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Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (12 E MacArthur St, Shawnee)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (12 E MacArthur St, Shawnee)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (4296 N Harrison St, Shawnee)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (4296 N Harrison St, Shawnee)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (1600 E Wrangler Blvd, Seminole)Xpress Wellness Urgent Care (1602 E Wrangler Blvd, Seminole)Access Medical Centers (9917 SE 15th St, Midwest City)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (5912b SE 15th St, Midwest City)Access Medical Centers (5300 SE 29th St, Del City)Access Medical Centers (334 12th Ave SE, Norman)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (2312 24th Ave NW, Norman)Mercy- GoHealth Urgent Care (705 SW 19th St, Moore)Access Medical Centers (2109 S Santa Fe Ave, Moore)First Med Urgent Care (7807 S Walker Ave, Oklahoma City)Access Medical Centers (11601 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City)First Med Urgent Care (11521 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City)Immediate Care of Oklahoma (502 N Broadway St, Tecumseh)iCare Centers Urgent Care (21001 SE 29th St, Harrah)Axis Healthcare (810 9th St, Prague)SSM Health Urgent Care (18961 NE 23rd St, Harrah)Alliance Health Med Group QuickMed Choctaw (1940 Harper St, Choctaw)Immediate Care of Oklahoma (5700 SE 74th St, Oklahoma City)Classen Urgent Care Clinic (2818 Classen Blvd, Norman)Moore Express Urgent Care (2020 S I-35 Service Rd, Moore)Pinnacle Family Health Care (2781 Washington Dr, Norman)INTEGRIS Health Urgent Care (1431 24th Ave NW, Norman)Integris Norman Express Care (700 24th Ave NW, Norman)Immediate Care of Oklahoma (800 24th Ave NW, Norman)Sooner Urgent Care (2100 W Lindsey St, Norman)Quick Urgent Care Clinic (2212 N Broadway Ave, Moore)Immediate Care of Oklahoma (3400 W Tecumseh Rd, Norman)Accident Urgent Care (9101 S I-35 Service Rd, Moore)Today Clinic (1317 SE 44th St, Oklahoma City)INTEGRIS Health Urgent Care Moore (750 SW 19th St, Oklahoma City)iCare Centers Urgent Care (129 Ed Noble Pkwy, Norman)Classen Urgent Care Clinic (1015 SW 4th St, Moore)Today Clinic (415 SW 59th St, Oklahoma City)OU Health ER & Urgent Care (1200 N. Children's Ave., Oklahoma City)Just Kids Pediatrics (235 SW 25th St, Oklahoma City)Sovereign Medical Clinic (2080 OK-9, Norman)iCare Centers Urgent Care (4825 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City)Today Clinic (701 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City)

Other Services in Shawnee, OK

Urinalysis in Shawnee, OKCOVID-19 Antibody Test in Shawnee, OKComprehensive Health Profile Test in Shawnee, OKPre-Pregnancy Panel Test in Shawnee, OKBasic Metabolic Panel in Shawnee, OKSports Physicals in Shawnee, OKGonorrhea test in Shawnee, OKHepatitis Vaccine in Shawnee, OKShingles Vaccine in Shawnee, OKA1C Test in Shawnee, OKSinus Infection Treatment in Shawnee, OKChlamydia Test in Shawnee, OKCOVID-19 Pill in Shawnee, OKDiagnostic Test in Shawnee, OKTB Test in Shawnee, OKSyphilis test in Shawnee, OKChickenpox Vaccine in Shawnee, OKHepatitis test in Shawnee, OKMono Test in Shawnee, OKHerpes Test in Shawnee, OKWell-Woman Exam in Shawnee, OKCMP Test in Shawnee, OKDiabetes Risk Assessment Test in Shawnee, OKMeasles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Test in Shawnee, OKMeasles Vaccine (MMR) in Shawnee, OKTetanus Shot in Shawnee, OKDiabetes Test in Shawnee, OKLead Test in Shawnee, OKHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) Test in Shawnee, OKMonkeypox Test in Shawnee, OKTestosterone Test in Shawnee, OKProstate Screening (PSA) Test in Shawnee, OKPregnancy Test in Shawnee, OKStrep Test in Shawnee, OKUrinalysis (UA) Test in Shawnee, OKKidney Test Profile Test in Shawnee, OKGout Test in Shawnee, OKIron Test in Shawnee, OKFolate Test in Shawnee, OKVenom Testing in Shawnee, OKUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) Test in Shawnee, OKCeliac (Gluten) Disease Test Panel in Shawnee, OKComplete Blood Count (CBC) Test in Shawnee, OKPap Smear in Shawnee, OKDrug Test in Shawnee, OKDNA Test in Shawnee, OKFlu Test in Shawnee, OKTyphoid Vaccine in Shawnee, OKCholesterol Test in Shawnee, OKGlucose Test in Shawnee, OKDOT Exam in Shawnee, OKAllergy Testing in Shawnee, OKRSV Test in Shawnee, OKPulmonary Function Test in Shawnee, OKVitamin D Test in Shawnee, OKTrichomonas Test in Shawnee, OKH Pylori Test in Shawnee, OKFlu Shot in Shawnee, OKEar Wax Removal in Shawnee, OKPhysical Exam in Shawnee, OKThyroid Test in Shawnee, OKBlood Test in Shawnee, OKHIV Test in Shawnee, OKYellow Fever Vaccine in Shawnee, OKFood Allergy Testing in Shawnee, OKAlcohol Test in Shawnee, OKTIBC Test in Shawnee, OKVitamin B12 Test in Shawnee, OKSickle Cell Anemia Test in Shawnee, OKBlood Type Test in Shawnee, OKLipoprotein (a) Test in Shawnee, OK

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