Solv Teams up with the City of Seattle to Offer Free COVID-19 Testing

Solv Teams up with the City of Seattle to Offer Free COVID-19 Testing

Today, Solv is proud to announce that, in partnership with the City of Seattle, University of Washington Medicine, and U.S. Digital Response, multiple COVID-19 testing locations will launch across the city, with the ability to process up to 2,000 tests per day — at no cost to residents. Powered by Solv’s online scheduling platform, we’re providing unprecedented access to testing in the Greater Seattle area, and overhauling the testing process to make it as easy to access testing as it is to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

The United States is currently millions of tests short of where we need to be to effectively reopen the country. There have been few examples of scalable testing and contact tracing at a city, state, or national level that can handle the millions of daily tests needed to get America back up and running. Consumers that need COVID-19 testing are often left frustrated–uncertain of where to get tested, confused about the process, and unclear about the cost..

A lack of access to COVID testing is not a status quo we at Solv are willing to accept. Over the past two weeks, we have raced to stand-up a better solution. Running nearly 12,000 COVID-19 tests every week is no small feat. In order to process this volume, the city of Seattle needed a solution that enabled them to quickly move through a high volume of patients, while collecting all the relevant information to support contact tracing and quick processing. Solv’s queuing system streamlines the process for the Seattle firefighters on the ground running the testing, our book ahead functionality spaces out demand so testing sites do not become inundated with demand. Digital paperless pre-registration collects patient details ahead of the test, making it easier for the healthcare workers on the ground to be extremely efficient.

Democratizing COVID-19 testing is not only necessary to safeguard cities like Seattle from a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks and get businesses reopened and safely back to work, but it’s also important to ensure some of the most vulnerable populations are able to easily and conveniently access tests. Solv is excited to scale this technology to support other state and local governments in their testing efforts. “Widespread testing is critical to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic and is a crucial puzzle piece to successfully reopen our economy,” says Heather Fernandez, Solv’s co-founder and CEO. “Working closely with these incredible partners to expand access and grow capacity is perfectly aligned with our mission of simplifying consumer’s everyday healthcare needs.”

Seattle residents looking to get tested can find the most convenient testing locations and book an appointment in advance here. To ensure there are no barriers to testing, pre-registration is also available by phone through the Solv system is also available at 206-684-2489. The testing will be open to all Seattle residents, from 10am-4pm six days per week, whether or not they’re experiencing symptoms of the virus. Other states and metropolitan areas interested in partnering with Solv to launch COVID-19 testing in their market can reach out directly at

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