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Cyst Removal

Reasons to Have a Cyst Removed, What to Expect, Risks & More

Key Points

  • Sebaceous cysts are small, ball-like bumps under the skin caused by trapped skin cells, often due to blocked sebaceous glands or swollen hair follicles.
  • These cysts can occur anywhere on the body except the palms and soles, and if left untreated, they can grow or rupture, causing severe pain.
  • Popping these cysts is discouraged as the skin continues to produce cells and refill the pocket; instead, the entire pocket must be removed to prevent recurrence.
  • The cyst removal procedure is typically quick and painless, involving numbing the area, removing the sac, and stitching the area, which heals from the inside out, leaving a small, smooth scar.
  • Urgent care clinics are a convenient location for cyst removal, and using Solv, individuals can find local clinics and make same-day appointments.

If you’ve ever noticed a small bump under your skin that feels like a ball, you’ve most likely had a sebaceous cyst. While there are several types of cysts, sebaceous cysts are the most common, and they form when the skin turns in on itself. As the skin cells grow, they form a ball, and the pocket under the skin tries to get rid of these skin cells but they remain trapped inside, causing the cyst to grow. This can happen for a number of reasons, including blocked sebaceous glands and swollen hair follicles. Some of the most common places for these cysts to develop are the scalp, ears, back, face, and upper arm, although they can occur anywhere on the body except for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

If left untreated, a cyst can either perpetually grow or rupture and cause extreme pain. So, what should you do if you have a cyst? You may have seen YouTube videos of people popping their cysts, but if that’s the kind of treatment that comes to mind – don’t do it! The skin will continue to produce cells and refill the pocket as long as the pocket is there, meaning in order to make sure the cyst does not come back, the pocket must be removed.

If you’ve never had a cyst removed before, don’t worry – the procedure is typically fast and painless. The steps of cyst removal typically involve:

  • Numbing – The doctor will use a lidocaine injection to numb the area.
  • Removal – The sac containing the fatty tissue and fluid are removed using a sharp instrument.
  • Stiches – You’ll receive stitches on the inside and outside of the skin that will last for about two months.

After the procedure, the skin will heal from the inside out, and you will typically only be left with a small, smooth scar.

One of the most convenient places for you to get a cyst removed is an urgent care clinic. Using Solv, you can get a list of urgent care clinic that are located close to you and make an appointment to be seen the same day.

Use Solv to help schedule an appointment for cyst removal at your local urgent care center today.

Frequently asked questions

  • What causes sebaceous cysts?

    Sebaceous cysts are caused by trapped skin cells, often due to blocked sebaceous glands or swollen hair follicles.
  • Can sebaceous cysts occur anywhere on the body?

    Yes, sebaceous cysts can occur anywhere on the body except the palms and soles.
  • What happens if sebaceous cysts are left untreated?

    If left untreated, sebaceous cysts can grow or rupture, causing severe pain.
  • Is it advisable to pop these cysts?

    No, it's not advisable to pop these cysts as the skin continues to produce cells and refill the pocket.
  • How can sebaceous cysts be treated?

    Sebaceous cysts can be treated through a removal procedure, which involves numbing the area, removing the sac containing the fatty tissue and fluid, and stitching the area.
  • Does the cyst removal procedure leave a scar?

    Yes, the cyst removal procedure leaves a small, smooth scar as the skin heals from the inside out.
  • Where can I get a sebaceous cyst removed?

    You can get a sebaceous cyst removed at an urgent care clinic.
  • How can I find a local urgent care clinic for cyst removal?

    You can use Solv to find local urgent care clinics and make same-day appointments for cyst removal.

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