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Mary Bridge Children's, Virtual Visit

4.91(422) video icon Offers video visits
Serving all of Washington

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This was an easy process, connection was great, medical feedback was awesome. It’s an awesome tool for parents especially to get medical advice without risking a sick kid running around a waiting room.

Get tested at home. Order a COVID-19 home test kit. Easy saliva test is shipped fast with results as soon as 48 hours.

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Ocean Beach Hospital

174 First Ave NIlwaco, WA 98624


Phone Call required

Columbia Memorial Hospital Warrenton Clinic

1639 SE Ensign LnWarrenton, OR 97146

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Phone Call or In-Person Screening required

Coastal Family Health Center

2158 Exchange StAstoria, OR 97103

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Video Visit Screening required

Columbia Memorial Hospital - Urgent Care

2111 Exchange StAstoria, OR 97103

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Contact clinic for more details required

Columbia Memorial Hospital Urgent Care

2265 Exchange StAstoria, OR 97103

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Phone Call or In-Person Screening required

Clatsop County Public Health Drive Through Testing at Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility

1780 Williamsport RdAstoria, OR 97103

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Phone Call required

North Coast VA Clinic

91400 N Neacoxie StWarrenton, OR 97146

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Tue 8:00 am - 4:30 pm


Video Visit Screening, Phone Call, or In-Person Screening required

Willapa Harbor Hospital

800 Alder StSouth Bend, WA 98586

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Tue 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


In-Person Screening required

Columbia Memorial Hospital Seaside Clinic

1111 N Roosevelt DrSeaside, OR 97138

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In-Person Screening required

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Latest COVID Testing Updates in Washington

July 9, 2021: Current guidance from the CDC says fully vaccinated people can refrain from routine COVID testing, however, some experts are questioning whether that approach should change given the spread of the new Delta variant.

July 7, 2021: Children have found a manipulative method generate false-positive COVID tests using soft drinks, all in an effort to get out of school.

May 14, 2021: Target, Home Depot, CVS and Harris Teeter are among the chains that will continue to require masks in store, though they are reviewing new CDC guidance and reevaluating store policies.

May 14, 2021: Walmart, the nation's largest retailer, says fully vaccinated employees and customers will not need to wear a mask inside stores beginning on Tuesday, based on the latest guidance from the CDC. 

May 13, 2021: CDC: If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, you can resume activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, incl. local business and workplace guidance.

April 26, 2021: A Yakima County judge last week blocked some COVID-related restrictions on farms and orchards, issuing an injunction stopping the state from enforcing a series of regulations that required twice-daily visits from medical staff to isolated workers, required workers to be within 20 minutes of an emergency room and an hour from a ventilator, and provided open access to people from the community.

April 26, 2021: As of Sunday, April 25, Virginia has had 654,210 total cases of COVID-19, including confirmed lab tests and clinical diagnoses, according to the Virginia Department of Health. That total reflects a 884 case increase since Saturday. The Virginia Department of Health reports a 6.1% 7-day positivity rate for total testing encounters, and a 5.5% 7-day positivity rate for PCR tests. 16 additional deaths were reported on Sunday, leaving the death toll at 10,691.

April 23, 2021: Washington state is entering its 4th COVID-19 wave, Gov. Jay Inslee said April 22, citing a significant increase in new infections and hospitalizations. The rolling seven-day average of new infections is currently around 1,300 per day, compared to 662 on March 11, reports The New York Times.

April 22, 2021: More than 86 million U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated with more than 200 million shots administered, but experts fear that enthusiasm for getting the vaccine could be falling and many Americans may be too eager to take off their masks.

April 6, 2021: Epidemiologists and other public health experts are debating whether to use rapid COVID-19 tests as admission tickets to schools, businesses and entertainment and sports venues. Even with the quickening pace of vaccinations, it will be months before all Americans who want COVID-19 vaccines receive them. As a result, testing could become ubiquitous as a requirement for students, office workers, spectators and visitors seeking to gather indoors.

April 1, 2021: FDA approves two new over-the-counter COVID tests: Abbott's BinaxNOW and Quidel Quickvue tests will soon be available at drug stores in two-packs for between $15 and $20.

