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VIDEO: Dr. Isaac Thomsen, pediatric infectious disease specialist, discusses COVID-19 and Delta variant and what in means for kids.Watch now!

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Urgent Care for Kids, Round Rock

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3750 Gattis School Rd Round Rock, TX 786645.1 mi

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Recent patient review

Speedy service when you make an appointment online. Location is clean, staff is friendly. All of my questions and concerns were addressed in a way I could understand. Over all great visit.

Urgentology Care, Virtual Visit

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Serving all of Texas

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Recent patient review

My overall visit was great hope to see you guys in the future

NextCare Urgent Care, Round Rock

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1240 E Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, TX 786647.4 mi

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Recent patient review

2 hour waiting in my car, but my treatment was excellent. Dr explained everything to the letter of what to do, depending on what I have, “she”“then-called me to tell me I have the flu & what to do. She was very professional.

NextCare Urgent Care, Georgetown

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900 N Austin Ave Georgetown, TX 7862610.7 mi

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Recent patient review

Everyone, from Maggie at the front desk, to Art and Nicole it was a nice experience! So very friendly and helpful! I will go there from now own. I went to a different urgent before leaving it and coming to Next Care. The 1st place left me standing in front of the front desk person for 10 minutes with only a “I’ll be with you in a minute.” She continued to work on paper work others were bringing to her. Didn’t ask why I was there. I clearly had a cut finger. Still nothing. I’m so pleased with myself for leaving the first place and going to Next Care! Best place ever!

Urgent Care for Kids, Cedar Park

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905 E Whitestone Blvd Cedar Park, TX 7861316.3 mi

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Recent patient review

Very satisfied with my son's visit. I know we are in different ti.es now (covid) but they actually did a real assessment on my son. I know at times a virtual assessment is ok, but sometimes you just need your kid checked out appropriately. They are doing their jobs as nurses and nurse practitioners, not using the virus as an excuse not to provide real, actual care.

NextCare Urgent Care, Cedar Park

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351 Cypress Creek Road Cedar Park, TX 7861316.4 mi

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Recent patient review

Systems were down so long wait. Love the staff!

Arcpoint Labs Of Austin, Cedar Park

921 W New Hope Dr Cedar Park, TX 7861317.9 mi

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Recent patient review

Easy to book online. Staff is wonderful, professional, and very kind.

Any Lab Test Now, Austin

5523 Balcones Dr Austin, TX 7873119.0 mi

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Recent patient review

Very easy to get my COVID test done & results back quickly. The staff was very professional & caring.

NextCare Urgent Care, Austin (William Cannon)

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6001 W William Cannon Dr Austin, TX 7874928.8 mi

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Recent patient review

Doctor answered all my questions she was great

Total Men's Primary Care, Hutto

5004 Gattis School Rd Hutto, TX 786343.4 mi

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Clinical Pathology Labs, Forest Creek

4112 Links Ln Round Rock, TX 786644.5 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Antimicrobial Test Laboratories

3000 Joe Dimaggio Blvd Round Rock, TX 786655.5 mi

St David’s Urgent Care

1700 Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, TX 786646.9 mi


1700 E Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, TX 786646.9 mi

Quest Diagnostics

2051 Gattis School Rd Round Rock, TX 786647.2 mi

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CareNow Urgent Care, Round Rock

1820 Gattis School Rd Round Rock, TX 786647.4 mi

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Recent patient review

The front desk girl leanne and the NP felicia is the only plus to this clinic. the rest is a disgrace to st. davids and hard working st.davids employees. you can tell by the piss poor manager and the rest of the staff who just gossip and talk about the other location sending all the rejects to them. after 3 days of trying to get seen at the other location we finally met wittney at the old medsprings now "care now" and she told us that the wait time was 4-6 hours and the x-ray machine was not working. with a empty waiting room she can only see 2 patients and only 2 rooms are available and the rest is not being used. she sent us to the hutto location. the nurse was very rude the long blonde hair and heavy set. randomly vented how much she disagree with the policies and flu shots should be covered by insurance. she said we only waited almost an hour because she is training and she had to clean the rooms and do everything by herself while every one else was on their phones. she was saying to us go elsewhere. ashley the x-ray technician came to do the x-ray and said that she notice our insurance was inactive and said we can go to the ER. we asked if we should use a st. davids hospital. she said they are not st.davids but a st. davids affiliate and they only send patients there. she argued that she knows about insurance and billing and threatened that we will go to collections. we asked for the manager she said that she is the manager in training. from our room you can hear the nurse discussing her divorce and yelling about patients checking in. she was laughing so loud and talking about her husband job and mother in law. As we left the front desk Saudi girl was busy in the front while the other staff was just loud in that room gossiping and hanging out in a room which you can see from the front. as we left the same faces that we left in the waiting room was just sitting there waiting to be seen. My prediction is Baylor Scott and White will have their sign here replacing st.davids. just go to the er instead at least its professionals with a college or military background.

CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic

1855 Gattis School Rd Round Rock, TX 786647.4 mi

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Total Care Primary Care, Round Rock

603 Louis Henna Blvd Round Rock, TX 786647.9 mi

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Virtual Medical Clinic, Round Rock

503 E Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, TX 786648.0 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Scott & White Urgent Care

2000 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Round Rock, TX 786818.7 mi

Concentra Urgent Care

117 Louis Henna Blvd Round Rock, TX 786648.7 mi

ClockCreated with Sketch.Open Thu 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Recent patient review

Came in for medical care. Was greeted and felt very comfortable. hey kept me updated and gave me juice and snacks. They were very busy. Doctor was friendly and explained all my concerns. Would definitely recommend this Concentra to anyone.

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Urgent Care Updates in Texas

August 19, 2021: As the Delta variant spreads through the US, demand for COVID testing has risen to levels previously seen in November of 2020. Urgent care centers are again on the front lines of care and experiencing record high patient volumes.

July 9, 2021: As the number of COVID-19 cases decreases, the number of patients visiting emergency departments and urgent care clinics is increasing. As more people are returning to everyday lives, common injuries and illnesses are also returning.

Urgent Care FAQs

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    How much will an urgent care visit in Hutto cost?

    The price charged at an urgent care, whether in Hutto or elsewhere, will be based on the location, and there are no actual standard costs between the clinics. Assuming you are paying with cash, you might come across an urgent clinic that charges you $50 while another situated some mile away charges you $100 for the same services. The standard cost in urgent care where insurance cover is not involved ranges from $100 to $125. This price is generally the standard price of a visit before extra services. There are a couple of additional care services that could make your appointment to an urgent care costly including x-rays and lab tests, medications and injections (such as immunization), casting broken bones, as well as stitches and splints. If you have a viable insurance plan in place, the standard pay will be between $20 – 50 depending on your insurance coverage and whether you are in contact with the provider.

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    Are Hutto urgent care centers open after hours?

    Most primary care doctor offices are open during routine work hours, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Conversely, most of the urgent care centers in Hutto are available after hours, on weekends, and many holidays. Typical urgent care hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily, although location-specific hours may vary. 

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    Do urgent care centers in Hutto take appointments?

    Historically, urgent care centers were strictly an on-demand, walk-in healthcare service mode. More recently, as consumer behaviors and expectations have evolved, many urgent care clinics have begun offering book ahead visits, allowing consumers to select a same-day or next-day time that works best for their schedule. Use Solv to find a Hutto urgent care center that offers advanced bookings (or appointments) and book online.

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    How do I book an appointment online with an urgent care in Hutto?

    Solv allows Hutto residents and visitors to book urgent care visits online with just a few taps. Same-day and next-day visit times are generally available, and you can search for real-time availability clinics.

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    How can I find an urgent care in Hutto who takes my insurance?

    Solv allows you to find any of the urgent care and walk-in clinics in Hutto, many of which accept most major commercial insurances. Just browse the clinics page to see if your carrier and plan is listed. If you are still unsure, it is best to contact the urgent care center directly for clarification.

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    Do Hutto urgent care centers offer virtual visits or telemedicine?

    Many urgent care centers, including those in Hutto, now offer virtual visits or telemedicine for residents and visitors throughout the state. Virtual urgent care visits are generally booked online whether in advance or on-demand. Clinics that do offer virtual care have a video icon on their profiles.

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    What is the best urgent care center in Hutto?

    While it would be easy to provide a list of urgent care centers in and around Hutto, 'best' is a challenging term to qualify. For some consumers, that could mean the closest location whereas other people may prioritize patient reviews, service costs, availability, or whether or not the provider accepts their insurance. With the list of locations above, use the filters provided to narrow the results to find the best urgent care for your needs.

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    What is urgent care?

    Urgent care are available to assist patients that are looking for immediate, convenient medical care. In that manner, they are similar to an emergency room. The difference, however, is that ERs are meant to treat major, life-threatening injuries and illnesses while urgent care centers manage life’s minor bruises and bumps. In simple terms, an urgent care is seen as a walk-in health center that focuses in offering non-emergent health care conditions, including the treatment of the typical illnesses and injuries such as fractures and sprains, cuts and burns, scrapes, stings and bites, flu and cold symptoms, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and much more. Most urgent care facilities offer both diagnostic and preventive care such as well visits, immunizations, STD testing and annual physicals. For regular visits and check-ups on these clinics, you should expect to pay between $20 and $100. The good thing is that most urgent care clinics will accept major PPOs and insurance cover, Medicare, as well as self-pay in the form of credit cards or cash. Urgent care clinics are located in most parts of the country in various regions to offset emergency room visits and provide a gap in healthcare services. They take patients during all hours of operations, which offer a significant convenience to most people who have and continue to undergo the need for sudden and immediate medical attention.

