Physical exam
in Kirkland, WA

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You’ll need an annual physical regardless of whether you feel sick or healthy. An annual physical can:

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Renton Family Practice

4300 Talbot Rd S , Renton, WA 9805516.7 mi

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Charges for covid test

Tran Urgent Care & Wellness Centers, Tacoma

710 S 38th St , Tacoma, WA 9841833.5 mi

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It seemed to take a while to get in there to get my test but the people were very nice and the place was really clean it was not a bad experience with a good experience overall

Swedish Express Care

12405 NE 85th St , Kirkland, WA 980331.6 mi

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Lallas Peter J DPM

12710 Totem Lake Blvd NE , Kirkland, WA 980342.5 mi

Seattle Children's Urgent Care - Main Campus

4800 Sand Point Way NE , Seattle, WA 981053.7 mi

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EvergreenHealth Urgent Care - Redmond, Redmond

8980 161st Avenue Northeast , Redmond, WA 980524.0 mi

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I have been to this facility about three times and have always left with a very good impression. Wait times are minimal, the caregivers are wonderful, and they have many more diagnostic tools available than other urgent care centers. If you need emergency services, as opposed to urgent care, it’s just a floor away. I’d never go elsewhere.

Seattle Children's Urgent Care - Bellevue

1500 116th Ave NE , Bellevue, WA 980044.1 mi

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Great front staff! So friendly and kind! Great doctors!!

US Healthworks

16690 Redmond Way , Redmond, WA 980524.3 mi

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Overlake Medical Center

1135 116th Ave NE , Bellevue, WA 980044.3 mi

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Virginia Mason University Village Medical Center

2671 NE 46th St , Seattle, WA 981054.4 mi

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Dr. Twiggy Lee is a great PCP! Very knowledgeable, friendly and funny! I love that U Village has parking too. I wish they expand but they are doing it slowly. 😊

Kaiser Permanente Bellevue Medical Center

11511 NE 10th St , Bellevue, WA 980044.5 mi

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Made a night of migraine pain into a nightmare. Refused to keep voices down though I begged and cried. Implied i was using er for a fix. Never checked on me or with my wife in waiting room. Ģave me a push of pain med then said it was time to go, pulling blankets off me. I could barely stand but no one helped me dress or asked if the pain was better. It wasn't. They put papers in my hand and watched me stumble around the hall way, no idea where I was going. I would bleed out before I ever went in there again. No. Really.

US Healthworks

1925 140th Ave NE , Bellevue, WA 980054.5 mi

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Overlake Medical Clinics Redmond Urgent Care

17209 Redmond Way , Redmond, WA 980524.7 mi

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One Medical

10400 NE 4th St , Bellevue, WA 980044.7 mi

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OneMedical is fine as long as you already know your own diagnosis before showing up, and can be taken care of while you're still in the office. Their phlebotomist is quite good. Unfortunately they have no diagnostic capability and their admin office loses things. Before registering with them, check their customer service for yourself. Call their office, tell the machine that you're already a customer, and see how long it takes to get through. Russel Goldman prescribes the same enormous list of supplements regardless of your symptoms. If you want pills, go to him. If you want to get better, go elsewhere. The other doctors in the Bellevue office openly ridicule him to patients. Most recently, their admin department lost an imaging order for me. I was able to establish care with a different doctor, get a diagnosis, and get treatment in less time than OneMedical took to respond about the lost order.

Overlake Medical Clinics - Downtown Bellevue

400 108th Ave NE , Bellevue, WA 980044.7 mi

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ZOOM+Care University

4540 University Way NE , Seattle, WA 981055.0 mi

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CityMD Urgent Care

6322 Roosevelt Way NE , Seattle, WA 981155.1 mi

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Redmond Urgent Care

18100 NE Union Hill Rd , Redmond, WA 980525.1 mi

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EvergreenHealth Urgent Care - Woodinville, Woodinville

16916 140th Ave NE , Woodinville, WA 980725.5 mi

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you guys were great. I felt very well taken care of. great job!
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Physical exam
in Kirkland, WA

Phyiscal Exam Frequently Asked Questions

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    Where can I get a physical exam in Kirkland?

    In general, physical exams will be available at Kirkland-area urgent care centers, retail clinics and primary care doctor offices. While walk-in appointments are typically available, booking a visit online will reduce your wait time and ensure you get a physical as quickly and easily as possible.

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    How can I book a physical exam in Kirkland?

    If you are looking for a physical exam in Kirkland, Solv can help you book an appointment. Simply search for Kirkland-area doctors, find a provider, and book the most convenient time for you. Be sure to include “physical exam” as your reason for visit.

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    Can I make a same-day appointment for a physical exam in Kirkland?

    Same-day and next-day appointments for physical exams can easily be booked directly through Solv. Simply search for Kirkland-area doctors, find a provider, and book an appointment for a physical as soon as today.

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    How do I find the top-rated physical exam clinic in Kirkland?

    Solv gathers reviews, ratings, and other data on Kirkland-area general practitioners to ensure the clinics provided meet our standards. Search for a provider, see what previous patients think, and book an appointment with a top-rated doctor today!

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    Who should get a physical exam?

    It is recommended that everyone get a physical exam yearly. This can help detect problems early and begin treatment as early as possible. While the components of your physical may vary with age, it is important to have one annually at all ages.

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    Are video visits available with physical exam clinics in Kirkland?

