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Indiana Immediate Care (860 E 86th St, Indianapolis)Indiana Immediate Care (10950 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis)Indiana Immediate Care (992 N Mitthoefer Rd, Indianapolis)Indiana Immediate Care (650 N Girls School Rd, Indianapolis)Indiana Immediate Care (675 E Hickory Ln, Indianapolis)Franciscan Immediate Care (14641 Thatcher Ln, Carmel)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (11911 N Meridian St, Carmel)Ascension Medical Group (13250 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel)IU Health Urgent Care (14645 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Noblesville)Hazel Dell Immediate Care (14535 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel)Franciscan ExpressCare (10768 Illinois St, Carmel)Riverview Health Westfield Hospital Urgent Care (17600 Shamrock Blvd, Westfield)Nora Urgent Care (Immediate Care) (860 E 86th St, Indianapolis)Fishers Urgent Care (11680 Commercial Dr, Fishers)Concentra Urgent Care (8257 Center Run Dr, Indianapolis)Riverview Health Emergency Room & Urgent Care (9690 E 116th St, Fishers)Ascension St. Vincent Immediate Care (9795 E 116th St, Fishers)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (8177 Clearvista Pkwy, Indianapolis)Prime Med Urgent Center (8962 E 96th St, Fishers)Ascension Medical Group (10801 N Michigan Rd, Zionsville)Concentra Urgent Care (11580 Overlook Dr, Fishers)Riverview Health Emergency Room & Urgent Care (10830 N Michigan Rd, Zionsville)Noblesville Urgent Care (509 Sheridan Rd, Noblesville)UrgentCare Indy (7911 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care (1036 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis)Riverview Health Physicians Primary Care (205 Noble Creek Dr, Noblesville)Immediate Care Center (6620 E 65th St, Indianapolis)International Family Medicine & Urgent Care (Gate, Indianapolis)Concentra Urgent Care (7301 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis)Concentra Urgent Care (5604 W 74th St, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care - Lawrence/Fort Ben (9165 Otis Ave, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care - Zionsville (6866 W Stonegate Dr, Zionsville)Hancock Family Medicine (8535 N Clearview Dr, McCordsville)Advanced Wound Center at Community Westview Hospital (3520 Guion Rd, Indianapolis)Jovic Primary Care and Walk-in Clinic (1935 N Capitol Ave, Indianapolis)Concentra Urgent Care (1311 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (1703 N Post Rd, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care (222 W Michigan St, Indianapolis)Concentra Urgent Care (1101 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (1011 N Main St, Speedway)Chapel Hill Immediate Care Center (992 N Mitthoefer Rd, Indianapolis)Gateway Immediate Care (6189 W John L Modglin Dr, Greenfield)Best Health Medical Center (9385 E Washington St, Indianapolis)Hendricks Regional Health Immediate Care Center (5492 Ronald Reagan Pkwy, Brownsburg)MedExpress Urgent Care (10863 E Washington St, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care (90 E Garner Rd, Brownsburg)Concentra Urgent Care (5603 W Raymond St, Indianapolis)IU Health Urgent Care (10853 E US Hwy 36, Avon)Avon Urgent Care (10706 E US Hwy 36, Avon)WellNow Urgent Care (4903 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis)Beech Grove Urgent Care (4902 Thompson Rd, Indianapolis)Franciscan ExpressCare Thompson Commons (5210 Thompson Rd, Indianapolis)Hendricks Regional Health Immediate Care Center (8244 E US Hwy 36, Avon)Witham Health Services (400 N Mt Zion Rd, Lebanon)Hancock Immediate Care (124 W Muskegon Dr, Greenfield)Hancock Physician Network (156 W Muskegon Dr, Greenfield)MedExpress Urgent Care (7225 US-31, Indianapolis)Greenfield First Care (10 W Boyd Ave, Greenfield)Prime Time Urgent Care (801 N State St, Greenfield)IU Health Urgent Care - Plainfield (2455 E Main St, Plainfield)SMC Urgent Care (7411 Heathrow Way, Indianapolis)Concentra Urgent Care (5940 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis)Hendricks Regional Health Immediate Care Center (1100 Southfield Dr, Plainfield)Concentra Urgent Care (853 N Emerson Ave, Greenwood)Franciscan ExpressCare Greenwood (1001 N Madison Ave, Greenwood)Hendricks Regional Health Immediate Care Center (1000 E Main St, Danville)Medical One Urgent Care Centers (4925 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson)Med One Urgent Care Center (4778 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson)WellNow Urgent Care (3800 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson)MedCheck Anderson (3125 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (489 S State Rd 135, Greenwood)IU Health Urgent Care (996 S State Rd 135, Greenwood)MedCheck Urgent Care Center (1030 S Scatterfield Rd, Anderson)Franciscan ExpressCare (1703 W Stones Crossing Rd, Greenwood)Promptmed Urgent Care (1000 Hadley Rd, Mooresville)Mooresville After Hours Clinic (1205 Hadley Rd, Mooresville)Hancock Immediate Care - Morristown (129 E Main St, Morristown)Med One Urgent Care Center (5111 Clinton Ave, Kokomo)JMH Immediate Care (2085 Acorn Blvd, Franklin)WellNow Urgent Care (1010 S Reed Rd, Kokomo)MHP Priority Care (30 W Rampart Rd, Shelbyville)

