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Van Nuys Urgent Care Family Medicine

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7211 Van Nuys Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 9140514.2 mi

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Recent patient review

The receptionist/medical assistant could have been more friendly. I don’t think she smiled even once during my visit.

PM Pediatrics, Tarzana

18555 Ventura Blvd , Tarzana, CA 9135615.3 mi

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Recent patient review

Outstanding, the staff and Doctor.

Agoura Hills Urgent Care

29525 Canwood St , Agoura Hills, CA 9130121.2 mi

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Recent patient review

Fabulous CARE! They treated me like I was their mother!

Westlake Village Urgent Care

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2900 Townsgate Rd , Westlake Village, CA 9136123.1 mi

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Recent patient review

My goodness, this was such a great experience. I wish all my other doctors’ appointments were this efficient, and it is fantastic to have primary care and urgent care together!


12212 Washington Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 9006628.1 mi

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Recent patient review

Just fast, efficient, consistent testing facility. We love it

Reliant Urgent Care, Downtown Los Angeles

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814 Francisco St , Los Angeles, CA 9001728.6 mi

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Recent patient review

Easy, safe and the staff was friendly.

Reliant Urgent Care, LAX Airport Area

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5901 W Century Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 9004532.1 mi

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Recent patient review

I haven’t received my covid-19 test results. My husband has and he went a day after me. Can’t understand the message to retrieve my resultd

Reliant Urgent Care, Huntington Park

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5900 Pacific Blvd , Huntington Park, CA 9025533.3 mi

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Recent patient review

Quick and efficient services

Sierra Urgent Care - Santa Clarita/Valencia

25775 McBean Pkwy , Valencia, CA 913550.8 mi

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CVS MinuteClinic

25880 McBean Pkwy , Valencia, CA 913551.0 mi

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Recent patient review

This office has been closed.

Gregory Jenkins MD

24355 Lyons Ave , Newhall, CA 913211.3 mi

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SCV Quality Care

23823 Valencia Blvd , Santa Clarita, CA 913551.6 mi

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Recent patient review

We have been going to SCV Quality Care for years after being recommended to them by our friends. The staff is friendly, the doctors are knowledgeable and kind, and they always provide great medical care. There is a reason they have been practicing in this community for so long. It's sometimes difficult to see Dr. Lewis because he is so busy, but the other providers are great. Overall, a great clinic!

Exer Urgent Care Santa Clarita

25548 The Old Rd , Stevenson Ranch, CA 913811.7 mi

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Facey Urgent Care

26357 McBean Pkwy , Valencia, CA 913551.8 mi

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US Healthworks

22840 Soledad Canyon Rd , Saugus, CA 913502.1 mi

US Healthworks

25124 Springfield Ct , Santa Clarita, CA 913552.3 mi

Providence Medical Institute

24035 Newhall Ranch Rd , Santa Clarita, CA 913552.8 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Sat 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Recent patient review

I have had the most stressful experience with this facility, most specifically the reception/office staff. I have recently had my first miscarriage/first pregnancy and am now traumatized. Since this was all a time sensitive matter, all my requests to see my OB has been within 1-2 weeks of asking to change/move up my appointment. Even after explaining to the receptionist my situation: I have recently received an emergency ultrasound from the ER due to severe cramps, they have found the fetus had stopped growing but was not able to diagnose a miscarriage that same day, but a threatened miscarriage. They had advised me to follow up with my OB within 48 hours. The receptionist was indifferent, and had the audacity to give me attitude when asking about different time options and said "you need to call a different office since we don't take your insurance". In fact, my insurance had not taken effect until the day I scheduled the appointment, which I had explained to her. She continued to argue with me regarding my insurance, when I have my UnitedHealth care gold ppo app and on their official website, which showed their office as accepting it. My work has also been taking the amount of my paychecks so there should not have been a problem. She had to ask her supervisor to confirm it (you would think they would be well versed on insurance as a staffmember). Even after clarifying the insurance issue with her, I continued to get 4 voicemails altogether telling me they can't take me for my appointment due to my insurance. This has caused additional stress, anxiety, and panic attacks while at work and may have caused me to have a complete miscarriage. I continued to receive these voicemails even after my miscarriage has been confirmed and am now coming in for a follow up appointment after the miscarriage. They are not empathetic to women and the emotional and physical pain they are going through. (Must not either want kids or care). I would not recommend this office for any health issues. It would add unneeded stress and additional health issues to occur!

