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Sinusitis treatment
in Turney, MO

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1860 N Church Rd, Liberty, MO 640681860 N Church Rd
Open until 8:00 pm
  • Mon 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tue 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wed 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thu 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Fri 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sat 8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sun 8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Jul 4 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
4.4(5.5k reviews)
NextCare Urgent Care, Liberty - 1860 N Church Rd, Liberty
The staff is personable, helpful, and efficient.  I was surprised how easy and pleasant the experience was. Yes I would recommend this place/group!


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10015 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City, MO 6415310015 N Ambassador Dr
Open until 8:00 pm
  • Mon 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tue 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wed 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thu 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Fri 7:45 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sat 7:45 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sun 7:45 am - 6:00 pm
  • Jul 4 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
4.37(7.8k reviews)
NextCare Urgent Care, Ambassador - 10015 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City
This visit was for an annual DOT physical. Although there were 6 people ahead of me I didn’t have too long of a wait. Check in was quick and all staff were very friendly and professional. I really like this office for both urgent care visits as well as to have my physicals for work done.


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Recent Sinus Infection Treatment Reviews (20)

Came in for the first from a suggestion of my daughter. I have a sinus infection. I was impressed by how quickly I was seen and the doctor was very friendly and helpful. I didn’t realize you could pre register on line. I love that option

- Verified patient on 6/25

This was the only place that had a person answering the phone to help me w info, except the ER, where I really didn't want to go. I have no insurance. Urgent team was reasonably priced. Because I made my appt online, using Solv, I was in and out in one HR. I only waited a couple min to be called back. Not bad for HAVING to be seen before the weekend. With Sinusitis I wouldn't have survived the weekend. The assistant and Dr listened to me and diagnosed my needs. They were professional and knowledgeable. Even suggested where to get my Rx filled for less. I recommend this clinic. They took good care of me in a timely, professional manner. Thank you ladies! * Be sure and register online ahead. You have check in time choices.

- Verified patient on 10/9

When I got to AppleCare my wait time was a little longer than I expected, but you got to understand that with what’s going on with this Covid. I’ll be nice this time about the front staff maybe they where having a bad day. When I got to the back I couldn’t breathe through my nose due to my sinuses. When I tell you that I had the best group of people wait on me when I finally got in. Omg they explained everything what was going on step by step. Whenever they got ready to do anything they came in my room and explained everything unlike most places. My blood pressure was also very, very, high they were very concerned that. And after everything was done they made sure my blood was low before I left. They made me feel like they really cared about me and that’s what it’s all about. When I got home and told my husband how wonderful they were he said “I had the same people about 2 months ago when I went and they treated me the same way”. So thank you BRANDON, CHANTEL and JORDAN for everything you done for my husband and I it will never go unnoticed I’ve being bragging about you guys all night people. It’s because of wonderful people like you that will make people love and want to come back to visit AppleCare.

- Verified patient on 2/18

I came in with a sinus infection. It was the last hour till they close . The front office lady was very professional and the NP or lady Dr that treated was very caring and understanding. She apologized for the wait time and quickly diagnosed my medical issues . She ordered me 2 injections for my sinus infection and ordered 1 prescription for me . They female nurse that gave me my 2 injections was very polite and professional. I didn’t get all 3 of the lady’s names but thank you’ll for staying late (9:51 pm) for me and caring to see me getting treated . God Bless you 3 and thank you for your service..

- Verified patient on 11/2

I arrived early to my appointment and was called in a few minutes early as well. I had my Vitals taken by Jenna who was incredibly friendly and informative about my vitals. I did not have to wait long for the PA Tara, who was also incredibly friendly. She gave me some great tips for my sinus care, and even mentioned that because I am a self pay patient, I can reach out to her via chat if I had any follow up questions. I had a horrible experience with another institutions urgent care a few months back, so this experience with Renown was a breath of fresh air. Everyone was so kind and I truly felt listened to. I have multiple other urgent cares closer to where I live, however because of the amazing service I received today I will continue to use Renown when a visit is needed.

- Verified patient on 4/9

This happens to be my favorite place to get quick results for minor sickness issues like sinusitis. Everyone is friendly and the service for me was very quick. I really like the lady doctor in the mail doctor they have a good bedside manner as do the other assistants. Check in experience could be a little bit less especially for repeat patients like myself. Expectation is since I’ve been there more than once my name address all the medical papers that I’ve given the information on should be populated automatically as soon as I type my name and then of course the area for symptoms Hass to change because you’re not I sit for the same thing.