    Although a complete physical exam cannot be completed over telehealth, your doctor may offer an annual wellness visit (AWV). An AWV is designed to evaluate patients over video and can replace annual physicals for individuals who have already established a relationship with their provider. AWVs do not require BMI and blood pressure measurements. These can either be self-reported or delayed.

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    How much does a physical exam cost in Kirkland?

    Without insurance, a physical exam can cost anywhere between $50 and $200. With insurance, the cost of a physical exam is usually completely covered at least once a year, or requires a copayment of $10 to $50. Book a physical exam today to get estimated costs in Kirkland today.

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    Is a physical exam covered by my insurance?

    Many health insurers offer one annual physical for free. If the visit isn’t completely covered, patients will have to pay a $10 to $50 copay. It is uncommon for medical insurances to not offer annual physical coverage.

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    Are video visits with general practitioners covered by my insurance?

    AWVs are generally covered once per calendar year. Your insurance coverage for in-person physicals will be similar to the coverage provided for AWVs. Book a telemedicine visit to see estimated costs in the Kirkland area.

Physical Exam: Helpful Annual Physical Reviews

"All A-OK re much appreciated Dr. Drumm. Think front desk staff should 1) tell patients who schedule an annual physical to show up in a fasted state rather than not saying a word in this regard during scheduling; 2) not ask “are you hydrated” when patient shows up for the physical, as if one knows the degree of water he or she has consumed prior to showing up and, again, without having said a word as to the importance of adequate hydration when scheduling the appointment. Think, too, that if patient has asked if showing up early for appointment is necessary and being told “no” due to paperwork being on file, your system email should not inform patient 30 minutes before the appointment that he should come 10 minutes early."

"Very thorough physical exam and great staff. Have had yearly work physicals for 10 yrs, always great experience. Have listened to people who apparently fail exams for their companies scream and yell at poor staff members at window including people who have been sent for drug testing that don’t want to comply with employers abusing staff. Always have people walk in without appointments and trying to bully staff in order to be seen first for work physicals that they put off. I give the staff lots of credit and administration as well"

"I had my annual physical exam labs. I had very little wait time. I appreciated the care that was taken as we signed in to offer privacy and sanitation with the COVID concerns. My tech was friendly, professional, and drew the labs easily without pain."

"I was seen on a Saturday afternoon as a walk-in patient with 3 people ahead of me, and I only had to wait about an hour to be seen. There was only one Provider in, but they were still curteous, thorough, and expeditious. I had x-rays and physical exam done in about half an hour, and my diagnosis with pneumonia. The APRN was amazingly friendly and thorough, the X-ray technician was the same. I was able to pick up my prescriptions within about 15 minutes. And went home to begin mending. Great place, friendly staff."

"I needed an employment physical and did not want to wait a week for an appointment. I called, and did not have to wait at all. I walked in, was well treated, given a routine physical exam to include vision, hearing and urine screenings. I was back out in 40 minutes with my completed paperwork. Great staff!"

"The doctor and staff were great today, despite it being the end of the day and I know they were tired with all the COVID-19 testing. They made us feel special and did a through physical exam of my son for his sports physical, didn’t cut any corners."

"Doctor was knowledgeable despite being unable to do a physical examination. Here gave me advice for follow up tests with my primary care doctor. The staff was extremely gracious in helping me with several issues in doing the paperwork and in accomplishing the video visit."

"Outstanding care. My 13 year old son has mild autism meaning he appears as a typical 13 year old however he has terrible anxiety and needs everything explained to him before anything being done. I try not to appear as an overbearing mom and also working in healthcare try not to make other staff feel as if I am judging them. The front desk staff, the nurse, PA and xray tech were all amazing with me and my son. The nurse immediately caught on about my sons needs and treated him accordingly while including him in his care. The PA was so great, explaining everything to him as she went along so that he knew what to expect with every part of her exam. This was by far the easiest, best physical exam he has had in years. I’ve always tried to come to this urgent care because of the quality I receive, for its speed but now I don’t want to take my son anywhere else. Thank you for all you do."

"Every staff member was friendly and efficient. I was there for a pre-employment physical exam and occupational health testing, all of which required a lot of time. But the staff got it all done more quickly than I anticipated."

"Facility very clean. Staff very friendly and no one sitting around doing nothing. Assistant got me in and got my vitals etc very efficiently. Then the PA came in and allowed me to give my symptoms. She asked a few questions for clarification and did a physical exam. Did an x-Ray. And, I was out in an hour with a diagnosis and a prescription. BTW, I am an advanced practice nurse so I could see things with a medical point of view and I have no concerns or complaints. I would like to see places like this concert to an optional cash model. Have a big menu board with all the prices posted if you want to pay cash. This might help to reduce costs."

"Staff members were happy helpful and polite. Staff members were great . Staff members were professional and knowledgeable. Dr Roxane Dalke was amazing she was great. Was the best physical examination I've had ever. She was outstanding. Best Doctor I have been to. If I had to rate her it would be a 10 plus she was awesome."

"Very nice. Very good care. The reception staff is friendly and efficient. The nursing staff is kind, caring, and professional. The physician is attentive, a good listener, careful and thorough in her questioning, and professional and complete in her physical examination. Her diagnosis was well though out and clearly communicated to me both verbally and in writing. Her “bed-side manner” was attentive, caring, concerned, and kind, yet very professional. I highly recommend this skilled team of medical professionals."