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Pediatric Urgent Care near me in Novi

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45250 Cherry Hill Rd, Canton, MI 4818745250 Cherry Hill Rd
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Check your symptoms

Find possible causes of symptoms and get recommendations on what to do next. It’s fast FREE and confidential

4185 Highland Rd, Waterford Township, MI 483284185 Highland Rd
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3902 Monroe St, Dearborn Heights, MI 481253902 Monroe St
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31200 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 4809231200 Dequindre Rd
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25319 Little Mack Ave, Saint Clair Shores, MI 4808125319 Little Mack Ave
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Latest Pediatric Urgent Care Updates

Oct 31, 2022
A surge in respiratory syncytial virus is putting severe strain on children's hospitals nationwide. Hospitals first began seeing the unseasonable RSV rise in August. Now, many are reporting a case increase of over 300 percent compared to last month. (Becker's)
Oct 28, 2022
Flu-related hospitalizations nationwide have risen dramatically in recent weeks, reaching levels historically not seen until much later in flu season, according to data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (NBC News)

Pediatric Urgent Care FAQs

  • How much does a pediatric urgent care visit cost in Novi?

    Depending on the location of a clinic, urgent care might cost anywhere from $75 to $150. Of course, this only applies to patients who pay cash. However, the quality and standards of healthcare are consistent across the board. Most institutions, however, will charge between $100 and $125 for treatments that are not covered by insurance. However, keep in mind that this is the starting point for the basic treatments provided by urgent care clinics. Additional services such as medication and vaccine shots, lab testing, and X-rays are not included. The cost of urgent treatment will also be increased by stitches, sprains, and shattered bones. Even patients with insurance will be required to make co-payments rather than having their insurer cover the entire cost. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis.

  • Is insurance accepted at urgent care centers in Novi?

    Insurance companies decide whether or not to cover the costs of urgent care. It's possible that a patient's insurance won't pay the expenditures. In that instance, the urgent care facility will only accept cash. In most circumstances, however, insurance companies would cover urgent care, allowing patients to attend a treatment center without spending a lot of money. Even if an insurance policy covers this type of care, an urgent care center may refuse to take it, but this is extremely rare. As a result, it's always a good idea to phone ahead and double-check before visiting a care facility.

  • What are common services of a pediatric urgent care in Novi?

    You might be concerned that your child is becoming sick more frequently than usual, but this is not the case. The truth is that children will become ill, particularly after they start school and their immune systems are exposed to the health hazards that present in crowded situations. Colds, flu, strep throat, ear and sinus infections, pink eye, and pneumonia are among diseases that can be treated with a brief trip to a pediatric urgent care clinic near you. In addition to injuries, pediatric urgent care clinics can treat stings and bug bites, allergic reactions, wounds and burns, ingested objects, sprains, and fractured bones.

  • What Is the difference between an urgent care and the emergency room?

    The most significant distinction between a pediatric urgent care center and an emergency room is the patient experience. The average wait time in an emergency room is about two and a half hours. A pediatric urgent care, on the other hand, will treat the youngster in 15-45 minutes. The cost of an urgent care facility vs an emergency department is another significant distinction. Normally, the former will be a fraction of the price of the latter. Patients should go to an emergency room rather than an urgent care clinic if they have a major health emergency. This is due to the fact that urgent care centers are only intended for non-emergent and minor illnesses, as well as small injuries.

  • What is the difference between pediatric urgent care and regular urgent care?

    The primary distinction between a pediatric urgent care center and an emergency room is the patient experience. The average wait time in an emergency room is roughly two hours and fifteen minutes. The patient will, however, receive treatment in 15-45 minutes at a pediatric urgent care center. The cost of an urgent care center vs an emergency department is another significant distinction. The former is usually a fraction of the price of the latter. Patients should, however, go to an emergency room rather than an urgent care clinic in the event of a significant health emergency. This is due to the fact that urgent care clinics are only intended for non-emergent and mild diseases and injuries.

  • What is pediatric urgent care?

    Pediatric urgent care operators typically work in conjunction with conventional pediatricians, the majority of whom are available during regular office hours (e.g. from 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday). These medical personnel assist with late-night pediatric crises that might otherwise necessitate a trip to the emergency hospital. Pediatric urgent care centers serve children with both mild and major illnesses. Even when regular pedestrians are closed, they are usually open till midnight and on weekends. Without a question, these children's doctors save parents from unneeded and traumatic journeys to the emergency room.

