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Altru Clinic Devils Lake (1001 7th Street Northeast, Devils Lake)Sanford Health (107 2nd Ave SE, LaMoure)Essentia Health Walk-in Care (4110 51st Ave S, Fargo)Fairlight Medical Center (3 4th St E, Williston)Encompass Family & Internal Medicine Group (320 5th St N, Fargo)CHI St. Alexius Health Urgent Care on 43rd (4315 Ottawa St, Bismarck)Sanford Childrens Urgent Care Clinic (2701 13th Ave S, Fargo)Sanford Downtown Walk-In Clinic (715 E Broadway Ave, Bismarck)Aurora Urgent Care (2650 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks)Sanford Health (520 Chautauqua Blvd, Valley City)Lakeview Health Clinic (2050 36th Ave SW, Minot)Mott Urgent Care Clinic (206 E 2nd St, Mott)Sanford Health (600 1st St SE, Mayville)CCMH & Clinics (909 2nd St, Langdon)CHI St. Alexius Health Carrington (800 4th St N, Carrington)Allyse Urgent Care (312 Main St, Williston)South Central Health (1007 4th Ave S, Wishek)Scranton Clinic (211 Main St, Scranton)St Aloisius Medical Center (325 Brewster St E, Harvey)Presentation Medical Center (213 2nd Ave NE, Rolla)Trinity Community Clinic- Kenmare (307 1st Ave NW, Kenmare)Conveniant Care Clinic On Sheyenne (3306 Sheyenne St, West Fargo)Mid Dakota TODAY Clinic (401 N 9th St, Bismarck)Sanford North Walk-in Clinic (3318 N 14th St, Bismarck)Sanford Health (801 21st Ave SE, Minot)Eastway Urgent Care (1217 S Washington St, Grand Forks)Commune Urgent Care (290 15th St W, Dickinson)CHI St Alexius Health Carrington Medical Clinic & Urgent Care (820 5th St N, Carrington)Sanford Broadway Urgent Care (720 4th St N, Fargo)Arafton Urgent Care (309 Hill Ave, Grafton)Medallus Urgent Care (721a 1st Ave S, Jamestown)Essentia Health Walk-in Care (4622 40th Ave S, Fargo)Essentia Health Walk-in Care (3902 13th Ave S, Fargo)Mid Dakota TODAY Clinic (2700 State St, Bismarck)Urgentmed (2301 25th St S, Fargo)7-Day Clinic (1517 32nd Ave S, Fargo)Alevation Urgent Care (1009 29th Ave SE, Minot)Essentia Health Walk-in Care (1401 13th Ave E, West Fargo)Tioga Medical Center (810 Welo St N, Tioga)P H S Indian Hosp at Belcourt-Quentin N Burdick (1300 Hospital Lp, Belcourt)New England Clinic (820 2nd Ave W, New England)West River Regional Medical Center-Cah (1000 US-12, Hettinger)Trinity Community Clinic (1321 W Dakota Pkwy, Williston)Cooperstown Medical Center (1200 Roberts Ave NE, Cooperstown)AllCommunity Urgent Care (422 4th St SE, Devils Lake)

Other Services in North Dakota

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