Urgent Care reviews for Hutto

"All I can say is wow! Simple and straightforward. The doctor took time with me, listened to what was wrong, and asked relevant questions. He was pretty great and nice too. Up to date knowledge of medications and what i needed. My meds were sent to a local pharmacy for me. And best of all I didn’t have to go inside ‘COVID soup’ at an urgent care. It was great care and convenient too. Great way to start off 2021 if you have need if medical care!"

"My son has been sick for over a week. We took him to a different urgent care twice and had no results, we’re just told it was a virus and to wait it out. When we arrived at Physicians the wait was under 5 minutes. The nurses and doctors were absolutely outstanding and we had the results and actual diagnosis within 15 minutes. My kiddo will finally be getting some relief. We cannot thank everyone at Physicians enough! Thank you thank you thank you!"

"I booked an appointment and was in within 30 minutes. The Receptionist, the Nurse and Doctor Jane was very Friendly and Professional. I was very impressed and they treated me Very. Well. I was in and out of the office and it took 20 minutes. We used another area care facility and they were adequate, but after the Ascension Urgent Care opened in Donelson my family has been to this location twice and they have Hands Down been the Best helping us with our medical situations. This is our New Go To Place."

"I am giving 5 stars only because the nurse was amazing that did the COVID test. She was so sweet and patient with my little one. The woman at the front desk was very cold, I could barely hear her then seemed to get aggravated when I asked her to repeat herself. I absolutely love this urgent care and never received that type of treatment before."

"I arrived as a "walk in" for a COVID-19 test. The sign on the door said to call their number and wait outside. I followed all instructions, that were very simple, and was on my way home in less than 15 minutes. Friendly, fast and efficient. The whole experience could not have gone better. I highly recommend NextCare Urgent Care."

"Made my appointment online arrived on time finished my paperwork in my car went in checked in and they called my name in less than ten minutes. The nurse asked the questions she needed. She gave me an eye exam and the doctor came in and I was out of there in no time. Completely impressed with everyone and everything at the Lynn Urgent Care. Hopefully I won’t need to go there anytime soon but if I get sick that’s where I’ll be going."

"I came to the urgent care for stitches, I had to wait in my car while I was being registered. I was contacted via text to come in to go into a room, the nurse came in and took my vitals right away and the doctor shortly after he stitched my finger up and I was on my way in no time. Excellent customer service"

"Amazing staff presence and demeanor every time I’ve come here. I’m happy to make the one hour drive from San Mateo because of the comforting and calm atmosphere that this clinic provides compared to the chaotic clinics that are closer to SF. 1000% recommend their services in every way. Likely the most enjoyable clinic experience I’ve had in my life. Each and every staff member has an incredibly sweet and kind personality, making you feel completely at ease. Thank you for everything Benicia Urgent Care!"

"This was the best urgent care experience I've ever had. I loved that I could book online ahead and come in with no wait time. The receptionist, nurses, and doctor listened, were friendly, and extremely thorough in my care. We are new to the area and were extremely overwhelmed with the care options available, and I'm glad we went with Indigo. I feel like they truly cared about my specific situation and did all they could to help."

"My husband and I went for a COVID test and there was practically no wait (have to make an appointment). The doctor/nurse who administered the test was the absolute sweetest. He made you feel comfortable and got you in and out. They gave me call in 30 minutes with the results. They're quick kind and courteous. Bravo to the men and women at Westar Urgent Care Westerville!!!"

"I went in for a strep and COVID test and they were incredibly quick and kind. There was no wait when I used Solv to pre-book a time, and the test results were rapid. This is the first urgent care clinic that I’ve been to that has really listened to me. They prescribed antibiotics without doing a culture for strep (I have a history of negative rapid strep tests but positive cultures and it sucks having to be miserable to 2-5 more days to find out I do in fact have strep). Overall they really paid attention to me and my concerns. I didn’t even know this clinic existed but now that I do that’s where I’ll go for all of my urgent care needs!"

"I used Solv 2 times already to make appointment for COVID-19 Rapid Test as my employer wanted 2 negative test results because of possible exposure . My visit first was an evening appointment, second was early morning ! Less wait for morning appointments , I was in and out in less then 30 min .Staff at LI Urgent care absolutely the best . Actually this was my 4th visit since 2016 ."