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NextCare Urgent Care, Clear Lake

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1202 E NASA Pkwy , Houston, TX 7705831.8 mi

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Recent patient review

Good, that’s why I came back

AFC Urgent Care Richmond, Virtual Visit

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Serving all of Texas

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We were so pleased with the care and friendliness of everyone!

Brazos Urgent Care, League City

4420 W Main St , League City, TX 7757333.9 mi

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Considering how many patients they had to see, they got us in very quickly, and everyone was incredibly nice. The visit was quick but thorough, and the staff made the check in process very easy. I’m very pleased with this facility.

Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care, Webster

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19325 Gulf Fwy , Webster, TX 7759834.1 mi

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Staff answered all my questions and concerns.

Island Pediatric Urgent Care

800 Harborside Dr , Galveston, TX 7755016.6 mi

UTMB Health Pediatric After Hours Urgent Care - Galveston Island West

6416 Broadway St , Galveston, TX 7755120.5 mi

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West Isle. Urgent Care

2027 61st St , Galveston, TX 7755120.6 mi

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Exceeding competency front he staff and providers-along wirh on-site diagnosis capabilities (CT, in house laboratory, ultrasound etc)...with a medical director who truly cares about his patients and has experience. Working in the medical forked myself-I can recognize quality provisions.

Affinity Immediate Care, Galveston

2808 61st St , Galveston, TX 7755120.7 mi

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Bacliff Urgent Care

1136 Grand Ave , Bacliff, TX 7751825.0 mi

Healthone Express Care

6801 Emmett F Lowry Expy , Texas City, TX 7759125.2 mi

UTMB Health Urgent Care - Texas City

10121 Emmett F Lowry Expy , Texas City, TX 7759127.4 mi

Immediate Medical Care

2640 E League City Pkwy , League City, TX 7757327.9 mi

Urgent Clinics Medical Care - Tuscan Lakes

2560 E League City Pkwy , League City, TX 7757328.0 mi

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this facility charges over $200 just for paperwork and to "look" at you, I don't mean look you over to diagnose for treatment.

Affinity Immediate Care, Texas City/La Marque

2600 FM1764 , La Marque, TX 7756828.0 mi

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Ms. Lisa was awesome..very caring and helpful.

CVS MinuteClinic

2242 Repsdorph Rd , Seabrook, TX 7758628.1 mi

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Well, your fucking website sucks. I don't see where to book an appointment for a FUCKING COVID TEST!!!

UTMB Health Pediatric After Hours Urgent Care - League City

3023 Marina Bay Dr , League City, TX 7757329.3 mi

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Urgent Clinics Medical Care - Marina Bay

2660 Marina Bay Dr , League City, TX 7757329.6 mi

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US Healthworks Medical Group Urgent Care

1309 W Fairmont Pkwy , La Porte, TX 7757129.7 mi

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Primary Urgent Care

2802 Garth Rd , Baytown, TX 7752130.5 mi

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Recent patient review

my boy friend told me about it for my ear problem, we went it nice quick

St Elizabeth Family Practice & Urgent Care

676 FM 517 Rd W , Dickinson, TX 7753930.8 mi

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Recent patient review

Doctor Rivera-Soto and his fantastic staff have been nothing short of amazing in every area. I highly recommended this practice to all. I can’t say enough as to how I am pleased with every aspect and encounter I have enjoyed over the years!!!!

Mont Belvieu Urgent Care Clinic

9235 TX-146 , Baytown, TX 7752330.8 mi

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Sign in was easy, Waite was 45min as expected , staff was courteous and friendly. Even not feeling well, it was a pleasant experience
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STD testing
in Bolivar Peninsula, TX

STD test Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get an STD test in Bolivar Peninsula?

    In general, STD tests will be available at Bolivar Peninsula-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices, local pharmacies and labs. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you determine whether you have an STD and get treated faster.

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    How can I book an STD test in Bolivar Peninsula?

    If you are looking for an STD test in Bolivar Peninsula, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Bolivar Peninsula-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include “STD test” as your reason for visit.

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    Can I make a same-day appointment for an STD test in Bolivar Peninsula?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for STD tests can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Bolivar Peninsula-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment for an sexual wellness check as soon as today.

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    How do I find the top-rated sexual health clinics in Bolivar Peninsula?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Bolivar Peninsula-area STD specialists to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a provider, see what previous patients think, and book an appointment with a top-rated doctor today!

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    Who should get an STD test?

    Anyone who is sexually active should be routinely screened for STDs to prevent the spread and development of life-threatening conditions. Some STDs don’t exhibit obvious symptoms, so don’t hesitate to get tested even if you suspect you don’t have an infection.

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    How much does an STD test cost in Bolivar Peninsula?