  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Out of the Urgent Care

    There are numerous methods for keeping youngsters healthy and preventing health problems and emergencies. Simple measures like hand cleaning, sufficient hydration, and adequate sleep can go a long way toward safeguarding children's health. Toddlers can avoid many diseases by eating well-balanced diets, managing stress, obtaining the proper vaccines, and avoiding smokers.

Recent Pediatric Urgent Care Reviews (20)

We used telehealth because I was home with three kids in virtual school and couldn’t leave to take one to the doctor. The doctor quickly understood the issue and prescribed an appropriate medication to help my daughter feel better. It was so wonderful that we could get her seen and started on antibiotic even when I couldn’t go in physically.

- Verified patient on 1/13

This is the first Covid test my kid needed and he was super worried. They made it fast and easy and not scary at all. Best part never had to get out the car! Super great appointment

- Verified patient on 12/2

No good result have to see ent for kid Wax ears

- Verified patient on 5/15

Ok and out for Covid testing in less than five minutes for two kids! Check in process was great!

- Verified patient on 4/16

Kyle is super friendly and made the scary Covid test seamless for my kids. Thank you!

- Verified patient on 5/6

This place was great as usual. As a parent of 4 kids, it is great to know a place to go when needed (hopefully not too often!).

- Verified patient on 11/8

I have four and five year old boys. I found the staff to be wonderful with children. My four-year-old specifically has had a bad experience at our pediatricians office and is very scared with medical professionals. I will definitely be back and will recommend.!

- Verified patient on 8/4

Have used FasterCare for myself and my daughters to get tested for Covid more than once. With kids in school and so many social activities, exposure is bound to happen. This facility makes the testing process so easy. You never step foot out of your car and Dr Greenberg and staff are very pleasant. He has the process down, so you’re never waiting very long for your test results. I will continue to use FasterCare as long as needed.

- Verified patient on 10/30

Scheduled for a video visit but for some reason it wasn’t connecting. Dr called and was able to treat us over the phone with photos of the issue we had submitted. Very friendly and straightforward, and so convenient to not drag the kids into the office.

- Verified patient on 3/21

Super organized fast and friendly. Relieved my kids fears

- Verified patient on 4/1

I appreciate their flexibility and willingness to help my kids be seen today.

- Verified patient on 11/26

First time here and had to bring my two kids with me for Covid testing. Will come back if I need to. They staff is friendly and efficient & I booked online.

- Verified patient on 12/20

Very prompt, answered questions and was calling for my kids

- Verified patient on 4/14

The nurse practitioner and medical assistant were great! The no was very thorough and nice. Front desk staff were very accommodating! But the wait time was ridiculous. I had my 2 kids and i had to wait for an hour.

- Verified patient on 11/17

The only issue I have is that you asked my son if he identifies as a male or female. Our paperwork clearly is marked male. Don’t ask these kids such a confusing question. It’s just wrong.

- Verified patient on 3/26

I am totally anti vaccinations but my kids bullied me into it- I had Jenny for both shots- she is awesome. All staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use this office for my future urgent care needs!

- Verified patient on 5/14

The dr is always efficient with getting through the line of cars waiting for Covid tests. He is great with kids.

- Verified patient on 12/3

I am a little upset that there wasn’t a filter for items which would not have been evaluated via video (strep). Had I known that I would have made an in person appointment from the beginning. I’m also not happy that I had to go to the physical location and wait without any priority or consideration that we already had a virtual appointment. Very hard to do w two little kids

- Verified patient on 3/7

The people at Advanced Health Pharmacy are amazing. AND..... The testing site is kiddie corner from the Pharmacy. AND..... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH FILLING OUT PAPERWORK WITH "SOLV" THIS WEBSITE. "SOLV" DOES NOT HELP FACILITATE THE PROCESS WITH THE PHARMACY.... They take your info and not much else!!! CONTACT ADVANCED HEALTH PHARMACY on Oakland Drive.THEY ARE AWESOME!

- Verified patient on 3/19

Virtual visit was on time and the doc was awesome! She understood my concerns about wanting precautionary Covid test as I was going to be around young kids and ailing father. She answered the questions I had about masking and social distancing in the work environment. Great visit and I will use this Urgent Care for issues in the future!

