What is an Occupational Medicine Clinic?

What is an Occupational Medicine Clinic?

Occupational health clinics offer comprehensive medical care for those with work-related injuries, illnesses, and more. 

When you get sick or injured on the job, there are a lot of steps you'll need to take. One of these is seeking medical care. The care that you receive can come from a number of medical facilities, however many employers require that you work with an occupational medical clinic (or, occ med clinic).

Why Use an Occupational Medicine Facility?

Getting injured on the job is a serious issue. You need to ensure that you get proper care, and that the care you receive is in compliance with your employer's requests. Work injuries or sickness also need to have proper documentation. Occupational medicine clinics specialize in working with those who are filing worker's compensation claims or who have work-related medical needs.

What Services do Occupational Medicine Clinics Offer?

There are a number of services that you can receive at these clinics. Some of the services that are generally available at occupational medicine clinics include:

  • Drug and alcohol screening for new or continued employment
  • Post-accident screening and testing
  • EKG's
  • X-ray's
  • Lab work, including blood testing
  • Injury care, including crush injuries, head injuries, cuts, burns, and more
  • Health screening for employees

When to Seek Occupational Medicine Treatment

If you are filing a worker's compensation claim, you'll need to be properly checked and treated by a doctor. This can be done at an occupational medicine clinic. In addition, these clinics can be used for a number of other reasons. Employers that require drug screening before or during employment will frequently work with occupational medicine facilities. In addition, health screening for insurance or employment purposes are also conducted at these facilities. Any time you need to see a doctor due to work-related issues, seek out an occupational medicine clinic.

Who Works at Occupational Medicine Facilities?

Board-certified doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants all work at these facilities. Because of this, you will likely work with a number of these. In addition, occupational medicine facilities usually have labs on site, which means that they also employ lab technicians. If you need lab work, you will work with these techs.

Where to Find Occupational Medicine Treatment

If you are in need of occupational medicine, there are a number of ways to find proper treatment. Some facilities are located within larger hospitals or clinics. There are also many stand-alone clinics that only work with those seeking occupational medicine treatment. Some large companies even have clinics or doctors who specialize in occupational medicine within the office. Because of the number of on-the-job injuries that happen through the country, there are many occupational medicine clinics in most cities.

Getting proper treatment is crucial, especially when it comes to your livelihood. If you have become sick or injured while you're on the job, or if you need to get pre-job screening, make sure to work with a clinic that specializes in occupational medicine. This will help ensure that you get the treatment you need, no matter what the problem.

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