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Black Hills Urgent Care (741 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City)Black Hills Urgent Care (1730 Haines Ave, Rapid City)Regional Urgent Care Center (408 Knollwood Dr, Rapid City)Urgent Care Health Concepts (5410 Sheridan Lake Rd, Rapid City)AveraNow - Mitchell (1900 Cabela Dr, Mitchell)Avera McGreevy Clinic (3400 S Southeastern Ave, Sioux Falls)Avera Medical Group (1035 S Highline Pl, Sioux Falls)Monument Health Rapid City Urgent Care, Lacrosse Street (1303 N Lacrosse St, Rapid City)Avera Fox Run Health Campus (2601 Fox Run Pkwy, Yankton)Avera Urent Care (200 E Havens Ave, Mitchell)Sanford Clinic Acute Care (4405 E 26th St, Sioux Falls)Sanford Clinic Acute Care (2701 S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls)Creekside Medical Clinic (2822 Jackson Blvd, Rapid City)Madison Regional Health System (323 10th St SW, Madison)Winner Regional Healthcare Center (745 E 8th St, Winner)Adpace Urgent Care (2220 6th Ave SE, Aberdeen)Oyate Health Center Urgent Care (3200 Canyon Lake Dr, Rapid City)Sanford 4th and Sycamore Family Medicine (600 N Sycamore Ave, Sioux Falls)Huron Regional Medical Center (172 4th St SE, Huron)Sanford 69th & Louise Family Medicine (6101 S Louise Ave, Sioux Falls)Marshall County Healthcare Center- Clinic (413 9th St, Britton)Eureka Community Health Services (410 9th St, Eureka)Black Hills Urgent Care (741 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City)Sanford Health Mitchell (2100 Highland Way, Mitchell)Sanford Health Hartford Clinic (905 N Oaks Ave, Hartford)Monument Health Rapid City Urgent Care, Jackson Boulevard (2116 Jackson Blvd, Rapid City)Black Hills Urgent Care (1730 Haines Ave, Rapid City)QuickHealth Urgent Care East (2709 E 26th St, Sioux Falls)Alfacare Urgent Care (1689 6th St, Brookings)Brookings Health System (300 22nd Ave, Brookings)Sioux Falls (7600 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls)Monument Health Spearfish Urgent Care (1420 N 10th St, Spearfish)Sanford Clinic Acute Care (6110 S Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls)Quick Care (1056 29th St SE, Watertown)Altracare Urgent Care (221 S Central Ave, Pierre)Alcomer Urgent Care (25 Market St SW, Huron)Quick Care Midtown (8 2nd St NE, Watertown)Quick Care Brookings (722 22nd Ave S, Brookings)Alberlain Urgent Care (110 W Mott Ave, Chamberlain)Quick Care Huron (2355 Dakota Ave S, Huron)Sanford Heath Acute Care & Orthopedic Fast Track Clinic (4000 N Hercules Ave, Sioux Falls)Sanford Heath Acute Care & Orthopedic Fast Track Clinic (2601 S Ellis Rd, Sioux Falls)Sanford Health Clinic (136 S Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls)Urgent Care (1910 W 69th St, Sioux Falls)Sanford Heath Acute Care & Orthopedic Fast Track Clinic (1105 E Holly Blvd, Brandon)Avera Family Health Center Urgent Care (1600 S Highline Ave, Sioux Falls)Sanford Health Clinic (3015 3rd Ave SE, Aberdeen)Monument Health Orthoexpress Walk-In Clinic (1635 Caregiver Cir, Rapid City)Sanford Health Clark Clinic (211 N Commercial St, Clark)Black Hills Urgent Care (1730 Haines Ave, Rapid City)Avera Urgent Care (105 S State St, Aberdeen)Black Hills Urgent Care (741 Mountain View Rd, Rapid City)Sanford Clinic Acute Care (7220 W 41st St, Sioux Falls)

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