Other Services in Carmel, IN

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test in Carmel, INBasic Metabolic Panel in Carmel, INLead Test in Carmel, INPap Smear in Carmel, INIron Test in Carmel, INTB Test in Carmel, INMono Test in Carmel, INVitamin D Test in Carmel, INHIV Test in Carmel, INHerpes Test in Carmel, INFerritin Test in Carmel, INCOVID-19 Antibody Test in Carmel, INShingles Vaccine in Carmel, INGlucose Test in Carmel, INHepatitis Vaccine in Carmel, INHepatitis test in Carmel, INAnnual Wellness Exam in Carmel, INGonorrhea test in Carmel, INSyphilis test in Carmel, INSinus Infection Treatment in Carmel, INTyphoid Vaccine in Carmel, INFolate Test in Carmel, INEye Exam in Carmel, INCholesterol (Lipid) Panel Test in Carmel, INTIBC Test in Carmel, INLyme Disease Test in Carmel, INInflammation Marker Test in Carmel, INSickle Cell Anemia Test in Carmel, INAlcohol Test in Carmel, INUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test in Carmel, INUrinalysis (UA) Test in Carmel, INMeasles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Test in Carmel, INRetail Clinic in Carmel, INTestosterone Test in Carmel, INHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) Test in Carmel, INFlu Shot in Carmel, INDOT Exam in Carmel, INProthrombin Time Test in Carmel, INChlamydia Test in Carmel, INMonkeypox Test in Carmel, INA1C Test in Carmel, INCholesterol Test in Carmel, INProstate Screening (PSA) Test in Carmel, INTetanus Shot in Carmel, INPre-Pregnancy Panel Test in Carmel, INBlood Type Test in Carmel, INPregnancy Test in Carmel, INSports Physicals in Carmel, INDiagnostic Test in Carmel, INCOVID-19 Pill in Carmel, INCMP Test in Carmel, INThyroid Test in Carmel, INRSV Test in Carmel, INH Pylori Test in Carmel, INTrichomonas Test in Carmel, INDNA Test in Carmel, INDiabetes Test in Carmel, INStrep Test in Carmel, INPulmonary Function Test in Carmel, INUrinalysis in Carmel, INDrug Test in Carmel, INFood Allergy Testing in Carmel, INFlu Test in Carmel, INPhysical Exam in Carmel, INEar Wax Removal in Carmel, INAllergy Testing in Carmel, INBlood Test in Carmel, INYellow Fever Vaccine in Carmel, INMeasles Vaccine (MMR) in Carmel, INChickenpox Vaccine in Carmel, INGout Test in Carmel, INComprehensive Health Profile Test in Carmel, INVenom Testing in Carmel, INRespiratory Allergy Panel Test in Carmel, INBasic Health Profile Test in Carmel, INDiabetes Risk Assessment Test in Carmel, INCeliac (Gluten) Disease Test Panel in Carmel, INVitamin B12 Test in Carmel, IN

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