March 31, 2021: Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC: "Vaccinated people do not carry the virus — they don’t get sick.” Walensky was referring to a new CDC study that suggests those fully inoculated with the vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer don’t transmit the virus.

March 30, 2021: Two Seattle coronavirus testing sites at Rainier Beach and West Seattle will continue testing for the disease instead of shifting to only administering vaccinations. Testing was set to end today, but the city decided to keep testing because of a surge of COVID-19 infections in Seattle during the past two weeks.

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in Long Beach, WA

COVID Testing and Rapid Testing FAQs

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    Where can I get a free COVID test in Long Beach?

    COVID testing is available for free under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which includes testing for those without health insurance. Check with your Long Beach-area health department as they are generally a good source for free COVID tests, or can at least point you in the right direction. Additionally, you can ask your primary care provider to recommend a free COVID test site.

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    Where in Long Beach can I get a rapid COVID test?

    COVID testing is now readily available throughout the country with many providers offering both PCR (molecular) and rapid (antigen) COVID tests. Generally speaking, Long Beach-area hospitals, urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care offices, health departments, and more will each offer at least some variety of testing. Some testing sites are allowing walk-in patients, however, many are still requiring some degree advance booking to control patient volume.

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    Can I get an antibody test in Long Beach?

    COVID antibody tests are available through many healthcare providers and laboratories, but are not as popular as viral testing, particularly now that COVID vaccines are being administered. If you want an antibody test, it is important to check with specific providers to ensure they offer the test and understanding any applicable costs.

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    Can I book a COVID test online?

    Same-day and next day appointments for COVID testing in Long Beach are bookable directly through Solv. Simply browse the list of healthcare providers conducting COVID tests above, find one with a “Book Online” button, and book a time that aligns with your schedule stating “COVID-19 Test” as your reason for visit.

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    Can I get tested for antibodies if I am sick with COVID-19?

    An antibody test for COVID-19 might inform you if you previously had a coronavirus infection. Because it can take between 1–3 weeks after an infection for your body to develop these antibodies, an antibody test during an active infection would not be successful. To see if you are currently infected, you need a viral test.

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    Who should be tested for the coronavirus?

    While decisions about who should be tested for COVID-19 infections are being made by state and local health departments or healthcare providers, the CDC has developed national guidance to support these decisions. It is important to note, however, that not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. Prior to booking a COVID or antibody test on Solv or visiting a Long Beach COVID testing site, it is best to contact the provider for the latest testing protocols.

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    How much do a COVID-19 and antibody tests cost?

    In most cases, COVID-19 testing and antibody testing is available at no out of pocket cost if you are covered by commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. You will likely have to pay a normal office visit copay, however. For cash paying patients, the two largest labs have reported that the Medicare rates (likely the lowest cost) to process an antibody test is around $50 and $100-$200 for a PCR swab test. It is important to understand that many healthcare providers are requiring screenings prior to testing, which may or may not be covered by your insurance, and may or may not require additional copays.

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    Do COVID tests detect the Delta variant?

    Regular COVID tests are able to detect the Delta variant in that they can determine whether or not you have the coronavirus. However, they can't tell which variation is involved. That would necessitate genomic sequencing, which is a different process from regular virus testing that not all labs can undertake. Sequencing is uncommon and can cost up to $100 per test.

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    How contagious is the Delta variant?

    Infectiousness, disease severity, and immunity acquired by previous infection and vaccinations are the most feared implications of any variety of concern. Delta is 55% more transmissible, according to WHO, than the Alpha variety, which was 50% more transmissible than the original Wuhan virus, making it the most transmissible variant we've seen to date.

"I booked my appointment through the Solv app, which was super easy! Upon arrival, I called from my car to check in. Someone came right out moments later to escort my son and I to a room. We were seen by a nurse and a PA immediately for our COVID tests. They both had a terrific bedside manner and were very friendly. We received results the very next day. I would absolutely go there again!"

"I went in for a strep and COVID test and they were incredibly quick and kind. There was no wait when I used Solv to pre-book a time, and the test results were rapid. This is the first urgent care clinic that I’ve been to that has really listened to me. They prescribed antibiotics without doing a culture for strep (I have a history of negative rapid strep tests but positive cultures and it sucks having to be miserable to 2-5 more days to find out I do in fact have strep). Overall they really paid attention to me and my concerns. I didn’t even know this clinic existed but now that I do that’s where I’ll go for all of my urgent care needs!"

