Pap smear
in Cupertino, CA

Find and book your annual pap smear exam in Cupertino. Convenient, top-rated local providers offering same-day appointments.

3 pap smear locations in
Cupertino, CA

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Gateway Family and Urgent Care for URGENT CARE

1580 Winchester Blvd , Campbell, CA 950084.9 mi

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Recent patient review

The dr was very knowledgeable she listened and answered my concerns

Samaritan Medical Care Center for URGENT CARE

554 Blossom Hill Rd , San Jose, CA 9512311.7 mi

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Recent patient review

I like my doctor very much.👍🏽

Instant Urgent Care, Stevens Creek

4949 Stevens Creek Blvd , Santa Clara, CA 950512.3 mi

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Recent patient review

I need antibody and Covid virus test results quickly for urgent travel. How long is estimated wait time for results and how transmitted to traveller? Can you please include this in your web info?

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