- Verified patient on 9/2

Pediatric Urgent Care in Novi

These days, convenience is key, especially for parents with young children. Who wants to wait several weeks to see their pediatrician or primary care physician in a world where 'next day shipping' is being beaten by 'same day shipping?' Walk-in clinics are divided into a number of categories, including urgent care, pediatric urgent care, retail clinics, and others. These convenient care facilities provide same-day access to qualified pediatric providers who can diagnose and treat a wide range of minor injuries and illnesses in children aged 6 to 18. You've come to the perfect site if you've wondered, "Where can I find a walk-in clinic near me?"

When your children require urgent treatment, the last thing you want to do is travel to a nearby urgent care center only to find it closed or overcrowded with adult patients, making it unsuitable for your children. Such a pointless waste of time. Instead, you should look for a pediatric urgent care center that is open right now. It's sometimes more crucial that the place is "open now" than how close it is, or even whether it has excellent patient feedback. It's possible that all you want is a speedy diagnosis and medication so you can get on with your life. Filter this list of pediatric urgent care centers that are currently open based on your area. The most relevant, closest, and highest rated items appear first.

Urgent Care Guide for Kids

Solv discovered that patients were waiting an average of 24 days for appointments with their primary care provider in a recent survey done with the Urgent Care Association. Consumers want more in today's environment of immediate gratification. They want it now. If you wish to watch a movie, you can either download it or stream it right away. You can pick up your phone and have groceries delivered to you within an hour if you need them. If you require restaurant reservations, simply locate one that has openings, book online, and stroll in minutes later to sit down. Healthcare should be no exception.

As a result, pediatric urgent care has grown at a quicker rate than any other type of healthcare in the United States. It's also why "urgent care" is searched for more than 5 times more than "primary care" or "family doctor" combined by healthcare consumers. These customers are extremely actionable, searching for "urgent care near me" with high intent. When people are sick or injured, they want same-day access to great healthcare providers - after hours, on weekends, and on holidays - without the cost and inconvenience of going to the emergency room.

Urgent care clinics are useful for detecting and treating non-emergent healthcare requirements such as the flu, sinus infections, and strep throat, as well as injuries such as bone fractures and sprains, cuts, scrapes, and burns. In addition, urgent care clinics are increasingly delivering preventative care services such as annual physicals and well visits, flu shots, and other immunizations and vaccines, assuming the role of primary care physician for the tens of millions of people who don't have one.

There are dedicated pediatric urgent care clinics for children between the ages of one and eighteen, which are normally available after hours for patients between the ages of one and eighteen.

Urgent Care Services & Pricing

Consumers seeking treatment for minor illnesses and injuries will find urgent care clinics, which are part of the walk-in clinic healthcare category, to be a helpful option. Annual and school physicals, flu shots and immunizations, treatment for illnesses such as colds, flu stomach aches, sinus and ear infections, and more are frequently offered at an urgent care center. You can also be treated for injuries like burns, bites, sprains, and breaks, which you might think to go to the emergency department rather than urgent care, but you'll have a shorter wait and a lower fee at urgent care. Without insurance, you should budget between $100 to 140 for your appointment, including the cost of transportation.

Insurance & Payments

Almost every urgent care center accepts commercial insurance, and many (if not all) accept Medicare. As a result, if you have insurance coverage, the financial experience will be comparable to seeing a specialist, where you will be charged a co-pay, normally $35-50, at the time of the visit. Any further lab work, x-rays, or other testing will be billed to your insurance first, with any supplemental amount owed being invoiced to you later. If you don't have insurance, you'll have to pay a visit charge of $100-140 at the time of your appointment. This costs between 25 and 50 percent more than your primary care practitioner if you're considering a telehealth or video visit, but the convenience is usually well worth the extra money. 

Urgent Care Hours & Wait Times

Even within the same group or brand, separate urgent care centers may have varying hours. While they're supposed to be convenient when your main care physician isn't available, that's subjective and highly varied. A standard formula, on the other hand, is that an urgent care is open 6 to 7 days a week, typically from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., this might change to practically any 8-12 hour period. Some clinics, comparable to emergency rooms, are even open 24 hours a day. In terms of wait time, most patients report waiting between 15 and 45 minutes on average, though this can vary. It's usually preferable to locate a nearby urgent care facility.

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