"It was my 1st getting the nose swab COVID test. Honestly the nurse gave examples of what to expect and they were right on point. Plus she was really gentle while the sample was being taken. It really wasn’t bad at all. Not sure why everyone gets all worked up it about the nose swab because that’s a much more accurate test if I’m gonna be tested. I recommend anyone interested in getting tested this facility is the place to go. The one in Edgewater, by Trader Joe’s. Just before you go down to the office, 1st download the Solv app to your phone. Once you go inside you put in your phone number into the iPad. Really easy and safe to check in. Then you fill out the rest of your information from the privacy of your car. Takes about 3-5 minutes. After that you see your place in line which is kinda cool. The office will text you once they have a room ready for you to come inside. Your test results will be emailed to you generally in about 1-2 days depending on how many people are being tested in that period of time. I recommend this place if your interested in being tested. Thumbs up."

"Went for a COVID test (walk in, no appointment) after experiencing symptoms. People at the front desk were friendly and helpful. Paperwork was filled out on my smartphone in my car (also signed on Solv APP) Easy enough. APP gave me a wait time and a list of people in front of me (initials only), which updated with a tap of the refresh button. Once inside I found everything to be clean and organized. Dr. and staff all did what they needed to do. I'm overall thrilled with how it went........ and I'm a guy that doesn't DO doctor visits."

"Long wait but that’s to be expected for a rapid COVID test right after New Years and Christmas. The live wait list feature in the Solv app is amazing I was able to see how many people were in front of me. I went home after seeing there were 68 people in front of me and drove back when I saw there were about 10 in front of me to wait. When they called me to come in I went right in got the test and the results on a printed sheet within 5 minutes. Literally just five minutes. So all in all it was a good experience and I’d recommend them."

"I was throughly impressed by how organized and friendly the staff was! It was my first time getting a COVID test so I was nervous, but I was greeted so kindly and was given a simple and clear explanation on the process. The staff was incredibly nice and I felt comfortable the entire time. The website used to make the appointment was very easy to use. One recommendation to the website would be to allow the user to mark multiple options under the "race" category :). Also, everytime you refresh the page, there would be different time slots available each time. I don't know if this was a glitch, or people just cancelling their appointments a lot though."

"My husband and I went to get our Rapid COVID TEST. Everything was quick went 10 minutes before our appointment called and the gentleman told us to pull curbside. He was very nice explained everything to us and we were done in less than 15 minutes!! Told us he would call us within 30 minutes. LOVED THE SERVICE!! Only thing I didn’t like was how long the virtual consultation took but once we met the physician she was very nice and was able to get my husband and I together. Very helpful!! Thank you!!😄"

"The person who administered my COVID test, Noel, was so kind and so gracious and so helpful. It really took the “sting” out of the experience. Such a gold-standard professional. Also, this testing site was set up in the parking lot of a school I believe, and it was a cold rainy morning. I felt very concerned about the health and safety of the people working there. Maybe more heaters for them? Snacks for them? A coffee machine for them? Just a thought"

"A longer Wait time is expected due to everyone wanting their COVID tests. However the line moves at a steady pace and it’s not too bad. The staff are always helpful and friendly. The place always looks clean. My husband and I have been here three times for our COVID tests. we feel safe and also trust them to have our tests back in time compared to a few other places we’ve been. Highly recommend."

"The wait time was terrible because it was New Year’s Day and very few clinics were open that day. But the staff was great! In fact I live in Folsom and I would travel to Slidell again because of the way me and my niece were treated. From the initial phone call to see if they had COVID test to us actually having the test done everything was perfect except the wait. It was a great experience!"

"I booked an appointment for a rapid results COVID test. I was attended to very quickly and received results in 20 minutes. My only issue was I couldn’t locate the self-pay cost anywhere and couldn’t find a phone number to have my question answered. Otherwise, all was great. Staff was efficient and friendly."

"I booked an appointment for a rapid results COVID test. I was attended to very quickly and received results in 20 minutes. My only issue was I couldn’t locate the self-pay cost anywhere and couldn’t find a phone number to have my question answered. Otherwise, all was great. Staff was efficient and friendly."