US Healthworks Medical Group Urgent Care

25327 Avenue Stanford , Santa Clarita, CA 913553.6 mi

Valencia Medical Care

27867-27879 Smyth Dr , Santa Clarita, CA 913553.7 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Sat 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Valencia Medical Care

27875 Smyth Dr , Santa Clarita, CA 913553.7 mi
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Flu shot
in Santa Clarita, CA

Flu Shot Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get a flu shot in Santa Clarita?

    The flu vaccine should generally be available atSanta Clarita-area urgent care centers, retail clinics, primary care doctor offices, and local pharmacies. While many times you can simply walk in to get a flu shot, it is best to book an appointment online to reduce your wait time.

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    Where can I get a flu shot after hours inSanta Clarita?

    Outside routine work hours, mostSanta Clarita primary care doctor offices are closed, however, most of the area’s urgent care and retail clinics are open after hours and on weekends. book an after hours appointment today.

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    How can I book a flu shot in Santa Clarita?

    Same-day and next day appointments for flu shots are bookable directly through Solv. Simply search for a Santa Clarita-area doctor, find a provider, and book a time that aligns with your schedule stating “flu shot” as your reason for visit.

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    Is a flu shot necessary?

    Everyone 6 months or older should get vaccinated for the flu every year. Influenza, or the flu, is a serious virus and infection that hospitalizes and kills thousands of people annually. And it is constantly changing. The flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family from contracting the virus.

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    Do I need to get a flu shot every year?

    Flu vaccines are needed annually, primarily for two reasons. First, the flu virus is constantly evolving, meaning the virus you received a vaccine for last year is unique from the virus in the upcoming season. As such, the vaccine itself needs to be different. Second, the vaccine itself wears off and your immune system’s response to the flu virus decreases over time. Unless you receive the vaccine every year, you will lack necessary immunity.

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    When should I get a flu shot?

    Each year is a little different, but flu season generally starts as early as September. Getting a flu shot early in the season - August to October - gives your buddy the best opportunity to build up immunity to the virus as it does take roughly two weeks for the vaccine to protect you against infection. Of course, if you are unable to get the flu shot early, getting a flu shot later still helps as the virus could last through May.

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    How effective is the flu shot?

    Each year, the CDC and other organizations conduct studies to determine the effectiveness of the flu vaccine against that years flu virus. According to the CDC, recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60%. Of course, there are multiple types and strands of the flu virus including influenza B and influenza A(H1N1), as well as influenza A(H3N2). Generally speaking, flu shots tend to work better against influenza types A & B.

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    How long does a flu shot last?

    The flu vaccine lasts for one flu season as the virus constantly evolves and each year the vaccine is produced to specifically protect against the strand(s) that are prevalent in the upcoming flu season.

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    How much does a flu shot cost?

    Depending on where you get your flu vaccine, what type of vaccine you are getting, and whether or not you are insured, flu shot costs vary. Generally speaking, however, flu shots can cost between $0 and $50, sometimes more.

Flu shot Reviews for Santa Clarita

"Just in for a flu shot but made my urgent care appointment online and had minimal wait. Everything taken care of in a friendly and prompt manner."

"This urgent care is awesome!! They are fast and efficient. Both the front desk ladies were super nice. They helped me with my paperwork to expedite my visit. The young lady in the back was also very nice and gave one of the best flu shots I have ever had. The doctor was even nice enough to stop by and greet me, even though I was not there for a doctor's visit, I was just getting a flu shot. This is a super staff and I would highly recommend this clinic for all your medical needs."

"My daughter was experiencing high anxiety because we went to get a flu shot. She was uncooperative and crying. The staff was calm, caring, and attentive. They explained what was going to happen in five-year-old terms and got the job done. The immunization was given before my daughter could even realize it! Once we got into the car, she requested "to only have shots like that one that didn't hurt." Though we can't guarantee that shots won't hurt, it is nice to have a guarantee of exceptional care. I can confidently say, that we have had that "guarantee" over the last five years of my child's life that we have periodically visited this urgent care."