Specific urgent care and walk-in clinic services available in may include STD testing flu shots, school physicals and many other valuable services

Highest Rated Urgent Care Centers

Top Rated Urgent Care Centers in Virginia

  • Urgent Care Center of Arlington
    2439 N Harrison St Arlington, VA 22207
    Open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm today
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    Reviewed on Dec 2018

    I have had excellent experience with this facility they spend quytinecwith me. They are very friendly. I highly recommend this urgent care. Marty

  • In and Out Express Care, Newport News
    704 Thimble Shoals Blvd Newport News, VA 23606
    Open from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm today
    Book Online
    Reviewed on Oct 2019

    The care seemed good, but the first time you go, be mindful that you may have to pay extra after whatever you pay that day for a first time fee they charge that I haven't ever heard of with other doctors. I paid my insurance co-pay that day ($60), then got a bill for almost $100 more. Had I known that, I probably would have gone somewhere else & even if they only charge $60 with subsequent visits I may avoid it out of principle since it was not clearly disclosed even if it might or might not have been buried in paperwork.

Cities in Virginia with Urgent Care

There are 455 cities in Virginia with at least 1 urgent care center.

Neighborhoods in Virginia with Urgent Care

There are 1137 neighborhoods in Virginia with at least 1 urgent care center.

Zip Codes in Virginia with Urgent Care

There are 454 zip codes in Virginia with at least 1 urgent care center.

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