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141 urgent care locations in
Parkville, MD

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Maryland Urgent Care

9831 Greenbelt Rd , Lanham, MD 2070631.1 mi

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Recent patient review

Good service . Prompt care.

Express Healthcare, LLC, College Park

video icon Offers video visits
4701 Melbourne Pl , College Park, MD 2074034.1 mi

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Recent patient review

After booking my appointment, on line, apparently, my name wasn't in the system. Thank God for the "doctor?" Who was in charge of admitting people. They got me in and check painlessly. However, I still at 453pm a complete 24 hours after being check, I Still Don't Have my Results. I wasn't able to work today because of this. I am very upset!

ExpressCare Urgent Care, Parkville

7701 Harford Rd , Parkville, MD 212340.4 mi

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ExpressCare Urgent Care Center of Overlea

7700 Belair Rd , Baltimore, MD 212361.4 mi

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ExpressCare Urgent Care

7700 Belair Rd , Baltimore, MD 212361.4 mi

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Recent patient review

RIP OFF ALERT. Never had to research an Urgent Care before. These locations have LIFEBRIDGE HEALTH all over their office to give the allusion of being part of this great organization. NOPE just a "partner" that accepts ZERO HMO'S but no one shares that with you. In 30 years between my daughter, my wife, or myself I personally have never been to an urgent care that was out of network. My primary care physician is with Lifebridge Health! It's clear Expresscare is are aware of this charade in their billing practices. They don't Bill you unless it's over $300. Conveniently they Bill $200 for the visit letting you make the $50 copays without informing their only accept PPO and self pay health care. NOW they auto-deduct the other $150 from the cc you use for payment. You're sent an email after the fact which is the most disclosure I've had from this Slimey medical practice's business ethics. I can't be the only person that has been mislead by the LIFEBRIDGE branding all over the office.

ExpressCare Loch Raven, Loch Raven

8000 Loch Raven Blvd , Towson, MD 212862.1 mi

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Got A Doc

5801 Belair Rd , Baltimore, MD 212062.3 mi

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ChoiceOne Urgent Care

1220A E Joppa Rd , Towson, MD 212862.4 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic

1238 Putty Hill Ave , Towson, MD 212862.5 mi

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Rosedale Medical Walk-in Clnc

5440 Belair Rd , Baltimore, MD 212062.7 mi

Emergency Physicians

5601 Loch Raven Blvd , Baltimore, MD 212392.9 mi

Patient First, Perry Hall

8830 Belair Rd , Perry Hall, MD 212363.1 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Patient First

8830 Belair Rd , Nottingham, MD 212363.2 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Occupational Medical Svc

8652 Pulaski Hwy , Rosedale, MD 212374.1 mi

Patient First

4924 Campbell Blvd , Baltimore, MD 212364.3 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Concentra Urgent Care

8101 Pulaski Hwy , Baltimore, MD 212374.3 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

Patient First, Towson

950 York Rd , Towson, MD 212044.4 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Recent patient review

Honestly it was a very good experience. I was pleasantly surprised that the wait time was so short, and there were only two people (who appeared to be a couple) in the waiting room. There was an option to wait in your car, but at 8:30pm, the wait was so short I did not need to take that option. The waiting room was clean, comfortable, and spacious/socially distanced. Staff were pleasant, listened well, and seemed knowledgeable. Even waiting for the doctor to come to my room took less time than I’ve experienced at other Patient First locations, and I loved being able to fill my prescription right on site. I would definitely recommend the Towson Patient First to anyone.

Charles Emergency Physicians

6701 N Charles St , Towson, MD 212044.6 mi

CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic

5230 Campbell Blvd , Nottingham, MD 212364.7 mi

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CVS MinuteClinic

500 Eastern Blvd , Essex, MD 212215.8 mi

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Shingles Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get a shingles vaccine in Parkville?

    In general, shingles vaccines will be available at Parkville-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices and local pharmacies. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you protect yourself from shingles faster.

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    How can I book a shingles vaccine in Parkville?

    Regardless of the kind of vaccination you are seeking, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Parkville-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include “shingles vaccine” or “vaccine consultation” as your reason for visit, and bring any relevant travel plans and previous immunization records.

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    Can I make a same-day appointment for a shingles vaccine in Parkville?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for shingles vaccines or consultations can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Parkville-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment as soon as today.

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    How do I find the top-rated vaccination specialists in Parkville?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Parkville-area vaccination specialists to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a shingles vaccine provider, see what previous patients think, and book an appointment with a top-rated doctor today!

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    Who should get a shingles vaccine?

    You should get the shingles vaccine if you are at high risk for getting it or if you are experiencing symptoms. It is recommended that individuals 60 and older get the shingles vaccine, as this is when the risk of contraction is high. Even if you have previously contracted shingles, you should get the vaccine to prevent or mitigate future cases. The shingles vaccine is not recommended by the CDC for anyone younger than 60 because it has not yet been thoroughly studied in those age groups.

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    How much does a shingles vaccine cost in Parkville?

    Without insurance, a shingles vaccine and the consultation generally preceding it can cost anywhere from $200 to $250.

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    Is a shingles vaccine covered by my insurance?

    All Medicare part D and most private health insurance plans cover the shingles vaccine. Typically, you will have to cover a co-payment for the consultation and, in some cases, the vaccine itself.

Shingles Vaccine: Helpful Shingles Vaccine Reviews

"Very positive. Fast wait time. Doctor was caring, knowledgeable and reassuring during my facial shingles outbreak. Highly recommend this urgent care."

"I was at this urgent care a year ago when I was diagnosed with shingles and because of the great experience then is why I returned this past Sunday. Again a friendly, professional and efficient experience."

"Wonderful, caring staff and very thankful for their guidance and support during my confusing shingles experiences. They have all been more than helpful and accommodating. Thank you, everyone!"