- Verified patient on 11/30

I cannot express how grateful I am to have this ProHealth facility nearby. Even in these crazy times, the facility was, as always, clean, dependable and filled w caring employees. I had called my primary for an appointment, thinking I had a severe sinus infection. Understandably, as some of my symptoms overlapped w COViD 19 symptoms (severe headache, dizziness, nausea), she asked me to go to a (different) urgent care instead. I knew better, and went to Pro-Health immediately. While I had the option to make an appointment online, they were running 3 days out, so I tried my luck, and walked in. I knew I could count on their safety protocols. I was the only person in the large waiting room. There was a receptionist on the phone when I arrived, it wasn’t 5 seconds later that a second appeared, took my info (I wanted a rapid COVID 19 test first, in case). He apologetically explained that he would call me on my cell when it was time to come in. I laughed: under the circumstances, I expected to wait upwards of 3 hours! They texted me a link, and I filled out paperwork in the car, then rec’d a link letting me watch my exact place in line, in real time. Clearly, they have some staff dealing w walk-ins, and others with those w appts. I was called in less than 50 mins later! This was my first COVID test, and we’ve all heard stories about that nasal/“brain” swab! This technician was thorough, but gentle. No sudden poke, but gentle twisting in both nostrils, sure to get at different parts of each nostril. I was asked to wait in the room for results, which came back (negative🤗) in less than a half hour. The Dr who came in to follow up about my sinus infection was professional and personable. As I’d had no fever, and was already taking Flonase, he started me on a 6 day course of steroids. 2 1/2 days in, and I already see an improvement!! I have used Pro-Health for years, whenever I was unable to see my primary. I have never once been disappointed. How they can handle the amount of people they are, while keeping patients apart, is nothing short of amazing!

- Verified patient on 1/16

Really frustrated as I went in with what I know was a sinus infection (middle aged woman who gets a sinus infection every fall for the past 25 years)and because I didn’t have symptoms for a full 7 days, wasn’t given antibiotic. I completely understand the over-use of antibiotics. I also don’t like to take meds (I was just prescribed a med by family doc and won’t take it due to side effects). I’m absolutely not someone who abuses meds. I was in extreme pain due to sinus pressure and couldn’t function for 3 days. After two hours of waiting I was told to take Flonase and a sinus rinse. This remedy is an easy google search and something I already knew about! Needless to say, I took an antibiotic (that my husband had left over from a previous infection) that night and by the next morning I was already feeling better. Please trust that patients (especially those of us over 40) know their bodies! I’ve referred your clinic to many, but I would not refer this provider. FYI - I wasn’t upset about the wait time as I know these are unprecedented times so my frustration was not due to wait.

- Verified patient on 10/2

I have severe all yr. Round allergies and sinus issues i see my ENT annually but, this time I wasn't able to be seen and I knew I had a sinus infection. The lady that tended to and the aide listened to me and knew That ai was not feeling well. They were concerned about my BP/sugar levels etc... But, the Nurse practitioner listened and gave me some in 1 antibiotic injection and the other a steroid injection. and 30 minutes later I can breathe & my coughing is better. I can also see straight! She also, ordered an antibiotic for my sinus infection. I'm happy because they listened and did what I know will work and not throw me into a relapse!

- Verified patient on 11/19

The slot time, not appointment time, along with internet paperwork and phone check-in, is a great idea. I waited a little more than an hour in my car in the parking lot, after checking in. I was called back to the room as soon as I was texted to come in. The dr saw me within 10 minutes and then I was out the door. All in all, pleasant experience and the dr gave me the needed RX for a sinus infection.

- Verified patient on 9/4

Positive.professional prefer this urgent care in Kent rather than an ER if I can avoid it. I was here at this facility in January when I came in for a sinus infection/ flu symptoms tested for covid 19. I was called the next day with positive results. Three days later couldn’t breath well so went by ambulance to Uhpmc admitted diagnosis covid spike pneumonia. University Hospital took great care of me. 7 days later , discharged.I survived covid pneumonia! I am so thankful for the staff here at urgent care Kent and Dr Christian Jones who had the knowledge and took time to ask questions and determined I needed that covid test. It prepared me for what to expect. Thank you !

- Verified patient on 3/7

I was feeling sick thinking I had a sinus infection but I quickly took a bad turn when I was waiting in my vehicle to be called so I managed to make my way inside barely and was allowed to sit inside and was quickly taken to the back room. The staff was very friendly and understanding being I could barely walk. The doctor was very nice, he listened to me and even got me water and allowed me to sit as long as I needed in a back room after letting me know I was positive for covid. I was extremely upset and at one point hyperventilating. He even gave me my cell phone and called my stepmom for me. He reassured me and allowed me to rest until I could walk to my vehicle to drive myself.

