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NextCare Urgent Care (4140 Laramie St, Cheyenne)NextCare Urgent Care (2030 Blue Grass Cir, Cheyenne)Urgent Care of Casper (2546 E 2nd St, Casper)Big Horn Urgent Care (813 Highland Ave, Sheridan)Babson & Associates Primary Care, P.C. (1331 Prairie Ave, Cheyenne)Banner Urgent Care (625 Albany Ave, Torrington)Big Horn Pediatric and Family Medicine (106 W Angus St, Buffalo)St. John's Health Clinic (3345 Cody Ln, Jackson)Grand Teton Medical Clinic (100 Jackson Lake Lodge Rd, Moran)Urgent Care East (6600 E 2nd St, Casper)Star Valley Health (37 Wintergreen Dr, Alpine)Grand Avenue Urgent Care (3236 Grand Ave, Laramie)Mountain View Clinic (531 Parkway Drive, Mountain View)Cheyenne Regional Urgent Care (433 E 19th St, Cheyenne)Uinta Urgent Care (75 Yellow Creek Rd, Evanston)A Street Outpatient & Urgent Care (1450 E A St, Casper)Rawlins Urgent Care (606 23rd St, Rawlins)Cody Regional Health (424 Yellowstone Ave, Cody)Sheridan Memorial Hospital Urgent Care (1401 W 5th St, Sheridan)BestMed Urgent Care (2025 E 2nd St, Casper)Buffalo Urgent Care & Family Wellness (496 Fort St, Buffalo)HealthReach Urgent Care (2030 Blue Grass Cir, Cheyenne)St. John's Health (625 E Broadway Ave, Jackson)Sterling Urgent Care (2761 Commercial Way, Rock Springs)Big Horn Urgent Care (1453 Dewar Dr, Rock Springs)BestMed Urgent Care (3810 Grand Ave, Laramie)Evanston Pain Management (196 Arrowhead Dr, Evanston)Laramie Urgent Care (1252 N 22nd St, Laramie)Sterling Urgent Care (1952 Harrison Dr, Evanston)West Park Hospital Urgent Care Clinic (707 Sheridan Ave, Cody)Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (214 E 23rd St, Cheyenne)Premier Bone & Joint Center Urgent Care (1909 Vista Dr, Laramie)Urgent Care Clinic of Sheridan (1842 Sugarland Dr, Sheridan)Emerg - A - Care (982 W Broadway, Jackson)ExpressCare Clinic in Powell (777 Ave H, Powell)Grand Ave Urgent Care (3236 Grand Ave, Laramie)Immediate Care (3632 American Way, Casper)Alicarey Urgent Care (101 N Bent St, Powell)Bridger Valley Urgent Care (39901 Bus Loop I-80, Lyman)Convenient Care Clinic (3116 E Willett Dr, Laramie)St. John's Health Urgent Care (1415 US-89, Jackson)Urgent Care (700 Center St, Douglas)Cowboy Clinic and Urgent Care (108 E 20th Ave, Torrington)Sugarland Walk-In Clinic (1005 Sugarland Dr, Sheridan)MHCC Family Practice Clinic-Rawlins (300 3rd St, Rawlins)Express Urgent Care (7124 Commons Dr, Cheyenne)Marbleton/Big Piney Medical Clinic (103 3rd St, Big Piney)Sterling Urgent Care (47 Doc Perkes Ln, Afton)Urgent Care Of Casper (2546 E 2nd St, Casper)NextCare Urgent Care (4140 Laramie St, Cheyenne)BestMed Urgent Care (1919 Central Ave, Cheyenne)Gillette Urgent Care (PO Box 565, Gillette)Insta Care (900 CY Ave, Casper)

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