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Armstrong Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic (2139 Shaw Ave, Clovis)First Health Medical Center of Fresno (7161 N Howard St, Fresno)Orosi Urgent Care Center Medical (41696 Rd 128, Orosi)Kingsburg Urgent Care (1200 Smith St, Kingsburg)Kaweah Health Urgent Care (3600 W Flagstaff Ave, Visalia)Premium Urgent Care (3000 Floral Ave, Selma)Classic Urgent Care (622 Academy Ave, Sanger)Visalia Walk-In Medical Clinic (5400 W Hillsdale Ave, Visalia)Kaweah Delta Family Medicine Center (202 W Willow Ave, Visalia)Living Water Clinic (1410 S Mooney Blvd, Visalia)Kaweah Delta Urgent Care (1633 S Court St, Visalia)Premier Walk-in Medical (4025 W Caldwell Ave, Visalia)Visalia Walk-in Medical Clinic (2431 W Caldwell Ave, Visalia)Immediate Care Center (215 E Caldwell Ave, Visalia)Adventist Health Physicians Network (2563 N 11th Ave, Hanford)Urgent Care of Hanford (1028 N Douty St, Hanford)Central Valley Community Care (869 W Lacey Blvd, Hanford)Tulare Urgent Care (1581 Hillman St, Tulare)Walk-in & Family Health Group (981 E Prosperity Ave, Tulare)Premium Urgent Care (505 N Clovis Ave, Fresno)Tulare Urgent Care (810 N Cherry St, Tulare)24/7 Urgent Care Clinics (5261 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno)24 7 Urgent Care (5247 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno)Action Urgent Care (3100 Fowler Ave, Clovis)Concentra Urgent Care (2555 S East Ave, Fresno)Clovis Urgent Care (1555 Shaw Ave, Clovis)Premium Urgent Care (1420 Shaw Ave, Clovis)Saint Agnes Urgent Care (2497 Herndon Ave, Clovis)Sante Community Physicians (2151 Herndon Ave, Clovis)Premium Urgent Care (2021 Herndon Ave, Clovis)Premium Urgent Care (565 W Shaw Ave, Clovis)Concentra Urgent Care (2610 Tuolumne St, Fresno)Accelerated Urgent Care (761 W Shaw Ave, Clovis)Sierra Industrial Medical Clinic (3636 N First St, Fresno)Willow Urgent Care (6721 N Willow Ave, Fresno)J F Urgent Care Med Clinic (5088 N Fresno St, Fresno)Valley Natural Health (7255 N Cedar Ave, Fresno)Staywell - Urgent Care and Family Medicine (7413 N Cedar Ave, Fresno)Saint Agnes Urgent Care (1245 E Herndon Ave, Fresno)Central California Family Medicine & Urgent Care (7565 N Cedar Ave, Fresno)CMP Urgent Care (560 E Herndon Ave, Fresno)24/7 Urgent Care Clinics (6769 N Fresno St, Fresno)Concentra Urgent Care (7265 N First St, Fresno)Accelerated Urgent Care (6789 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno)Premium Urgent Care (7471 N Fresno St, Fresno)Prestige Primary & Urgent Care (1050 E Perrin Ave, Fresno)Apna Urgent Care (4105 W Swift Ave, Fresno)Around The Clock MD (7035 N West Ave, Fresno)AFC Urgent Care (3656 W Shaw Ave, Fresno)Everyday Health Care (4177 W Shaw Ave, Fresno)Premium Urgent Care (6643 N Milburn Ave, Fresno)Saint Agnes Urgent Care (4770 W Herndon Ave, Fresno)

Other Services in Dinuba, CA

Allergy Testing in Dinuba, CAFolate Test in Dinuba, CACOVID-19 Antibody Test in Dinuba, CAHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) Test in Dinuba, CADrug Test in Dinuba, CAPregnancy Test in Dinuba, CAHepatitis Vaccine in Dinuba, CADiabetes Test in Dinuba, CAHepatitis test in Dinuba, CABlood Test in Dinuba, CAGonorrhea test in Dinuba, CAA1C Test in Dinuba, CAFood Allergy Testing in Dinuba, CAGlucose Test in Dinuba, CAUrinalysis (UA) Test in Dinuba, CABasic Metabolic Panel in Dinuba, CADiagnostic Test in Dinuba, CACOVID-19 Pill in Dinuba, CASports Physicals in Dinuba, CAFlu Test in Dinuba, CAIron Test in Dinuba, CAHIV Test in Dinuba, CAComprehensive Health Profile Test in Dinuba, CATB Test in Dinuba, CAPre-Pregnancy Panel Test in Dinuba, CAFlu Shot in Dinuba, CAChlamydia Test in Dinuba, CAVenom Testing in Dinuba, CAShingles Vaccine in Dinuba, CATrichomonas Test in Dinuba, CAPulmonary Function Test in Dinuba, CACholesterol Test in Dinuba, CADNA Test in Dinuba, CATyphoid Vaccine in Dinuba, CAMono Test in Dinuba, CAPhysical Exam in Dinuba, CAThyroid Test in Dinuba, CAUrinalysis in Dinuba, CACMP Test in Dinuba, CAH Pylori Test in Dinuba, CAVitamin D Test in Dinuba, CASyphilis test in Dinuba, CAHerpes Test in Dinuba, CADiabetes Risk Assessment Test in Dinuba, CARSV Test in Dinuba, CADOT Exam in Dinuba, CAAlcohol Test in Dinuba, CARespiratory Allergy Panel Test in Dinuba, CASinus Infection Treatment in Dinuba, CAStrep Test in Dinuba, CAEar Wax Removal in Dinuba, CATetanus Shot in Dinuba, CAMeasles Vaccine (MMR) in Dinuba, CAChickenpox Vaccine in Dinuba, CAYellow Fever Vaccine in Dinuba, CAAnnual Wellness Exam in Dinuba, CAInflammation Marker Test in Dinuba, CABasic Health Profile Test in Dinuba, CATestosterone Test in Dinuba, CAMeasles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Test in Dinuba, CALead Test in Dinuba, CAGout Test in Dinuba, CAVitamin B12 Test in Dinuba, CAFerritin Test in Dinuba, CALipoprotein (a) Test in Dinuba, CACeliac (Gluten) Disease Test Panel in Dinuba, CAComplete Blood Count (CBC) Test in Dinuba, CAChickenpox Test in Dinuba, CABlood Type Test in Dinuba, CAProstate Screening (PSA) Test in Dinuba, CAProthrombin Time Test in Dinuba, CAUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test in Dinuba, CACholesterol (Lipid) Panel Test in Dinuba, CATIBC Test in Dinuba, CA

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