- Verified patient on 11/26

I overall had a fairly pleasant experience. The doctor was so knowledgeable and kind. The staff at the office was also very kind. However, after not getting better and trying to get in touch with a Doctor; it was nearly impossible. The doctor who I saw at my visit told me to call if I did not get better, but she was not in therefore I attempted to contact the covering doctor. I called 2 times in the span of 8 hours asking if they could call an antibiotic in for my sinus infection. I never received a call back. After not receiving my necessary antibiotics, I went elsewhere are was provided the medication I needed.

- Verified patient on 11/4

I highly recommend this place to go when not feeling well or Covid testing needs to be done. The staff of doctors, nurses and even the receptionist are so kind and polite. The first time I came I had recently lost my daughter and her husband to Covid, so I came to get Covid tested and also because I was feeling terrible with a sinus infection and unexplained dizziness. Their compassion was overwhelming. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and vertigo, the doctor took her time to examine me and also explained how stress could add to the vertigo. Would I recommend this facility, I sure would ! The wait time was less than 15 minutes, I did not feel rushed at all and all attention was on me. So yes yes yes, if you can’t be seen by your primary care doctor, this is the place to go.

- Verified patient on 12/14

I had to go to the Prescott location for a severe sinus infection. I was a walk in and my wait time was 5 hours and I was in my car the whole time. My doctor Madison Smith made the wait time worth the visit. Great bedside manner and very funny. A week later I had to go in again for the same reason to get a stronger medicine. I went to the Prescott Valley location this time and had no wait time whatsoever. Very friendly staff and ironically enough I had Madison as my doctor again. She knew exactly what to do for me and sent me on my way. I would definitely recommend the Prescott Valley location over Prescott. Try to ask for Madison Smith she is an amazing doctor!

- Verified patient on 7/28

Staff is usually always wonderful, BUT this particular visit, we saw Ben, APRN. His bedside manner and demeanor was horrible once he knew my daughter had not yet had the Covid vaccine. The whole visit became about Covid and how she most likely has it. I truly felt she most likely had a sinus infection or a damn head cold - my main concern was if she could travel on a plane the next day. I worry about ear drums. He did not even look in her nose. Briefly looked in her ears and throat. Offered a written antibiotics but stated he didn’t feel it was necessary and again pushed Covid testing. I said can you get me results today so I can leave town tomorrow, and he said no, results take a few days. I am a Renown employee and am well educated on Covid and to be treated with such disregard by a physician was truly disappointing. Not everyone has Covid!!! Yes people who are and are not vaccinated can still get Covid but we can all still get just a damn head cold. I feel like my daughters visit was a waste of time and her care was less than acceptable! Truly disappointed in this physician and he does not represent “we care” very well for Renown. And for the record, I did take her home and give her 2 Covid tests - BOTH WERE NEGATIVE!

- Verified patient on 11/19

They were great! My daughter tried to to go to another place earlier today for a covid test and was told that she was fine had allergies and they would not give her a test. We are traveling (flying) to a wedding in 8 days and really would like a test to be certain all is alright. BSA Care X-press was wonderful. They took great care of her and gave her the test (which was negative) and gave her a z-pack so her illness would not turn to strep or sinus infection. They were so concerned and helpful. I would definitely recommend them. They took us as a walk-in and we only had a 30 min wait.

- Verified patient on 9/30

I’ve been seem at this Urgent Care, several time. However, it was much more cleaner than in the pass. The nurse more professional and kind. For example I came one time fir my throat and sinus. The nurse ask about me to be tested for the virus and I said no she got upset left the room and left my tube that placed on sink after getting tested for Threp-throat and another nurse can in with my paper work and pick it up. Another doctor act like she was scared to talk me. Nevertheless, the nurse was Jacob very polite and knew his job. The doctor I forgot her name she was on point Friday, the 30 of April ***. The best doctor I had since coming here. Very Patient, concerning and The doctor answered ever issue and pain The service was the best yet and I commend you all especially the Doctor. And Jacob not far behind. I truly appreciate your service.

