With hospitals and urgent care centers all across Missouri, residents have easy access to healthcare. There are even some top-rated hospitals in the larger metropolitan areas. For instance, the Barnes-Jewish Hospital of Washington University is nationally recognized with 15 high-ranked specialists. Other great hospitals include Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, and Freeman Hospital in Joplin.

Health Issues in Missouri

Missouri has an interesting topography because half of the state is covered by plains and the other half is covered by the Ozark Mountains. The two areas are then divided by the Missouri River. This leaves endless outdoor recreational activities for residents and visitors. It also causes sports injuries that are best treated at urgent care facilities, unless they are life threatening. Additionally, Missouri suffers from harsh winters and humid summers. This creates asthma and other allergy issues that are easy to treat at urgent care facilities.

Urgent Care in Missouri

Missouri has several urgent care facilities across the state. They help to keep the wait times in the emergency rooms low. This is because they are perfect for treating urgent healthcare problems that are not immediately life threatening. For instance, urgent care facilities are the perfect place for treating minor lacerations that need stitches, sore throats, and minor bone fractures such as toes. Emergency rooms will always have their place, but urgent care facilities in Missouri often have faster care and lower costs than the hospitals. They are also faster than getting in to see a general practitioner.

Specific urgent care and walk-in clinic services available in may include STD testing flu shots, school physicals and many other valuable services

Highest Rated Urgent Care Centers

Top Rated Urgent Care Centers in Missouri

  • Total Access Urgent Care, Hampton
    Opening Soon
    2060 Hampton Ave St. Louis, MO 63139
    Open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm today
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    Reviewed on Aug 2019

    Went in for a finger laceration. Was bleeding pretty badly but they got me in right away and cleaned up, stitched up, out, and I was back to work in about 90 min. and part of that was waiting for my ride so probably more like just over an hour. Staff was friendly, Dr. was nice and told me everything he was doing before he did it (and even told me when it was going to hurt) and gave me good follow-up / care instruction. And now I have a set of awesome stitches that my friends and family are referring to as my "Franken-finger." Hey, might as well laugh when life throws you a bad day and TAUC helped by not making the bad day worse.

  • Total Access Urgent Care, Wentzville
    Opening Soon
    1890 Wentzville Pkwy Wentzville, MO 63385
    Open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm today
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    Reviewed on Jan 2020

    In a recent emergency, my wife needed medical help quickly. I usually trust hospitals above urgent care centers but I was proven wrong when we opted for the closer Total Access in Wentzville. We walked in and she was immediately led to a private room and testing began right away. Tests performed were far more comprehensive than I would've ever guessed. The staff was super friendly and highly professional and calmed us down quickly. Top notch staff and state of the art equipment. We discovered that we made the right choice by coming here for healthcare. This is a great alternative to hospitals, where long waits and checking in before being seen is the norm. I'm recommending this option to anyone needing healthcare, especially friends and family. You want only the best in an emergency, and you can feel confident that you're getting exactly THAT here.

  • Total Access Urgent Care, Bridgeton
    Opening Soon
    12409 St Charles Rock Rd Bridgeton, MO 63044
    Open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm today
    Book Online
    Reviewed on Aug 2019

    I am a business traveler and booked an appointment online 20 minutes before my arrival. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately and filled out a little paperwork and was seen right away. Everyone in the location was kind and responsive. I was in and out faster than the time it took me to get my prescription at Walgreens. They have cash pay option for those without insurance or high deductible insurance. This is the best urgent care I have experienced while traveling.

Cities in Missouri with Urgent Care

There are 710 cities in Missouri with at least 1 urgent care center.

Neighborhoods in Missouri with Urgent Care

There are 188 neighborhoods in Missouri with at least 1 urgent care center.

Zip Codes in Missouri with Urgent Care

There are 353 zip codes in Missouri with at least 1 urgent care center.

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