    Without health insurance, STD tests can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the STD the test is screening for. To get better estimates of Bolivar Peninsula area STD tests, book an appointment today.

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    Is an STD test covered by my insurance?

    STD tests are commonly covered by insurance. If your plan covers a test, you may still be responsible for a $10 to $30 copay per test.

STD Test: Helpful STD Testing Reviews

"I went to get a pelvic exam and possible std screening. The doctor insisted on not giving me a pelvic exam. Even though I wanted to know if I had a yeast infection, and a pelvic exam with a sample viewing under a microscope is the only way to be sure (my regular gynecologist told me this in the past). I can't see my regular doctor for a few more weeks, due to COVID-19 procedures forcing her to be backed up in appointments. I was lured by OPUC's website saying they do walk-in pelvic exams and std testing. I wanted the exam first, and then an opinion on the std screening after the exam. But the doctor was insistent on the opposite. Had he given me an exam, then and there, it would've been figured out in that visit. Instead he insisted on giving me a round of antibiotics for STIs and (claimed) he sent my urine and blood samples to be screened for STDs. I only agreed because he seemed really insistent that an exam wasn't necessary because he wasn't my regular doctor, and that wasn't appropriate. But it's been a rough 4 days since, and my symptoms have only gotten worse, since taking the antibiotics he prescribed. I was told 3 days for the test results to come back, but I am starting to doubt their clinic will contact me. I can't reach them by phone, as their answering service is rigged to force you to walk in for answers. I'm going to try to go in person tomorrow, to get answers. For $75 co-pay, I'm feeling that I was just shoved out of there as quickly as possible, and not treated like a patient. I feel like I was treated like a nuisance. The girls at the front desk and even the receiving nurse who took my blood and urine samples, were all very pleasant and very patient. But the doctor seemed very dismissive and rushing. He spoke to me for all of 5 minutes, and concluded that I didn't need an actual examination. I guess I was just... expecting more."

"The doctor was fine although I'm really aggravated that I paid my co-pay only to find out that you don't do STD tests which is what I needed in addition to a urine culture and pelvic exam. Only one of those was able to be done and I paid my full co-pay. Front desk not very attentive not frequently at the front desk not especially friendly."

"I took hiv and std tests as well as covid antibody test, while I was Contacted immediately with the antibody results, I am still awaiting std results. It is now two weeks sense I took The blood test and have yet to be given my results, UNACCEPTABLE DURING THIS CRISIS ESPECIALLY. I will NOT advise anyone to use pro health."

"The doctor that attended to me was extremely rude to me after I requested an STD test and explained why I was getting it. She judged me harshly for my relationship dynamics and assumed blame to my partner. Her opinions were not necessary for my care that day and offended me greatly."

"They were very loud in the hallway the doctor loudly spoke about my personal information. I have my spouse with me and I wanted to get an STD test so I informed the nurse in the bathroom. Then the doctor came in and asked me who the person was with me asked me how long I was with him then asked me why was I concerned about STDs. Which is causing problems for me after my visit. When the doctor came in with my test results she did not step in and close the door she said it with the door opening standing in the doorway. I am still uncertain about my condition because she gave me a little information."

"This Urgent Care facility needs to up their game regarding quality control, follow through, communication, and complete disclosure regarding costs. I called Urgent Care on Monday, 12 August 2019, and inquired about STD testing. I was told the cost would be in the $250 range. I walked into Urgent Care that evening, I was quoted a price, I paid that price, and the urine and blood tests were taken. On Wednesday, 14 August, Urgent Care called to tell me the results, and said everything came back good. When I picked up the printed copy, I noticed two of the tests had no results, and the reason was that the lab stated they did not receive a urine sample. I asked to speak with a member of the medical team. I was told they were all busy and that I should call later. I did, and no one was available, but I was assured someone would call me back Thursday. No one did. On Friday, 16 August, I called again and insisted on speaking to someone. An MA came on the line, pulled up my lab results, told me everything looked good, and asked what my question was. I asked him to look closely at two particular tests that had no indicated results. He did, then he put me on hold, and when he returned, he apologized and said it looked like the lab did not receive my urine sample. That's what I had been trying to confirm for two days! I returned to that Urgent Care facility that day and provided another urine sample. Late on Monday, 19 August, I received an email from Sonora Quest Labs informing me that my lab work was complete and I should contact Urgent Care. It took until Thursday, 22 August, after repeated calls from me, for Urgent Care to final produce the results from the two final tests. It was painfully and unnecessarily slow, but it was complete. Then in the mail on 22 August, I received a bill from the original lab for $532. This is unacceptable. I was not informed there would be additional charges. Had I been informed, I would have found another provider for these tests. Urgent Care has disappointed me throughout this entire experience."