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Daycare Physical

Reasons to Get One, What to Expect, Associated Risks & More

Key Points

  • The article emphasizes the importance of a physical exam for children newly enrolled in daycare.
  • The physical exam requirements can vary across daycare facilities, ranging from a simple physician's note to a detailed vaccination record.
  • The main purpose of these exams is to maintain the health and safety of all children in daycare, considering their close interaction.
  • During the physical exam, doctors will assess the child's height, weight, reflexes, muscle strength, and ensure the child's vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • The exam may also include additional checks depending on the specific requirements of the daycare facility.

If you just enrolled your child in daycare, you might be surprised to learn that your daycare might require your child to have a physical exam before they are allowed to attend. If this is the case, be sure to check with your daycare facility to see exactly what is required. Each daycare is different;  While some facilities may only need a physician’s note saying the child has passed their health exam, others may need to see an up-to-date record of your child’s vaccinations or may even have their own form for the physician to fill out.

So, what exactly is the point of a daycare physical? Basically, kids come into close contact with one another at daycare, so it’s important to make sure each child is healthy – both for their own safety and for the safety of the other children. During the physical, the doctor will likely do the following:

  • Document your child’s height and weight
  • Check your child’s reflexes, strength, and muscle tone
  • Check that your child is up-to-date on their vaccinations and administer any that they need
  • Complete any other requirements listed on the form you brought from your daycare

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is a physical exam necessary for children enrolling in daycare?

    A physical exam is crucial to ensure the health and safety of all children in the daycare, as they are in close contact with each other.
  • What does a physical exam for a child enrolling in daycare typically include?

    The exam usually includes a check of the child's height, weight, reflexes, and muscle tone. The doctor will also ensure the child's vaccinations are up-to-date.
  • Do all daycare facilities require a physical exam?

    While the requirements can vary, most daycare facilities require some form of physical exam or health documentation for newly enrolled children.
  • What additional checks may be included in the physical exam?

    Additional checks may be included based on the specific requirements of the daycare facility. It's best to check with the daycare for their specific requirements.
  • Can a simple physician's note suffice for the physical exam requirement?

    Yes, in some daycare facilities a simple physician's note indicating the child's good health may suffice. However, others may require a more detailed health record.
  • Are vaccinations part of the physical exam?

    Yes, ensuring that the child's vaccinations are up-to-date is a crucial part of the physical exam.
  • What happens if my child's vaccinations are not up-to-date?

    If your child's vaccinations are not up-to-date, you may need to arrange for them to be vaccinated before they can be enrolled in daycare.
  • Why do some daycare facilities require more detailed health records?

    Some daycare facilities may require more detailed health records to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the child's health, which can help them provide the best care possible.

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