- Verified patient on 4/30

The first staff and doctor could not do enough for me after testing positive to Covid. Actually sent me to the ER for even more help. The hospital called me to say I had pneumonia and go to urgent care just so the can take a listen. Also I had a sinus infection plus Covid had settled in my back I couldn’t hardly walk. So I went back and they refused to see me because my 10 days wasn’t up. Even after I told them how bad I was. They told me to come back on Sunday which was my 10 day. I took a turn for the worst. It was horrible pain I was in, I had a very hard time breathing. Went back on Sunday and the dr couldn’t have been nicer. Nurse told me that was really upsetting that they turned you away. So now I am on an antibiotic and steroid which I wish I would’ve started on Friday I am out of work for another 4 days. Which I was out the whole last week. I was told my quarantine was up on 11/13. Hopefully returning to work on Monday. I just started my job only working 3 days. I know it is no one’s fault I go Covid, but I wish I wasn’t turned away on Friday.

- Verified patient on 11/15

Misdiagnosed. Brought my daughter in with fever, headache, swollen lymph nodes, sore neck& head congestion. Doctor immediately said not sinus congestion & gave her strep test & flu test- both negative and doctor said she thinks it mono & ordered a mono test. I told doctor I THOUGHT it might even be due to a possible tick bite since she went hiking in woods, but as of yet we hadn’t noticed rash yet as of this morning. She had exact same reaction when she was 7 when she had a tick bite. Doctor blew me off & just ordered mono test & said to go next week. Within 1 hr of being home we noticed a live tick attached to her neck. I removed the tick. Washed site with alcohol & drew around the red rash to see if it continues to grow. I plan to call in morning to request the needed antibiotics since we already paid our $55 co-pay. I SHOULDNT have to pay again.

- Verified patient on 5/5

About Sinusitis

Sinus infection treatments are used to treat a sinus infection, which is an inflammation of the sinuses (the cavities within the bones surrounding the nose). If you feel like you have a cold that won't go away, chances are you've got a sinus infection and that requires treatment. You could try home remedies to treat it, but the best way to get rid of a sinus infection is by going to the doctor and getting the appropriate treatment. Treatment for a sinus infection can help clear up symptoms you might be feeling, including headaches, nasal congestion or stiffness, a postnasal drip, pain in the teeth, discolored nasal discharge, fever, tenderness of the face (especially underneath your eyes and near the bridge of your nose), fatigue, and bad breath.

It's important to get treatment for a sinus infection as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms and realize it's not just a common cold. See your healthcare professional to help diagnose it and get the right treatment. You might be prescribed antibiotics or given a nasal saline wash, a nasal spray, antihistamines, nasal decongestants and antihistamines, or a topical nasal corticosteroid. If all else fails, your doctor may recommend surgery as a last resort.

Sinus Infection Treatment FAQs

  • Where can I get sinus infection treatment in Turney?

    In general, sinus infection treatment will be available at Turney urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices and local pharmacies. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you get relief from sinus pain faster.

  • How can I book sinus infection treatment in Turney?

    Regardless of the kind of treatment you are seeking, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Turney-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include your concerns to give your doctor a better idea of how to treat your ailments.

  • Can I make a same-day appointment for sinus infection treatment in Turney?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for vaccines can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Turney-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment slot as soon as today.

  • How do I find the top-rated ENT specialists in Turney?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Turney-area travel ENT specialists to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a provider, see what previous patients think, and book an appointment with a top-rated doctor today!

  • Who should get sinus infection treatment?

    You should seek treatment for a sinus infection if you are experiencing congestion, facial pain, fever, cough, fatigue and/or toothache. Booking an appointment will ensure you receive sinus infection care as soon as possible.

  • Are video visits available with ENT specialists in Turney?

    While a complete sinus infection exam cannot be performed over video, your doctor can evaluate you or your child for most concerns, such as sinus pressure, headache, congestion or other basic concerns using telemedicine. They can discuss a care plan, prescribe treatments and medications, and recommend an in-person visit if deemed necessary, all while you are safe and comfortable at home in Turney.

  • How much does sinus infection treatment cost?

    Without insurance, medical treatment for sinus infections can range from $50 to $200. With health insurance, co-payments for sinus treatment appointments usually range from $10 to $50.

  • Is sinus infection treatment covered by my insurance?

    In general, treatment for sinus infections is covered by insurance. Book a consultation with an ENT today to get coverage estimates in Turney

  • Are video visits with ENT specialists covered by my insurance?

    Telemedicine vaccine consultation coverage will vary depending on your circumstances. Typically, if your insurance will cover a visit in-person, it will cover an appointment via telehealth. Get more details on sinus infection consultation coverage; book a video visit today.

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