4 mi

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Recent patient review

Took son over weekend to have foot looked at. After X-ray my son who is 10 said he really liked the staff (they talked to him kindly). There was no wait, received disc of X-ray result, fitted for a boot and given crutches with 30 minutes. A great urgent care experience, easy parking, very clean facility and all of the staff were friendly and professional.

Mend Urgent Care

4312 Woodman Ave , Sherman Oaks, CA 914232.6 mi

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Sunset Walk-in Healthcare and Occupational Medicine Clinic

9201 Sunset Blvd , West Hollywood, CA 900693.4 mi

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Recent patient review

So my step daughter 17 years old had an appointment Saturday, October 5th at 11am. The receptionnist told her that she wasnt capable to see a doctor cause she couldnt process her insurance card. She said it doesnt work (her words) It is an international insurance company, their number is reachable on the card 24/7. She said she couldnt reach them... I called them right away, they said everything is 100% running fine. They even sent me an email to confirm and to send to the receptionnist. But she said that she could see the doctor after she could pay the amount of the visit and get a refund trought her medical insurance.... I ve talked to the receptionnist over the phone and i explained that she left the house without enought money to pay and i m sure that she could send an invoice if needed to our address (my husband and i came to the office recently without any problems with our insurance card, he has done some XRays etc my step daughter mentioned it as well. The receptionnist founded us in the computer and was aware of it) She said that she didnt have a manager with her or anyone that could assist her with the card processing and then that actually they dont take anyone on saturdays for physical check up cause there are no doctors on site but only PA...But someone gave her that appointment on saturday!? (she told me on the phone that this person made a mistake and that is not working there anymore) I m actually trying to understand as much as i can the situation but it seems that she was very annoyed by me explaining my point of view...she was very condescendant. She clearly wasnt very helping much and my step daughter left the office emotionaly confused and frustrated... She is at school monday trought friday from 7am-7pm and this year she has a big high school exam and she needed her inhalator spray and some physical exam check up to play basketball. She obviously couldnt play sport the next week cause she couldnt get this simple document from the doctor or PA. I was so shoked by the attitude of the receptionnist, i called her back and explained again giving her the insurance telephone to check with them and fix it so my step daughter could go back the same day at least to get her prescription for her ashma inhaltor. She finally had enought brain to call the number i gave her and then she called my step daughter on her cellphone she said: « anyway your not covered for this exam so it is better you dont do check up here....» This was clearly not her problem and i m 100% sure that it is not true. And anyway, we didnt need her advice. This was clearly NOT professional and NOT acceptable. ps: i emailed the office and even the doctor portail on the web site...someone deleted all my infos and illegal and shady is that? Until today nobody got back to me with an excuse from the office. We will not go back to see any doctors there cause of their front desk miserable behaviour and we believe we have the right to be respectfully treated.

Sunset Urgent Care Medical Clinic

9201 Sunset Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 900693.4 mi

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CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic

8491 Santa Monica Blvd , West Hollywood, CA 900693.5 mi

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Brentview Medical Urgent Care

8264 Santa Monica Blvd , West Hollywood, CA 900463.5 mi

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Recent patient review

Sent me to collections without billing my insurance! Called them multiple times, was told it was taken care of and every time it wasn’t. Finally I spoke to someone I thought understood to just please bill the insurance and then today I receive a collections letter from a creditor. Absolutely irrate, can’t believe the nerve and stupidity of these people. Will NEVER ever go here again and will be sure to warn others.

Lakeside Community Healthcare Urgent Care, Burbank

191 S Buena Vista St , Burbank, CA 915053.6 mi

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Recent patient review

I visited Lakeside Urgent Care last week with symptoms of headache, sore throat, fatigue and dry cough. First thing, there is no separating of people in the waiting room. None. You can have Covid-19 symptoms and being sitting literally 2 inches away from someone with a broken finger. A couple had a two-year old child with a fever, and all of them were told to sit in the waiting room with people with flu-like symptoms. After I was placed in the patient's room, the doctor entered to treat me, and literally within two seconds of entering the room, without inspecting me, he told me I didn’t have the Coronavirus. This is a direct contradiction to medical research. It is not possible to tell if someone carries the Coronavirus by looking at them. It is has been well-established that there are many asymptomatic and mild case people that are carriers of the Coronavirus. What kind of medical treatment is this? I couldn't get a Covid-19 test, nor offered an Influenza test. I got worse, then got better, and went back on March 27th as whatever I had was affecting my lungs and my breathing. The doctor checked my breathing said I was fine, and that was that. Through both visits, none of the staff or doctors at the clinic disseminated any information regarding the CV-19 virus, social distancing, or ways to avoid spreading the virus. Nor was there any advice, conversation, or by anyone, anywhere at this center regarding self-isolation, or quarantining. That’s just flat-out irresponsible. My opinion is the clinic needs to make literature and other forms of information available to its’ patients, especially those exhibiting symptoms common with the common flu and Coronavirus. I left the Lakeside Community Healthcare urgent care clinic both times with the impression I was in no danger of having, or being able to transmit the coronavirus, or the need to take any precautions to prevent the spread of this disease. This is inexcusable. This disease is spreading exponentially, and if I wasn’t informed to some degree on this disease, and have decided to self-isolate, I could easily spread whatever virus I have to other people, including my parents, who are eighty-two and ninety-two years old. I would definitely not recommend this center to anyone. In my opinion, this is a healthcare center that is horribly uninformed or misinformed and is nowhere near ready to safely handle patients in this pandemic.

NH Urgent Care Medical Group

6422 1/2 Coldwater Canyon Ave , Los Angeles, CA 916063.6 mi

Urgent Care

6426 Coldwater Canyon Ave , North Hollywood, CA 916063.6 mi

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