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Baptist Health Urgent Care (1902 Fayetteville Rd, Van Buren)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (701 W Ruth Ave, Sallisaw)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (701 W Ruth Ave, Sallisaw)Baptist Health Urgent Care (2801 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (4620 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (6801 Phoenix Ave, Fort Smith)Baptist Health Urgent Care (7600 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith)Baptist Health Urgent Care (1910 S Zero St, Fort Smith)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (2501 Market Trce, Fort Smith)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (2000 Market, Fort Smith)Sallisaw Urgent Care (1109 E Cherokee Ave, Sallisaw)Wildhorse Family Practice & Urgent Care (1024 W Cherokee Ave, Sallisaw)Mountainburg Family Clinic (4 Hwy 71 NE, Mountainburg)ProMed Cooper Clinic (2521 Alma Hwy, Van Buren)Access Medical Clinic (871 E Heritage Pkwy, Prairie Grove)Medical Walk-in Clinic (1623 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith)Childers Medical Group (1203 E Ross St, Tahlequah)MedExpress Urgent Care (4600 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith)ProMed Cooper Clinic Phoenix (4600 Towson Ave, Fort Smith)Mercy Convenient Care - River Valley (3505 S 79th St, Fort Smith)Community Clinic - Siloam Springs (500 S Mt Olive St, Siloam Springs)Northwest Health Urgent Care (3721 US-412, Siloam Springs)MANA Urgent Care (1188 N Salem Rd, Fayetteville)Community Clinic - Fayetteville - MMMJJJ (162 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Fayetteville)Karas Urgent Care (767 W North St, Fayetteville)Generations Wellness & Urgent (380 N College Ave, Fayetteville)MANA Urgent Care (1673 N College Ave, Fayetteville)

Other Services in Bell, OK

Celiac (Gluten) Disease Test Panel in Bell, OKDNA Test in Bell, OKPap Smear in Bell, OKDrug Test in Bell, OKFlu Shot in Bell, OKHepatitis Vaccine in Bell, OKBlood Test in Bell, OKHepatitis test in Bell, OKFood Allergy Testing in Bell, OKSyphilis test in Bell, OKSinus Infection Treatment in Bell, OKGlucose Test in Bell, OKPregnancy Test in Bell, OKAnnual Wellness Exam in Bell, OKUrinalysis in Bell, OKH Pylori Test in Bell, OKChlamydia Test in Bell, OKHerpes Test in Bell, OKTB Test in Bell, OKStrep Test in Bell, OKGonorrhea test in Bell, OKMeasles Vaccine (MMR) in Bell, OKVenom Testing in Bell, OKFerritin Test in Bell, OKPre-Pregnancy Panel Test in Bell, OKIron Test in Bell, OKCMP Test in Bell, OKUrinalysis (UA) Test in Bell, OKLead Test in Bell, OKFolate Test in Bell, OKMonkeypox Test in Bell, OKProstate Screening (PSA) Test in Bell, OKTestosterone Test in Bell, OKProthrombin Time Test in Bell, OKInflammation Marker Test in Bell, OKDiagnostic Test in Bell, OKHIV Test in Bell, OKBasic Metabolic Panel in Bell, OKDOT Exam in Bell, OKEye Exam in Bell, OKChickenpox Vaccine in Bell, OKYellow Fever Vaccine in Bell, OKVitamin D Test in Bell, OKFlu Test in Bell, OKCholesterol Test in Bell, OKCOVID-19 Pill in Bell, OKTyphoid Vaccine in Bell, OKAllergy Testing in Bell, OKShingles Vaccine in Bell, OKTrichomonas Test in Bell, OKDiabetes Test in Bell, OKSports Physicals in Bell, OKRSV Test in Bell, OKThyroid Test in Bell, OKPhysical Exam in Bell, OKPulmonary Function Test in Bell, OKMono Test in Bell, OKEar Wax Removal in Bell, OKA1C Test in Bell, OKTetanus Shot in Bell, OKCOVID-19 Antibody Test in Bell, OKAlcohol Test in Bell, OKHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) Test in Bell, OKGout Test in Bell, OKVitamin B12 Test in Bell, OKBlood Type Test in Bell, OKCholesterol (Lipid) Panel Test in Bell, OKComplete Blood Count (CBC) Test in Bell, OKUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test in Bell, OKComprehensive Health Profile Test in Bell, OKMeasles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Test in Bell, OKDiabetes Risk Assessment Test in Bell, OKLipoprotein (a) Test in Bell, OKSickle Cell Anemia Test in Bell, OK

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