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Metroplex Medical Centre, Plano

4090 Mapleshade Ln , Plano, TX 7509320.7 mi

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Care United Medical Center

426 Old Fm 548 , Forney, TX 751261.7 mi

Recent patient review

Overall, I think this place is great. Not perfect, but they've always listened to me and cared about my health.

Gonino John, DO

6720 Horizon Rd , Heath, TX 750322.8 mi

Lake Pointe Urgent Care Center

1005 W Ralph Hall Pkwy , Rockwall, TX 750323.5 mi

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MedPost Urgent Care, Rockwall Ridge Road

2951 Ridge Rd , Rockwall, TX 750323.6 mi

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Recent patient review

My little dog (on leash) was attacked by a large dog (not restrained) and I jumped on top to get them apart. We were in a concrete street / alley and I had "road rash" on both knees and my right hand, and I was concerned about possible contamination for infection and a wound / possible dog bite, on my left hand. I wasn't sure I got bit, but my hand was between my dog and the other dog's mouth so I was concerned I should start antibiotics just in case. The staff was kind and professional. The nurse checking me in was thorough as I asked about different tetanus shot options due to medication allergies. The doctor was excellent in checking out my injuries and my hand with the injury that I wasn't sure about. He identified it as definitely a dog bite because of the "puncture & tear." He checked the tetanus shots for allergens and I received a tetanus shot at the clinic and the doctor called in a prescription for antibiotics because of the dog bite. This was my first time ever going to an urgent care facility, and based on what other people had said about urgent care places, I was really nervous but didn't want to tie up a hospital ER with what are minor injuries. To say I was really impressed is an understatement and if I need urgent care ever again, too fast for a primmer care physician to see me, I won't hesitate to go to MedPost on Ridge Road! I give them 5 stars!

CareNow Urgent Care, Rockwall

600 Horizon Rd , Rockwall, TX 750324.0 mi

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Recent patient review

Do NOT go to CareNow! I went in March because I was sick. Before going I called and asked how much it would be for an apt. and they said $160. I stated I didn't want some big bill coming months later asking for more money and was this it and they said yes. So I went diagnosed with bronchitis. Sure enough, now 5 months later they say I owe $88 more. So for one Dr apt to get an antibiotic, it costs $248. They are LIERS. I will never ever go back to them and word of mouth will travel. Unhappy here in Rockwall.

Care United Medical Center

2344 Greencrest Blvd , Rockwall, TX 750874.6 mi

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Rockwall Urgent Care

810 E Ralph Hall Pkwy , Rockwall, TX 750324.6 mi

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Recent patient review

Absolutely wonderful experience. In and out in less than an hour with a broken ankle 😳 Wonderful, friendly, thorough service and excellent care. The young lady at the front desk, Quiana, is a jewel! She was sooo sweet, caring and compassionate from the moment I called, to my check in and my check out. My nurse, Perla was excellent! She took great care of me, handled my x-rays and got me fitted for my boot. They were both exceptional! Quiana & Perla, THANK YOU both for being outstanding at your job and for making me feel so important! Dr Johnson was also great. He was thorough and explained everything with a great bead side man or. The x-Ray tech was also super sweet and thorough with getting the correct pictures. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you all for your outstanding service! I now consider Rockwall Urgent Care as MY Urgent Care Center for any future emergencies and I live in Mesquite! They are totally and absolutely worth the drive!!! THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful care!

Care United Medical Center

426 FM 548 , Forney, TX 751266.5 mi

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Carlton K Clarke Ii Md

407 W Interstate 30 , Garland, TX 750436.8 mi

CareNow Urgent Care, South Garland

565 W Interstate 30 , Garland, TX 750437.3 mi

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Recent patient review

I had the worse experience ever here at this south garland location. Never in life have I had to wait two hours for a drug screen for pre employment anywhere. I was told that I’m being worked in, in between sick patients. Why isn’t someone doing these screenings for the nurse?????? I will never come to this location again for anything ever......,,

Integra Urgent Care, Rowlett

3701 Lakeview Pkwy , Rowlett, TX 750887.3 mi

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Easy Care

5700 Rowlett Rd , Rowlett, TX 750897.6 mi

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David W Carlson, MD

4402 Broadway Blvd , Garland, TX 750437.6 mi

MedPost Urgent Care of Rowlett

2101 Lakeview Pkwy , Rowlett, TX 750888.0 mi

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